Episode 5035

Australian Air Date: 19th March 2010
UK Air Date: 26th March 2010

Marilyn Chambers returns to Summer Bay, but meets a mysterious bloodied man on the way. Xavier asks Martha if he can come and live at the farm. Charlie hides her therapy sessions from Angelo.

Return episode. Last seen in #3127


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Charlie is talking to Ruby about starting her therapy sessions. Charlie is sure that talking through her problems and bringing up old issues is probably going to make her feel worse. She is nervous about her first appointment and almost backs out until Ruby talks her back into it. Angelo begins to get suspicious when Charlie starts making secret appointments with her counsellor without telling Angelo where she’s going.

Xavier is still finding it very difficult to get past the fact that he saw his mum and John together. Xavier tells Ruby that his mum is going to kill him when she finds out Xavier threatened John. Ruby and Xavier decide to skip school for the day and avoid his mum altogether, spending the day on the beach. Martha busts him and he explains everything that’s going on. Martha agrees to keep quiet as long as Ruby and Xavier give her a hand on the farm. Not wanting to go back home, Xavier soon finds himself asking Martha if he can come and live at the farm with her.

Alf receives a phone call and is very excited to hear that the person he’s talking to is not only back in the country, but also heading back to Summer Bay as they speak. We cut to Sydney Airport where the caller is revealed as none other than Marilyn Fisher, who is already on the phone to another friend Mitzi, explaining that she’s made the call to Alf. Mitzi is worried about her but Marilyn reassures her that she’s going to be fine – in a few hours she’ll be back in the bay and promises that she’s ready to start a new, and much better life.

Irene is thrilled about Marilyn’s impending arrival and explains to Martha, Charlie and Angelo about Marilyn’s history. Alf adds that whenever Marilyn is around, you don’t know what to expect! Colleen remarks that she knows exactly what to expect – Marilyn is a weirdo who broke her “Lancey’s” heart 20 years ago. Alf tells her to put a sock in it and tells her that Marilyn appears to be here for the long haul, so she’ll have to get used to it.

A newcomer to the Bay, Justin walks along the road bloodied and wounded and with no memory of how he got there. Driving down the road at the same time is Marilyn. She is still on the phone to Mitzi but loses reception and takes her eyes off the road for a second. She then looks up to see a figure of a man standing on the road. She swerves the car and hits the brakes and as she looks back she sees Justin. She goes to see if she’s alright and insists on driving him to the hospital.

On the drive to the hospital, Marilyn fires some questions at Justin, none of which he can answer as he barely knows how he got there. Marilyn explains that she has become somewhat of a minor celebrity in the UK, and that the last 6 months have been a whirlwind with people recognising her and being on the TV. Some good things have happened to her, but very bad things have happened more recently – so she’s heading back to the bay to make the most of her life and see out her future. Once at the hospital something sparks Justin’s memory and he remembers his name – it’s Justin, and here’s to see his brother – Aden Jefferies.