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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I'm supposing as Dean is a free agent that is  the reason Tane wasn't blaming him. Ziggy did kiss Dean, not the other way around. 

I wanted to give Tane a cuddle when he said to Ari that he needed to come home. 🤗

Apart from her initially returning Tane's drunken kiss, Mac very wisely refused the rest of his offer, mind you, may have been a different matter if he had rocked up about a month ago.😉  I got the feeling Tane was grateful they didn't go there once he had sobered up a tad.    Ziggy had been the first woman Tane had properly fallen for so it would hurt that she had cheated on him.  Maybe a better idea to go and get lathered with some of his old mates and hook up with an out of towner woman than mess up your own doorstep. 

Ryder has Dean's interests in mind, but neither Tane or John know anything about running a board shop.  Not just a matter of flogging someone a board, or the wax for it, customers would ask questions about how it runs - if that is the right term - etc which nether of them would know anything about. Tane was lucky with getting away getting stroppy with Cash, but perhaps Cash thought it wasn't worth the paperwork involved. 

 I know now,  by looking on Google, what touch football is, not that Cash seems to have many - well none actually - people  interested in it.  But what do you know next week he has put a team together.  Looks like it's going to be an interesting and lively match. 

An amicable goodbye then between Kieran and Alf with Alf offering Kieran his hand, which stunned Kieran and as Alf admitted it stunned him!  It does leave Roo at a loose end as she has nothing or no-one to sort out or organise, but it seems Martha has a cunning plan in mind. 😉

Leah has taken over Roo's interfering cloak by fretting over how Justin will cope with the sale of the garage - or I suppose, technically - the building and what the new owner will do. She's assuming he won't be able to handle and go back on drugs, but he wasn't taking them to escape any problems, like Brody, they were pain killers.  Irene, with her usual bluntness, told her to back off and let him deal with it in his own way, he wouldn't thank her for 'taking over' thinking he can't manage.  OK, no prob with her checking with Cash to see what the money situation is, to see if they could buy it, but he had no news.  That notification that Justin would have been sent would have been at the time he wouldn't have been taking much notice of what was going on at the garage, he would have just put the letter(s) to one side. 

I guess it's one of those things we just don't give a second thought to, as to who owns what and who is renting. 

I did have a 💡 moment though.  John has got back his money but doesn't want to keep it and Leah has told him of the current situation, so did I see a glimmer of an idea in John's eyes? Depending how much the current owner wants John could put in an offer or even go halves with Justin.  It's not  a huge place, and seems the only garage in town so profitable, when anyone is there to run it that is. 

Sad moment with Ari taking down the ultra sound photo of Sophia, but I was thinking ahead like he is. 



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Well it's certainly been an interesting week:

  • Ari and Mackenzie have fully reconciled.
  • Mia uses her bag of tricks to stop the car rolling off the cliff, preventing Dean from certain death (That was ridiculous BTW).
  • I do have to admit, I was enjoying the Christian/Tori scenes up to point where they were about to have their romantic meal, although I did like the way both their phones were ringing simultaneously and they went to deal with the accident together, arm in arm.
  • I enjoyed the way Lustin were rubbing Christian and Tori's noses in it re the romantic evening the next day.
  • Whilst I would be annoyed if I was in Tori's position, I did find it quite amusing how the head of ED was being undermined in her own department by the new Doctor, particularly the looks Tori was giving him 😂 and even Bella alluding to her indecisiveness.
  • Chloe remains unlikeable but at least when she was having a go at Ari, it didn't seem like her usual spite and malice.
  • I guess it's cruel Ari/Mia lose another baby like this but I hope Mackenzie doesn't try and bond with Mia over what happened (She doesn't owe her anything).
  • I'm expecting Nikau to make a full recovery but I wouldn't mind him being out of commission for a little while.
  • As presumably most people in this thread guessed Ziggy has forgiven Dean.  This was pretty much inevitable but the issue is the way Ziggy has handled the situation with Tane.  She should have just been honest and finished with him, probably after she kissed Dean at the exhibition.
  • It's interesting that Tane mentioned Amber (who is actually nowhere to be seen considering that the reason she told Dean he was Jai's dad in the first place was because she didn't want him getting hurt and he's now hurt badly).  Despite her insecurities, she called it pretty early on.
  • Really enjoyed the interaction with Tane and Mackenzie.  When Tane kissed Mackenzie, part of me wanted something to happen as it would be worth it to wind certain characters up - Ziggy/Dean/Ari/Mia etc.  However I do want them together at some point so I accept now is not the right time for various reasons and it has to be built up gradually.  It was a slight concern Mackenzie hugging the new doctor and I hope that's not a precursor for something.
  • Ryder annoyed me on Friday.  Despite often morally wanting to do the right thing, he appears to occasionally lack social awareness.  Tane was lucky not to spend the night in a cell pushing Cash like that.
  • Still can't figure Cash out - Defaults to giving people the benefit of the doubt despite going against the rules of a police officer.
  • Wasn't happy about Keiran and was actually on Roo's side.  He's unlikely not to relapse back at Martha's place.  The only reason he hasn't so far is because of Roo's support.  So I understand the living situation with him wasn't good for Martha and Alf in particular but I don't see why he couldn't have just moved into one of the caravans.
  • That's now a couple of times recently where characters step out of line and their actions are excused quite quickly - Justin/Stephen (Because Stephen killed Susie), Nikau/Sienna (Because of the car crash).  At least with Ziggy forgiving Dean it took some time and was more plausible.


