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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Hi Laura

Am loving this so far!

I'm interested in seeing where you take the story with Rachel, and love the fact that Charlie has gone running to Joey when things have gotten tough.

Am also pleased that someone has written a story which includes "crazed" Angelo - harping back to his behaviour with Belle on the show.

Anyway, I'll keep reading - you've caught my interest.


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Just read the whole fiction, it's really good!!

As much as i'm not liking Angelo's behavior, i kind of feel sorry for him, he doen't have the best luck when it comes to girls :(

Can't wait to find out what direction you are taking Rachel :unsure:

Who head Martha's conversation?

Update soon! :D

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I just read the whole thing.

All the couples have issues. :( I really hope they'll (at least one of them) manage to resolve their problems.

Angelo scared me. He's being so aggressive. <_<

I hope Rachel won't make a mistake and she'll go home asap. Poor Hugo! :(

Martha should tell Roman what's going on and how she feels.

More please.

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