Episode 5118

Australian Air Date: 14th July 2010
UK Air Date: 21st July 2010

Xavier is nervous about meeting Bianca. Marilyn and Sid finally have their date, leading to a shock for Alf the next morning. Ruby can’t handle Liam being interested in Bianca.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Xavier is still not pleased by the prospect of Gina dating John. April saves him from dinner with them, by inviting him to meet her sister Bianca. She tries to prepare Xavier for what he’ll face, filling him in on her sister – she’s fiery and opinionated and he better watch out. Xavier is nervous when they sit down to eat, and Bianca doesn’t make it easy for him, until she sees Liam and Ruby and invites herself to join them. April is annoyed with Bianca that she’s more interested in flirting with Liam than getting to know Xavier.

Marilyn defends her decision to still go out with Sid, even in the face of his night with Veronica. Although Sid has told Veronica he’s no longer interested, she continues to make advances. When Sid is a little paranoid on their date, Marilyn calls him on it, and he confesses his concern that Veronica would turn up. Then Marilyn confides in Sid about her illness. She thought it would scare him off, but on the contrary, he’s happy she has told him. When Veronica does show up and tries cause trouble for Sid, Marilyn handles her deftly, and sends her on her way. Sid is impressed and the date ends with a kiss. Marilyn invites Sid in, not wanting to waste time. The next morning, Alf is shocked when Sid comes downstairs with Marilyn.

Ruby is trying to avoid Liam, still struggling with her feelings, but he can’t avoid his pleas to work together. While they are working on a song at the Diner, Bianca arrives, and her, April and Xavier join them for dinner. Bianca and Liam continue to flirt, which only makes Ruby more uncomfortable, something Xavier notices. When Xavier asks if she’s OK, she tries to make a swift exit, only to bump straight into Irene who’s carrying some milkshakes. An embarrassed and upset Ruby heads down to the beach, where Irene finds her and comforts her. Xavier comes to see Ruby the next morning, having worked out that she is upset by Liam and Bianca, but she tries to prove it’s not Liam by kissing Xavier.

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