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Dan F

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Dean being in hospital seems to be someone’s excuse for him to be shirtless and in his boxers for weeks on end. Not a hospital gown in sight. Given his fractured pelvis, a gown without boxers and him being catheterised seems much more plausible.

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23 hours ago, christine king said:
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They have been releasing promos for the next 2 episodes.

Thanks, but Monday's promo was especially strange.There was nothing in it from the following episode and it seemed to be trailing today's episode.

Anyway...welcome back to the Parata relationship dramas.Mia's back to being cold towards Ari, and I should probably feel more sympathy for her, but I can't really.Even when she found out she was wrong about him throwing the scan photo away, there wasn't a word of apology. And I really don't care whether Ziggy's with Dean or Tane, she might as well just flip a coin.Or better yet, try being single for more than five minutes instead of constantly jumping from one you're-my-soul-mate relationship to another.

Tane was out of line to have a go at Bella, and I'm glad Ari was there to put him straight.I don't even think he really blames her, I think it was partly being angry at Ziggy and Bella making a convenient target, and maybe a bit seeing her as someone close to Dean who he could take those frustrations out on. Which is kind of ironic, given that he's blaming Bella for not being nice to the person that broke her heart, which is pretty much what he's doing!

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Ziggy can't really complain about Tane's attitude towards her given how she's acted.  And she can't really expect him to want to be friends with her given that he's still in love with her.  When I saw the preview I thought I would be cheering Tane on but I wasn't really that satisfied.  I can see it from both of their sides.  I'm glad Mackenzie told Tane Ziggy was by Dean's side at the hospital as he was starting to fall back into the trap, questioning the breakup and whether he had a chance with her.

I agree that Tane was out of line with Bella but a small part of me was glad given Bella supported a breakup of him Ziggy despite him being good to her previously.  I was glad Ari stepped in though, put a stop to it and said Bella had just as much right to be there as he did.

Trouble in paradise continues with Ari/Mia.  She obviously can't stand the sight of him at the moment.  I also can't muster that much sympathy for her.  I did feel a bit sorry for Ari when he saw Grace at the Diner and Tori asked him if he wanted to cuddle her.  At least Chloe's being a bit more sympathetic to him now.

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We definitely need to get that missing episode back so we balance with the Aus showing of episodes.  I read the Aussie forum - a week behind I should add - as I find it interesting to get their prospective on the episodes.  I have to remember stop before I read one that we haven't seen yet. 

Sneaky or not of Ryder not telling Bella why Roo and Martha wanted to talk to her?  Did he maybe think she would have said no right away if he had told her?  Although she feels she's not ready to do any photos herself her offer to talk to the gallery where her photos were shown was a lovely touch.   She did get side tracked, as she was going with them, by going to see Nik. 

A hospital gown isn't really Dean's style, not now he's awake anyway.😉🤣  Oh Amber and Jai have been to see him.  I guess it was better to wait until he was more with it,  might have been upsetting for Jai seeing him all wired up and linked to machines.  He hasn't let Karen know though, but I guess he knows her better saying hospitals and her don't get on.   Slightly awkward conversation between Dean and Ziggy with her subtly asking how much he remembered from the first talk they had when he was still pretty groggy.  Oh you mean the bit where you said you'd forgiven him. 😉

Rather chicken of her too not to mention she'd broken up with Tane - or to be more accurate he'd finished with her -  was she expecting him to take her back with open arms just like that.  Seems Dean does beat her down eventually, now it's down to him to decide if he wants to  go there. 

Ziggy far, far too early to expect to be friends with Tane, especially considering the circumstances, it wasn't as if it was an amicable break up where you could maybe be friends, you cheated on Tane with an ex.  Didn't she suggest the same to Dean after she split from him?  True they can't avoid each other completely, guess she'll have to pack the gym up, but it can be done.  To be fair after her split from Brody her relationship with Dean  was a slow burn and they were a  couple for over a year. 

We also found out Gemma still doesn't know her only child is in an induced comma after having been in a bad road accident!  Ari must know his (ex) sister-in-law well enough to know she'd want to know, what is he thinking?🤔  Anyways do Nik and Gemma not speak to each on  a regular basis at all, say every few days, once/twice a week, she must be wondering why she hasn't heard/had a text  from him. 

