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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. manveerbraxton


      hi summerbaylocal

      i love the neighbours scanned you uploaded from tv week i am just wondering if you have the scans from neighbours poll revealing neighbours all time best couples

  2. Happy Birthday David!

  3. hello summerbay local. great to hear ur sucha fan. just wanting to get ur thoughts on rachel and tony leaving the bay?

  4. No Donald at the party. He must be grieving in his own space or something. Roo butting her nose in again. She must want Frank back. At Lance's "party"...
  5. Really sad and emotional episode today. Fisher is just plain selfish and evil. At least at the end of the episode he finally realised how important Alan was and finally gave his own emotional farewell to his son. It's really awkward seeing Bobby/Alan knowing they are actually brother and sister. Hopefully she moves on from him. Colleen Smart - LOVE YA! Morag doesn't seem to age. She looks exactly the same as she does now. She also had a great relationship with Roo, which I think is good. Overall - good episode!
  6. In my opinion, it's got nothing to do with Nicole as John said. It's all about Aden. Heck, if Charlie ended up with Aden after Belle died, everyone would turn on her just as they have done with Nicole. It's all got to do with Aden. On Neighbours, Declan has even gone as far as moving in with Kate at one stage so maybe we should all turn on him too.
  7. Does anyone else think that the presentation of Home and Away looks a bit disjointed this year? The beginning "Previously on Home and Away" is a good idea, but I don't like the wide screen recap. And then when it goes to an ad it just goes black, same with the closing. The show just ends then we get a promo with bunched up titles. It just comes across as very rushed. I quite liked opening titles and ad breaker bumpers. It just finishes more neatly. I know the producers try to squish as much time for storylines as possible for each episode (which is always a good thing) but I think this is gone a bit far now. I know when I'm watching the show and it finishes and goes black then the promo, I go 'oh is that it'? and just assume it's over but then the promo arrives. I wonder what it would look like with titles and then a promo at the end and then closing titles. It couldn't possibly take up that much time. It would also cut the 'filler' lines they throw into each episode to make the 22 minutes.
  8. Dan you wouldn't happen to know what's going on do you? Is this a new episode structure or are the titles returning after this storyline is over?
  9. How are you doing?? I hope you are well I am wondering if you would like to read my fanfiction (The Beginning). I had posted it two days ago So have a good day and take care of yourself.

  10. I think they have introduced Romeo to the show very well. They haven't given away much but yet he is already at home in Summer Bay and has a girlfriend already. And yet, we know nothing about him. Romeo is my favourite new addition to the bay since Charlie and Sid Walker.
  11. It's not that hot but the sun is burning on the skin if you do go outside. I couldn't see for about 2 minutes when I went out for a while earlier this afternoon.
  12. And our chances of new titles just became higher... Thank you Dan.
  13. I haven't seen anything official. Official to me mean something posted on the official site or something that Dan F says. Random members posting that producers aren't happy bla bla bla mean absolute nothing as it isn't official and majority of the time, they do not present a source anyway.
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