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  1. Really good start Charlene Pleaseee continueee
  2. hey. i knoww i am great thanks how are you? I love your av :) x

  3. awh thats awesome whoever has got replies I sent letters to some of the cast in February and June and still have no reply. Hopefully will get a reply soon
  4. awh haha :L what you been up to? I love yr av :) x

  5. hey i am good thanks and youu? hav you changed yr username? :P x

  6. kwl :) Well on school holidays so just been down the beach the last few days and that. Has been raining the last few weeks though :( youu? x

  7. heyaa :) i am good thanks you? i see you have changed yr username haha :L x

  8. oh my gosshhh :) that is really cool. I wish some of the h&a stars would come to the UK lol. Well its my friends party today so going to the beach and going out for a meal :P what do you think about h and a's stroyline at the moment? x

  9. I know school is sooo boring lol i am so glad i am off on my hols :) what have you been up to? x

  10. heya i know :o i am great thanks :) Its been ok so far. Its been raining a lot :( went to my cousins wedding on saturday had a great time :D lol what have you been up to? are you off from school? x

  11. heyaaa Mira :) hows youu? you been up to anything much? xx

  12. Happy Birthday for yesterday :) Hope you had a great day! x

  13. :o They are fantastic Barbara This one is my fav the cropping and colouring is perfect I also love the 6th Jess and Todd icon and the first Tachel spoiler one
  14. Awhhh baby Harry he is soooo cute They looked like a proper happy family tonight It was really nice Tony supporting Rachel and as Karen said he didnt turn up that late Amazing acting from both Amy and Jon as well. I loved that line to Charmed I cant help to wonder where Martha, Hugo and Xavier were tonight? as they are family and Hugo is at the hospital. I thought Martha would definately be there to see the new baby? Oh well the ep was great anyways tonight Tachel was soo sweet
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