It took her awhile but Bella bit the bullet and went to see Nik, maybe part of her doesn't feel she should be there as they had broken up and she had told him to do one last time she saw him.   The belief those in a coma can hear what is being said aside, you can say what you want to say without fear of interruption.  

There is a odd logic, and an old cliche, behind it, if you hadn't broken up with Nik, he wouldn't have gone off, Dean and Mia wouldn't have gone to find him and there wouldn't have been an accident, he wouldn't be in a coma and Mia wouldn't have lost her baby.  Maybe Tane was taking out his hurt over the break up on Bella too  perhaps?  Luckily the  voice of reason, in the shape of Ari,  arrived and defused the situation. 

I don't think Mia hates Ari as such, maybe she's protecting herself because if she lets go in front of him it'll be too much.   That was sad in the Diner when Ari saw Grace and Tori innocently asked if he wanted a cuddle with her - Grace- not Tori - and he was looking so longingly at her, but seeing her was just reminding him of what he had lost and what might have been. 😢

John had gone ahead and done it anyway! But that is John all over once he's made his mind up, takes a lot to talk him out of it and he doesn't have anyone to do that, especially as he didn't talk to anyone about it.  The look on Leah & Justin's mind when he rocked up at the garage, hope he enjoyed his warm bacon butty and tepid coffee.  I hope John keeps his word and doesn't interfere with the running of the garage by suggesting changes to this or that. 

After all her dithering Jasmine looked like she enjoyed her date with Cash, they found they had something in common too, both had been fostered, their teasing of each other does seem to suggest there could be something in the air for them.   Rather awkward moves at the Diner, he appeared to be moving in to kiss her on the cheek and she was leaning in, but both changed their minds. Was a tad tense when they bumped into each other the next day, saved by the bell - or rather call out -  for him. 


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Honestly, Ziggy is just getting on my wick right now. It probably doesn't help that, as I mentioned in another thread a while back, I was fine with Ziggy and Dean dating but I just don't see them as together-forever-happy-ever-after-soul-mates, and when the show broke them up and kept them apart for the best part of a year, it seemed they knew that. But no, here's Ziggy making over the top declarations of love, like she does to every guy she dates, including the one she broke up with just last week, to the point that it doesn't really mean anything. And then, seemingly straight after making out with Dean, she goes straight to hassle Tane about being friends with her again, and quite rightly gets told to get stuffed and stop being such an arrogant hypocrite. Given that I quite liked Dean's scenes with Mackenzie and Logan, it's a shame he's stuck in the middle of this nonsense.

On a similar note, how has this ended up with Bella begging Nikau to let her stay with him? You're well shot, girl! At least Nikau had the decency to feel a bit of guilt, since he made at least two bad decisions in the chain of events that led to the accident (sleeping with Sienna in the first place and then storming off in a strop in a badly-thought-out attempt to skip town), although it seems he's off the hook with just about anyone. Ah well, I enjoyed Bella's little moment with Mackenzie, who seems to be earning her halo at the moment!

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Ziggy, give up hassling the bloke!😠  It didn't help that Tane had just seen Ziggy kissing Dean and it wasn't the kiss of life. I'm hoping this doesn't turn him back to his bad old ways, being with Ziggy had been, the van thing aside, keeping him on the straight and narrow so she was good for him in that way. He'd got himself a job and is/was going to TAf to learn to be a gym trainer. He was in a bad enough strop not to pick up Ari's call that Nik had come round. 

Out of all the blokes, not that many really, I thought it was Dean she was more suited to, they were, as I said in my last post, together over  a year and maybe if it hadn't come out about his part in Ross' murder or even better he'd not been involved in it at all they would still be together. 🤔 They'd even discussed children with Dean saying he didn't want any as he didn't want to risk passing on Karen's condition.  Ziggy isn't that maternal anyway.  Good use, I thought, of the flashbacks of how Ziggy and Dean got together, nudging his memory and that she did say she'd forgiven him.  Dean seems OK with getting back with her, but he's not really in  a position to get away from her is he, though he could tell her to stay away. 

