Episode 5036

Australian Air Date: 22nd March 2010
UK Air Date: 29th March 2010

Gina boots Xavier out of the house. The mystery about what happened to Justin deepens. Alf is delighted to welcome Marilyn back to the Bay and invites her to move in.

Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Karl Zwicky


Extended Summary

Martha has agreed to think about Xavier’s request, that she let him stay at the Farm, as he can’t bear to be in the same house as Gina now that she’s having a sexual relationship with John. Xavier is already in his mum’s bad books, as John has informed her that last night Xavier threatened him and told him to stop seeing her. When Xavier arrives home, Gina gets stuck into him. Tony and Martha are also there but they try not to interfere, and opinions on how to handle Xavier are divided after he storms off to his room. Tony thinks Gina should come down hard on him, but Gina’s not sure. Gina eventually decides to be tougher with Xavier and drags him down to the Surf Club to apologises to John. But when he gets there Xavier can’t do it and abuses his mum who is left shocked and numb by his outburst. Later, Tony chastises a remorseful Xavier who admits he can’t control his anger when it comes to the John situation. Xavier knows he crossed a line in talking to Gina the way he did and goes home and apologises to her, but Gina has had enough and tells him to pack his bags. She wants him out of the house. Xavier can’t believe that his mum is booting him out.

Marilyn, having left Justin in safe hands at the hospital, searches out Alf at the Surf Club. He’s delighted to see her but Colleen less so – simply commenting that Marilyn seems ‘well preserved’ and that she’ll no doubt be heading straight back to the UK once her ‘holiday’ is over. Marilyn is quick to point out that she’s moved back to Australia permanently and Colleen makes her exit. As he’s finishing his shift, Alf offers to take Marilyn home and make dinner for her.

Marilyn and Alf catch up over the meal and Marilyn reveals that her job as a nanny has led to her become a bit of a celebrity in the UK, after being given her own slot on a reality show. However since then the show, and other things in her life, have been cancelled. She touches on her brush with breast cancer, but doesn’t want to chat about “negative things” and Alf respects that. When all of that was over, Marilyn realised that it was 10 years since Byron’s death, and it seemed the right time to return to Summer Bay – where she says she’ll now be staying for “the duration”. When Marilyn suggests it’s time for her to head off to The Sands, Alf suggests she stays at the house as she’s almost family. Marilyn hesitates, she’d like to run that past Miles first, Alf says he’s out right now, but she can ask him when he gets home.

Aden has been called to the hospital and is shocked to see his brother, Justin, there. The greetings between them are muted and it’s clear there’s some history between them as they haven’t seen each other in years. Justin is suffering from some memory loss – he can’t remember anything about the car crash he was in – but outside of a minor cut and a thumping headache he seems okay. The brothers eventually open up a little and, to Aden’s surprise, Justin reveals he’s in the army. Police interview Justin over the crash and seem suspicious about his memory loss which seems convenient, but Rachel confirms that it’s not unusual in Justin’s type of accident. Rachel does however inform them about one puzzling aspect of Justin’s case – he was covered in blood when he presented, but other than a small abrasion on his head he has no other wounds. The mystery deepens when the police later reveal that they have found Justin’s car, off the road and up against a tree. There was more blood on the seats and it seems unlikely that Justin could have got out of the car without someone else’s assistance. It seems Justin had a passenger, but who was it? And where are they now?

Scene cut from episode:
Gina is left rattled when Martha reveals that Xavier has asked to stay at the farm.

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