Episode 6300

Australian Air Date: 8th October 2015
UK Air Date: 4th December 2015
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: David Gould

Roo discovers James’s secret. Maddy’s 18th birthday party spirals out of control.

Extended Summary

Marilyn tells Irene she wants to go travelling overseas with John, because she’s afraid they can’t grow as a couple if they stay in one place forever – but John’s not willing to budge. When Alf, Leah & Zac arrive at the house for dinner, Marilyn and John try to keep up appearences, but can barely hide their tension, as they use Roo’s sudden wedding as a chance to argue about their differing views. Things get even more awkward when Marilyn and John argue about travel itself.

As they finish their meals, John and Marilyn’s fight escalates, so Alf, Leah and Zac excuse themselves to go and check on the party. Before they go, Leah encourages Marilyn to put herself in John’s shoes – he’s only just got his wife back, and now she wants to pack up leave? Marilyn realises it’s not the life he had in mind for them. She apologises to John, and admits she’s going through an adjustment period, and that it doesn’t make sense to leave. John is relieved, but Marilyn’s face suggests she doesn’t think she’s making the right move.

As more of Tank’s dodgy friends crash Maddy’s 18th, Oscar doesn’t think he’ll be able to keep the party under control. Evelyn asks Tank where everyone came from, but he pretends he doesn’t know. She’s also scared that the secret of their relationship will be exposed, and when Josh sees them together, she yells at Tank to leave, trying to throw him off the scent.

But Josh is still suspicious, and when pressed, she can’t help but defend Tank, leaving Josh more certain that something is still going on between them.

Oscar is considering calling the police as the party gets more and more out of control, but Matt thinks that it will only lead to more trouble, as Alf will definitely find out what is going on.

Things aren’t all bad, and Maddy is amazed when Matt gives her an old violin as her present. Josh catches sight of the gold bracelet that Oscar gave her, and points out that she’s always thought gold jewellery was trashy. Maddy tries to cover, but Oscar suspects he’s stuffed up, and tells her they can exchange it if she doesn’t like it.

The gatecrashers ignore VJ and Oscar’s orders to go outside, and when Tank cranks the stereo up, Oscar gets the phone to call the police. But Tank grabs it off him and throws it away, leaving Oscar and VJ seriously worried about what will happen next.

Tank tries to steal a kiss from Evie, but she’s paranoid about being caught, and as she pushes him away, Josh sees them, and asks Evelyn if Tank was hassling her. Evelyn still can’t admit that they’re back together, so Josh thinks that she’s too ashamed to tell him that Tank hurt her.

Hannah arrives, and is annoyed to find Chris joining in the fun with the gatecrashers – he was supposed to be the adult! She turns the music down, but still can’t force everyone out. Maddy finds Evelyn taking painkillers, and checks she’s okay, revealing that Josh thinks that Tank hurt her. Annoyed, Evelyn silences Maddy by showing her a freshly inked ‘T’ tattoo on her hip. Oscar sees it too, and puts the pieces together, realising that Evelyn didn’t break up with Tank.

Furious, Oscar finds Tank outside, and tells him to stay away from Evelyn. Tank winds him up by telling him that he’ll take Maddy off him too, just for fun. Oscar tells Tank he’s got to apologise to Maddy for ruining her birthday, then leave them all alone. But Tank isn’t intimidated, and asks him what will happen if he doesn’t. Back inside, Alf suddenly charges in, with Leah and Zac close behind, and brings the party to an end.

Outside, Oscar swings at Tank a couple of times, but he dodges him, and lands a punch of his own on Oscar’s lip. Oscar launches at Tank and brings him to ground, and as they struggle ferociously, Zac grabs Tank and hauls him off. With the police on the way, Zac sees Azza graffitting the house, but when he tells him to stop, he throws the spray can towards the fire. James, who has just arrived, tries to intercept the can before it reaches the fire, but he doesn’t make it in time. The can explodes, and James is blown back, badly injured.

As they clear up the mess, Alf admires James’s bravery, and wonders if he was wrong about him after all. But when Roo arrives at the hospital, she finds Hannah, who tells her the hospital called James’s next of kin. Roo assumes that this means she’ll finally get to meet James’s parents, but when she enters the room, she finds a woman holding his hand. Roo asks her who she is, and the woman introduces herself – she’s Megan, James’s wife!

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