Episode 4584

Australian Air Date: 28th February 2008

Sam’s crisis worsens when she is accused of having an affair. Rachel and Jazz battle it out over Tony.


Written by Elizabeth Packett
Directed by Mark Piper

Extended Summary

Tony is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as Jazz goes out of her way to try to seduce him. Tony makes it clear he’s now in a relationship with Rachel but Jazz insists – what Rachel doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Tony moves off to make up the spare bed for Jazz, leaving her even more determined to get what she came for.

Meanwhile, Johnny is next door in the annexe. Sam returns to him with the news that there are twice as many guards on Sally’s room. Johnny bears down on her, he can see she’s lying and he threatens her again. Her grabs her by the arm and leads her out the door – they are going to get Sally now! They arrive in the hospital car park, and Johnny is all set to avenge his brother’s death. Sam enters the hospital to scope things out but when she arrives to find Miles watching over a sleeping Sally, Sam realises Johnny will not get what he wants without a number of people getting hurt. Having made her decision, Sam returns to the car and tells Johnny that Sally has already left the hospital and was taken to the city by Pippa. She holds his gaze, hoping this time he’ll believe her lie, and much to her relief he does. This isn’t salvation for Sally, but just a reprieve.

Back at Tony’s House, Jazz awakes, unable to sleep. She pours herself a stiff drink and resigns to the idea she is going to try going after Tony again. As she moves towards his room, passing the front door, she hears voices coming from the annexe. She looks through the window and sees Sam enter closely followed by a male figure. Then straining to hear the conversation makes out Sam talking to a man (unseen Johnny) about being caught. A small smiles breaks across Jazz’s face… and is now of the belief that cheeky woman Sam is having an affair! If only she knew the truth!

The next day, Sam opens the door to Jazz. Jazz wastes no time in suggesting she knows Sam’s saucy secret. Sam’s heart sinks, but she realises Jazz knows nothing about the truth about Johnny and has mistaken it for an affair. But Jazz insists she won’t tell Jack but tells Sam she needs to be a little more discreet. Meanwhile, Tony asks Rachel if she would like to go Dan’s memorial with him, for support. Rachel wonders why he wouldn’t be going with Jazz. Seeing that Rachel is feeling threatened, Tony insists that having Jazz around, has only confirmed his feelings for Rachel. He leaves and Rachel is left feeling satisfied with where their relationship is at. Feeling much more confident about things, Rachel later confronts Jazz about saving herself the embarrassment and stop trying to crack onto Tony. Jazz takes this as a challenge and tells Rachel may the best woman win. Game on!

Sam confronts Johnny and tells him how close they came last night to being caught. Suddenly, Rory calls out from behind. Johnny quickly hides as Sam moves to the door of the annexe to shuffle him out. But before she does, Rory tells her Sally won’t be leaving the hospital to go to Dan’s memorial. Sam freezes… hoping Johnny didn’t hear that Sally is still in hospital. But as she leaves, the hardened look on his face indicates he has.

Sam later returns, dreading the worst. As she comes through the door, Johnny grabs her by the throat and threatens if he didn’t need her now, she’d be gone. Sam manages to gasp out a justification. Johnny snaps at her and demands that Sally be brought to him today. Sam returns home, sick with worry. How is she ever going to escape this nightmare? But just when she think things couldn’t get any worse, Jazz arrives and gives her the ultimatum that seeing as though she is keeping Sam’s ‘affair’ a secret, then she needs her help to sideline Rachel so that Tony will be hers.

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