Episode 4391

Australian Air Date: 9th April 2007

Cassie confronts Lily’s violent boyfriend in a bid to protect her friend. Painful memories resurface for Martha when she discovers Cam’s secret.

Extended Summary

Cam and Martha return from a romantic weekend away – their relationship is back on track. Cam is getting ready for work when he receives a call from Cindy – she hasn’t found a babysitter for Crystal. Martha offers to look after her but is surprised when she is greeted with an eight year old (going on eighteen). Bowled over by this little girl’s maturity, Martha is intrigued when Crystal tells her she has a secret. Martha encourages her to open up but is shocked to discover that Crystal’s father is Cam! This is not what Martha was expecting!

Later, Martha confronts Cam at the Club. Despite his attempts to explain why he never told her he was a Dad, Martha remains absolutely furious. She dumps her dance costumes down on the table, insisting she won’t be needing them anymore – because she quits! Martha storms off, overwhelmed as the painful memories of Ash rear its head again.

Ric and Matilda are relieved when they finally track down Lily. They reassure her, her secret is safe and they will look after her. But unbeknownst to them all, Kyle is watching their every move from the distance. Ric, Matilda and Lily return home to the Summer Bay House but are shocked to discover Kyle on the doorstep. An argument ensues and Sally and Brad walk in, demanding to know what’s going on! A terrified Lily insists she doesn’t want to go home with Kyle, but when he later returns with Lily’s mum, Brenda, in tow – Lily is left with no choice but to do what she is told. Cassie is outraged – she knows Lily isn’t lying about how she got her bruises and is scared that if she goes home, she will be subject to more abuse.

Still reeling from her traumatic afternoon, Cassie is pulled up short when she spots Kyle in the Surf Club. She confronts him and calls him a coward for hurting Lily. Kyle finally snaps and grabs Cassie’s arm. He threatens her and menacingly tells her to stay out of Lily’s life. He moves off, leaving Cassie shaken but even more determined to help her friend.

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