Episode 4538

Australian Air Date: 31st October 2007

Matilda is in tears after seeing Ric and Viv on the beach together. Can things get worse for Ric and Matilda? Sally and Brad finally decide where they stand. Dan meets with a mystery woman behind Leah’s back.

Extended Summary

Matilda is in tears after seeing Ric and Viv on the beach together, but Cassie tells her the only way to know what really happened is to ask. Ric, for his part, confides to Drew that he’s getting sick and tired of all this drama over nothing. Yes, Viv can be demanding, but she’s the first person in a long time who’s actually cared how Ric’s doing. When Matilda asks him if he’s spoken to Viv, he lies and tells her he did over the phone, only making things worse. But eventually she believes the truth. Nevertheless, she leaves him with an ultimatum. He’s to have a serious think about whether he still wants to be with her, and if he doesn’t, she’d prefer he was honest with her.

Ric presents Matilda with the vouchers for the Sands that Viv gave him, to prove how much he loves her. She’s delighted, and he’s totally forgiven…until she finds a bottle of champagne in their room, with a not addressed to Mr and Mrs Anderson. Ric tries to explain, but she storms out. She crosses with Viv in the Surf Club, who, having learned what’s happened, goes to check on Ric. Things are getting a little too cosy when Drew knocks on the hotel room door. Having avoided being caught with Viv, Ric finds a more understanding Matilda at the Diner. She’s had time to calm down, and she knows his heart was in the right place. But she’s still sure that Viv is trying to undermine their relationship, and Ric promises to tell her everything from now on.

Sally searches for confirmation that she’s made the right decision from Leah and Alf, but is told that whatever decision she makes, it’s hers and hers alone. When she and Brad finally stop beating around the bush, it’s Brad who ends the turmoil. He still loves her, but he knows that what she sees in him is safety and stability. Perhaps their whole relationship was just their way of dealing with the loss of their respective spouses, but they’re too young to settle for safety without passion, it’s not fair on either of them. It’s sad, but they part as friends.

When Dan gets a mysterious phone call he tenses up and moves away to take it in private. He agrees to meet the caller at the Sands, but when questioned by Leah he reacts guiltily and tells her he has to go to a meeting at school. When Ric and Matilda arrive at the resort, they see Dan disappearing with a woman, but decide not to think about it. After getting home late, Dan tells Leah one of his students was having a melt down. The next morning, however, he meets with a beautiful blonde American woman, and she wants to know what his decision is.

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