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  1. I went to see The Proposal this afternoon. Hilariously brilliant
  2. On tuesday I went to see My Sisters Keeper and cried my eyes out lol then when i got home watched Bend It Like Beckham
  3. I think Angelo and Charlie are cute together. I am a bit disapointed that the gay storyline didn't go very far, however I also think that Charlie was the wrong character to use for it. I've always been a fan of Changelo *cringe* and love their chemistry.
  4. Just caught up on the last 5 chapters and I love it. You write so beautifully. I love how Belle keeps doubting herself over her feelings for Drew in the last chapter. I can't wait to read more
  5. An Englishman On Holiday- Thunder
  6. Is he back on screen in Australia yet? i'm having serious angelo withdrawal lol
  7. Haha i liked the sound of music reference and I love how you write Drew and Belle. Their sooo cute looking forward to reading the next chapter
  8. Awww yay another Drew fic I love how you've started it and you write beautifully. I'm looking forward to see where this goes
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