Dean has a long road to recovery, that'll properly frustrate him as he's normally so active, I pity Mac and Ziggy if they are going to be looking after him, he'll be a nightmare.  I'm also guessing he won't be staying at his flat but the Farmhouse, he'll never manage those stairs.🤔 

I did like how both Dean and Nik thanked Logan for rescuing them, nothing wrong with Nik's memory thank goodness.

I think Christian said it would be about five days before Nik came round which he did and  on his own too.  Ari, at least, could understand his confusion after coming round and wondering what had happened, he himself had not long been in one.  It was a tough call for Ari but Nik had to know Mia had lost the baby rather than her coming in and his asking her about it.  Now ring your mum, though that will be an interesting conversation.  "Hey mum how are you, oh me I'm fine, I was in a bad car accident and been in a coma for a week, but otherwise everything is  OK". 

Hey Red, cut them some slack, they're young, each the others first love, let them give each other another go and see how it goes. If it makes you feel better Nikau blame Bella for the accident but it was you who stormed off ending up miles away, it was something you did a lot in your early days, thought you'd outgrown all that. Nik's made peace with Ari.  

Was Logan just dropping by to check on these patients of his, it didn't appear that he worked at NDH, from what was said between him and Christian they hadn't bumped into each other before? Obviously old friends as they explained to Mac they worked together on Doctors Without Frontiers.   Is there a spark between Logan and Mac?  Dean seemed to think there was. Nothing wrong if there was they are both single, well Mac is.  Mac does seem to be there for everyone at the moment which given her behaviour not long ago is good to see and she has redeemed herself. 

I have a question - given the size of NDH  do they have any proper wards - as in ones with more than one bed in them?  I'm pretty sure in all the times we've seen people in there they have always had their own room, even when it's not been something serious, unlike Nik when he was in his coma which would be understandable. 

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Well, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife at that dinner.Actually, Logan seemed quite relaxed, but Tori obviously isn't in a forgive and forget mood.It sounds as though Logan is actually stationed locally even though he doesn't actually work at Northern Districts.

Whilst I've never entirely accepted this retcon of Mia as the great lost love of Ari's life, I'd have thought she'd know him better than to think he'd dump her because she wouldn't have children, although the episode did its best to make it seem plausible by having her note he's always talked her into trying again in the past.

Justin seemed really bored here, at least until he gets a bit of excitement thrown his way.It seems the promo are back to just covering the next episode and then showing the cliffhanger.Given the talk of the alarm going off, it all seemed pretty quiet when Justin arrived at the garage. Was it a silent alarm to the police station or something?

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Nothing to say about this week really I did find Logan pretty impressive on his jet ski though that part was epic 

I’m pretty bored of all these love dovey stories Its like there’s more to worry about in life Ziggy and Dean especially Jasmine and Cash that’s just starting and Tori and Christian I agree with Logan he did save Dean life in the nick of time

Why doesn’t Ryder and Chloe join up with Uber eats 

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Tori always does go OTT, but any Department head would go onto territorial mode if an outsider came and starting saying they knew what was best for the patient they'd just brought in.  I dare say there was a collective 🙄 by us when Christian was saying to Logan he and Tori would get on like a house on fire because we knew something he didn't.  Maybe under different circumstances, they would, both dedicated to their job so share a common ground, it makes it more awkward as he is an old friend of Christian's, I hope she doesn't ask him to choose.  

Mia was jumping to conclusions somewhat assuming Ari would want/expect her try again down the line, explains why she was keeping him at arms length, but she wouldn't even let him try to put his side across.  He kept trying though and something must have made her decide to listen to him. He's not inhuman and while he as he told her he would have loved to have had a baby with her, if it's not to be, it's not to be.  The other times were, I guess down to medical reasons?, but this time the crash must have played a big part if not the cause of it. If, and yes, it's a big if it hadn't happened she could have gone full term and they had a happy and healthy baby girl.  Very tender moment between them they can heal together.

Another soap cliche box ticked - Mac fancies Logan - she did look back after she walked away from talking to him on the beach. 😉

No customers at the garage, no paper work that needed doing, invoices etc for jobs done/ needed paying?  He wasn't being embarrassing at all keep popping back to the Diner to whisk Leah off for a bit of r&r. 😳

Think you could be right about the alarm Red.   Didn't give a lot away, just Justin  wielding the wrench and Cash calling out. 

My question about NDH wasn't rhetorical btw. 



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