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  1. Great chapter Glad Viv and Tammy are safe Looking forwards to the next chapter xx
  2. Loved the moment between Mason and Zara. Awesome ending to this fanfiction
  3. Aww loved the ending. Nice moment between Ryder and Coco
  4. Loved the interaction between Ben and Leah Great ending to this fanfiction
  5. Liked the ending to this story Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. Great chapter Uh oh...! Wondering if Matt and Rebecca had been caught out Update soon please xx
  7. Great chapter Liked the chat between Pippa and Bobby Looking forwards to the next chapter xx
  8. Great chapter Not impressed that Carly lied to Bobby about where she got the bruise from Liked the chat between Martin and Bobby Wondering what had happened and why Pippa wants to talk to Bobby about... Update soon please xx
  9. Great chapter Wondering if Mason suspects somehow about Hunter and Raffy Whoa at the ending. Hoping Mason and Hunter are okay Update soon please
  10. Great chapters Wondering what Rebecca is up to... Can't believe Ben lost it at Carly Looking forwards to the next chapter xx
  11. Great chapter Liked the interaction between Brax and Kyle, Denny and Ricky Looking forwards to the next chapter
  12. Great chapters Oh dear. I got a bad feeling that Ben is going to end up more violent ever with Carly after seeing her with another guy. Looking forwards to the next chapter xx
  13. Great chapter Ben is such a idiot for using both women like that. He is going to get caught out sometime Update soon please
  14. Great chapter Liked how Pippa offered to look after the girls. Surprised that Sally said Frank is no longer her family anymore. Maybe she was probably upset that she thinks he had forgotten her considering he didn't get her phone messages, thanks to Roo who deleted them. Looking forwards to the next chapter
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