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  1. Happy birthday Kaiya! I hope you had a great day! :D

  2. That was such a good chapter! Perfect ending! I can't even pick my favorite parts because I'd just be quoting the whole lot! Loved this story
  3. I love this! Loved that part. It shows the connection she still has with Geoff I'm glad she chose to keep the baby too! Can't wait for more
  4. I loved this fic Kevin! Can't believe Rachel came back! And with twins!! I wonder how Angelo has reacted!? Poor Evan, his biological mum might take him away from Mattie and Ric! So glad JnM are back together They are cute! Can't wait for the sequel!! Thanks for writing all this though
  5. How can you expect a JM fan to like that? Especially a Marman hater!! *waves flag* So glad they aren't together. Phew, was close Susan! Get your sl*t out! Ha. Nar, it's not her fault, she didn't know. But still, poor Charlie! And lastly, Cassie The way you wrote that was so sad! Loved it. I don't want this to end, luckily there is a sequal though!
  6. She's alive!? Wow. Glad Martha and the baby are okay Cutest Wedding, I hope Belle makes it Loved it. Can't wait for more
  7. Hey KaiyaBlake, hows it goin? Haven't seen you on lately lol.

    New fic btw: Healing the wounds.

    Cya xx

  8. Amanda Time can't be running out for Belle I'm happy they are getting married though Loved it. Can't wait for more
  9. Yes, why did you leave it there Hope they get John before he reaches Belle Aden's answer has to be yes... unless he says no just to prove she isn't going to die? Loved it. Can't wait for more
  10. Ruby!? I wonder what happened and who made the phone call!!? Poor Belle, her mum sounds selfish, she almost died! I hope they find her a donor asap! Loved it. Can't wait for more
  11. Oh no, Aden will never get to see Adelle if she goes into foster care! I want Belle back Loved it. Can't wait for more
  12. Hope Belle wakes up soon! Wonder what is in her file ... and the emails, they don't sound good! Loved it. Can't wait for more
  13. Sucked in Katie, just face it Jack hates you *sticks tongue out* Aw JnM Martha I do hate the amount of times you mention Roman He's a cheat, drop him Poor Charlie... but good punch! Great Video, hope it's all good. Loved it. Can't wait for more
  14. Beth!? That was so unexpected! I'm glad Belle and Lucas are alright though, well... Belle for now Poor Mattie! Loved it. Can't wait for more
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