Episode 3394
Aus Air Date: 24 October 2002
UK Air Date:

Kirsty learns of Rhys' devastating news. Jesse tells Leah that Vinnie is in trouble. Brodie takes Alex on a secret getaway.


> Rhys tells the kids that Dylan is his son.

Shelley tells Rhys that they have to have a meeting with the whole family tonight that Rhys has to tell the kids the truth. Max asks Rhys if he can have dinner later and Rhys tells Max that we are having a meeting with the family. Morag has a go at Leah about her work around the diner. Dani turns up at home for the meeting. The Sutherland girls has a talk about what Rhys is going to talk about. Rhys tells the family that Dylan is his son and the girls a very upset, Kirsty goes running out of the house and Dani goes after her and Kirsty breaks down crying and Dani gives Kirsty some support.

Dani and Kirsty come home after Kirsty tells Dani that she hates her father. Jade takes Kirsty upstairs to talk. Morag tells Leah, Colleen and Alf that she has made the new roster for the diner and Leah loses some shifts, Leah is not happy. Kirsty feels funny about going to school and facing Dylan. Jade convinces her to go to school. Hayley gets a surpise from Noah about going to the city on the bike. Brodie takes Alex on a getaway. Rhys moves out of the house into a caravan. Brodie and Alex arrives at the getaway.

Jesse tells Leah why she hasn't got any replies from Vinnie. Starring Kate Garvan as Jade, Kate Ritchie as Sally, Cornelia Frances as Morag, Michael Beckley as Rhys and Christie Hayes as Kirsty.

Rachael Jennings

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