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  1. I really don't know what it is about these two but I just do not buy their relationship, not for a minute. I think Bianca belongs with Liam to be honest, I'm so dissapointed they've split them up so easily. I think Bianca and Heath's relationship feels so forced and fake..... Maybe thats because it was forced by her accidentally having his baby ? I don't know. She doesn't trust Heath at all,not with anything, he used her little sister for sex solely to make her jealous. Now I'm sorry but to me that screams ***hole ? Not to mention that hes an absolute douchebag. Heath hasn't got an ounce of depth as a character, everything he does is so one dimensional he might as well be a cardboard cutout. It seems this new producer thats come in has a thing for this pairing, but to be quite honest I can't see it and its ruined Bianca for me to be honest!
  2. Is Leah's ONLY purpose on the show is to butt in and stick her nose in other peoples business now ? This year shes just getting involved in everybodys lives when really its none of her business! We had her trying to run Brax's life, now shes getting herself in the thick of the Ruby/Romeo/Liam/Indi situation.....Can someone tell me exactly what this has to do with her ?
  3. I absolutely love the dynamic of the Walker family lately! Dex and Sasha in particular are brilliant to watch, the humour and chemistry is just perfect.
  4. I thought the finale was absolutely amazing! definitely one of the better ones.......
  5. Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you're having a great day :D xx

  6. Happy birthday!!! Hope you're having the best day ever. Sandy :)

  7. Happy 21st birthday Kevin! Have an awesome day! :D

  8. Hey Kevin,

    Hi, I would like us to be friends again. I'm sorry for all the drama and I want you to know that I've changed and I won't be so stroppy.

    Sarah xx

  9. -Kevin-

    Support Group

    I don't even know where to start ? I just know that I need to get this out somewhere.... I just feel so......lost and alone right now and just generally like I'm in a different universe right now. Why is life so unfair ? Why does everything that comes towards me have to be bad ? Why do some peoples families have plain sailing happiness whilst mine gets heartache after heartache ? This life is so horrible, I just dont understand why! I HATE how it can just take anything away at any given time. Early morning on friday the 9th of December my beautiful brother was taken away from us in a horrific car accident. I will never forget how I felt when the police knocked on our door to break the news to us on that cold winters morning, everything went from being so perfect to completely soul destroying in the space of a few short moments. It was just the hardest thing to take in.......If I'm being honest it still hasn't registered with me that this person who was such a constant presence in my life is now gone forever.....Just like that! I don't know how I am walking and talking and living at the moment , I just am,.....somehow. He was ALWAYS such a huge presence in my house, because he didn't work and would just always be THERE in the house........ Just around, and it hurts like hell that hes ....gone! I've noticed myself how over the past week how my emotions have turned from shock.......to grief........to anger and wanting to blame somebody! But right now I feel completely shocked,sad,angry all at the same time. I don't know how to feel........ I know that to some extent I am in denial, still just expecting him to come in the door. How can somebody be here one minute and then gone the next ? its absolute MADNESS!! I'm no stranger to grief since I lost my mother in 2006 but there is a great difference between grieving for someone who was dying slowly than a sudden death. Not saying that its in ANYWAY easier because its not.......Only that when something so shocking comes out of the blue it feels like an absolute kick the mind. I've always been grateful that we had the chance to say goodbye to my mother, and its only now I realise how much I properly appreciated it. To die in a car accident and suffer horrific injuries without your family by your side is just about the single worst thing I could imagine......... But it was a reality for my poor harmless brother. What kind of world would take such a lovely young man away in the blink of an eye ? The week was hard with the funeral, burial, people etc but I knew from the get go that it was always going to be the weeks and months afterwards when everything had settled down that would be the absolute worst. As the days go by I miss him more and more, and I feel that I'm drowning in my emotions because I cant figure out my feelings inside my head..........Althought most of the time I just don't feel anything only pure numbness........... I don't know whether it feels better being sad or just numb and detached They brought him home to us where he was laid out in our house for the night for people to come and pay their respects, and I cant explain it but it was just so comforting actually having him at home with us! He just looked so peaceful I would have happily kept him there in that state forever because at least in a sense he was still with us. He was there.....But he was gone......but it was almost as if he was still with us. Its hard to explain... All week long all I could think to myself is............. Im not ACTUALLY carrying the 2nd member of my family out of our house in a wooden box am I ? Even me speaking about this right now it feels like Im talking about someone else talking about their family. The ONLY shred of comfort I have right now is that he is happy being with our mother once again and has found peace! It doesn't help with how I feel but its a nice thought to have I guess. Im really sorry for going on and on guys, I just had to vent somewhere!
  10. Bianca is acting like a hypocrit at the moment - and her actions are only making herself feel better imo! I'm sorry, I don't agree....... Brax and Charlie dragged her and Liam into their whole twisted lives of lies and deception, she has every right to act how she is. Her actions are completely justified in my eyes. Bianca would never let herself go and completely act like like a brainless twat the way Charlie has done, and for that I am grateful.
  11. I'm loving Bianca right now!! At least shes the only one to give Charlie and Brax the sh*te they deserve!
  12. What you see as complex I see as inconsistent..... Just out of curiosity have you been watching since Charlie arrived....or another new viewer drawn in by the Chax stuff ?
  13. Charlie has recently plummeted to even deeper depths of pathetic than I ever thought was possible. Dragging Bianca into her absolutely RIDICULOUS mistakes has annoyed me so much! Fair enough she can ruin her life and career all she likes but when she starts getting her friends to act as brainless and stupid as she is thats where I draw the line. Bianca's one of my favourite characters and seeing her get involved in this tripe is really bugging me. Bianca summed it up for me when Charlie asked "what was I supposed to do?"........ "I dont know maybe YOUR JOB" - got it in 1 Bianca. Charlie is damaged beyond repair for me now, I am sick to the teeth of her and her absolutely stupid way of thinking. Sooner she leaves the better!
  14. Season 3 has not even aired here yet. Its not long after starting in the US......Episode 3 will air on thursday on the CW!
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