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  1. No Donald at the party. He must be grieving in his own space or something. Roo butting her nose in again. She must want Frank back. At Lance's "party"...
  2. Really sad and emotional episode today. Fisher is just plain selfish and evil. At least at the end of the episode he finally realised how important Alan was and finally gave his own emotional farewell to his son. It's really awkward seeing Bobby/Alan knowing they are actually brother and sister. Hopefully she moves on from him. Colleen Smart - LOVE YA! Morag doesn't seem to age. She looks exactly the same as she does now. She also had a great relationship with Roo, which I think is good. Overall - good episode!
  3. In my opinion, it's got nothing to do with Nicole as John said. It's all about Aden. Heck, if Charlie ended up with Aden after Belle died, everyone would turn on her just as they have done with Nicole. It's all got to do with Aden. On Neighbours, Declan has even gone as far as moving in with Kate at one stage so maybe we should all turn on him too.
  4. I think they have introduced Romeo to the show very well. They haven't given away much but yet he is already at home in Summer Bay and has a girlfriend already. And yet, we know nothing about him. Romeo is my favourite new addition to the bay since Charlie and Sid Walker.
  5. It's not that hot but the sun is burning on the skin if you do go outside. I couldn't see for about 2 minutes when I went out for a while earlier this afternoon.
  6. What a shocking end to today's episode! (No not Lynn crying at Church ) but Sandra being knocked out by her father. I must say, this storyline is great and I am enjoying it so much! I agree about Bobby and Fisher, Ryan. It seems Fisher really cares about Bobby and wants her to succeed. She is such a loud mouth and it was funny to see Fisher do what he did. Yeah and why is Matt credited in every episode? It is a bit weird because he hasn't appeared properly for weeks.
  7. That would have been their plan. To make people think that there will be returnees in the series finale, that is. It's all about ratings.
  8. Sorry Dean, there are no past characters returning for the finale. Those scenes you saw were of Terri's farewell dinner. They were misleading though as they mixed Von's dinner with Terri's for the promo.
  9. Discussion thread for Summer Bay's newest teen love.
  10. Shorts and a very over sized T-Shirt. Too big!
  11. Three (I know, I'm bad , but one was for my sister) bags of chips. One was the Red Rock Deli (my absolute favourite! ), the next one was just Cheese Twisties and for my sister, because she is celiac, a plain bag of Smith's chips.
  12. Yes, The Walkers are all only guest characters. I don't like Sid at all. He seems rather sleazy. I just get that vibe from him, especially when he is around Nicole. But in saying that, I like Robert Mammone.
  13. It's warm outside but inside it's really cold.
  14. Good point Eli, but at the end of the day neither Aden or Geoff are gay. (As far as we know! )
  15. Aden is just so "blokey". There is no way in hell that they would pair Aden and Geoff together. But, whose to stop all the women dreaming about it though?
  16. Eli, I was only playing with him, hence the emoticon at the end of my sentence. No need to bite my head off. Next time I will make sure that I make it clear that it was a joke. Sorry Is there going to be a break sometime in the year so the UK are not so close the the Australian airings? You guys are mighty close! But hey, if I was over there, I would probably want to be as close as possible!
  17. I have noticed that you keep starting threads for quick questions. Any reason?
  18. Esther is doing a great job with this storyline. They have finally given her a decent storyline to work with. Now if only they can survive as a couple, that will be great!
  19. Where are you up to in Home and Away? And Lost? I detest that show!
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