Episode 5073

Australian Air Date: 12th May 2010
UK Air Date: 19th May 2010

Miles is worried about losing his job. Rachel tries to stop Tony from boxing John. Romeo tries to devise a plan to help Miles.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Miles is shocked when he learns he will have to convince the P&C head of his fitness to teach. Gina tries to tell him it’ll be okay, but Miles wonders if that is true. No one is able to cheer him up, as the thought of losing the opportunity to teach starts to weigh heavily on Miles’ mind. Gina is hopeful that everything will work out, but even she isn’t sure. At the hearing, the P&C head goes after Miles, questioning the treatment he has been receiving. She is clearly gunning for his job, and it looks like all could be lost.

Romeo devises a plan to help Miles, but he needs Nicole’s assistance. Wanting a distraction from thoughts of Aden, she readily agrees. Alf and Marilyn are concerned the kids could be doing something detrimental to Miles’ case but Romeo assures them they’re not. Romeo interrupts the meeting between Miles and Mrs Deacon, wishing to show her how much support Miles has from the students. They’re astounded when they step outside to find the whole school lining the corridors. When Gina finds him later, she’s happy to say that Mrs Deacon has chosen to not take the matter further – Miles has his job back.

John niggles Tony over their boxing match, wondering when it’s on, but Rachel corrects him that it’s not going to happen, which annoys Tony. Rachel is adamantly against it, but Tony insists he needs to get it out of his system. Gina thinks it might be good for the two of them, but Rachel can’t agree – she thinks it’s crazy, and she can’t support it in any way. She talks Tony in to cancelling the match, but in the face of John’s further ribbing, he can’t back down – and tells him the fight is on.

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