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On 16/09/2021 at 13:39, H&Alover said:

Whereabouts in the UK Little bean, I'm from SE London but never heard of it, but then I'm an oldie.😄  Would it be short for "I can't be doing with him?"

Yes, exactly that. I’m in Devon….and also an oldie!!! 😂 I just hear it (and variations of it) all the time from my teenage students and my nieces! 

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I think my main worry at the end of that was "What's going to happen to the touch footy?" Cash seemed to suggest that he set up the whole thing just to trick Jasmine into spending time with him. If he's going to drop it after one session, that's not very fair on the other players. Well, apart from Ryder, who would probably be secretly doing cartwheels.

Justin really jinxed it with that "The garage could take ages to sell" pronouncement, John's proposal was a good one, and Leah seemed open to it, but I understand Justin's concerns.

Martha's idea seemed to get a lot of support, and nice of Ryder to think of getting Bella involved.

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Let's be fair, Ryder's not got the body for touch footy. One wrong Spear from Cash or a Parata; Good Night Vienna!🤣

I personally think the Garage is jinxed either way.

They need to find something for Maz to do besides hover around, Not suggesting get back with Palmer (not the worst idea but they've grown so far apart). I just feel she's a bit of a spare part at the minute.




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Good to have an episode where Chloe wasn't unlikeable.  I actually found it quite amusing how she keep grinning every time Cash and Jasmine were interacting with each other at the touch football practice session.  I didn't like Cash feigning injury to spend time with Jasmine though.  And if he set the whole thing up as a way to get closer to her, that indicates a certain level of dishonesty and deceit.

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On 19/09/2021 at 22:27, Little bean said:

Yes, exactly that. I’m in Devon….and also an oldie!!! 😂 I just hear it (and variations of it) all the time from my teenage students and my nieces! 

Do you keep down with the kids and drop it into conversations yourself? Or would that be too cringy?🤣

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Good to see the touch footy session, don't know who the other guys were, friends of Cash, cops we haven't seen before? Looks like a lively kind of game so you'd need to be fit.  It was Cash who put up the poster in the first place before he took an interest in Jasmine, before he knew  she was also into it.  I don't think the 'tackle' and his  dive  was planned exactly he just played on it, cracking on it was worse than it was.  Jas was put on the spot because although she had a feeling it was fake as the medic she had to check it out.   Not being sexist but the ladies in the bay are pretty strong she had to support Cash all the way to the Diner and she is only slight, was he holding back on pretending to lean on her too much?  Leah has supported Justin before now too

Wise old Alf is back, giving Ryder advice as to how he can help to cheer up Chloe.  As it turned out he didn't need to do much she had already seen what she would like to do.  His enthusiasm was well feigned and it wasn't until she had walked away we saw his face drop a bit, wondering what am I signing up for.   Seems you don't have to be built like a mountain to play but contact sport isn't really Ryder's thing, Chloe appreciated his support though. He looked really overjoyed to hear how long the season went on and how much training you have to do. 🥴

It's obviously open to both sexes though Cash's 'team' has more guys than gals. 

 Chloe was definitely wise to Cash's game and although Jasmine was coming across as just being there to make up the numbers  and not let the side down, it didn't take much cajoling and guilt tripping from Cash for her to change her mind to re-join the game.  Her little jibes about snooping were, to me, just done to keep his interest.  After he was rumbled their final exchange was spikey and Jasmine's 'giving in' to going on a date was meant to be a big concession on her part, but he didn't didn't see her smile as she walked away. 

Yep John stepped up/in to say he'd be interested in buying the garage, or rather the building, so Justin could continue working there.👏👍 You could hear the cogs turning when John had overheard Leah, Justin and Irene talking earlier and he had that light in his eyes.  It was a good proposal, John wouldn't interfere in  the business, we hope, he knows as much as running a garage as Justin does running a juice bar/surf club.  It would benefit him too, services, replacement anything on mates rates or free - right up John's street.😉  It was good to see Leah and Justin talk it over properly, though I did think they would have said yes myself.   I could see Justin's concern though if things went pear shaped for whatever reason John would lose his investment and the money he'd just got back. Oh yes definitely kiss of death with Justin's statement about the sale taking a while.  John wouldn't have gone ahead anyway would he? 

Martha's idea is a good one, something new, we've had enough, bake offs, fashion shows etc. and it'll give Roo something to get her teeth into.  Although Ryder's suggestion of putting Bella's name forward  to contribute with photographs was a lovely one, she's had  her own mental health issues in the past so it would mean something to her,  I do think he should have run it by her first. She may not want to remember that part of her life. Has Maz ever done anything arty? 

Talking of Bella it looks like it's her turn to take part in the blame game - Tane looked to be giving her  bad time over Nikau being in the condition he is. 



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Alf's episode count last block:Three. Maybe making up for the extra episode the previous week, Nikau was in three but was comatose for two of them.

(Sorry, still not used to doing those on Monday.Please put it right, Channel 5! At Christmas if not before!)

Talking of which, we are apparently now getting promos which have nothing to do with the next episode.Maybe, since yesterday was meant to be a Friday episode, it was a general one for the next week? The one we got today was more in the old style.

Ah yes, today's episode. Well, delightful to see a fair few Ryder/Bella scenes once again, and at least he let her make her own mind up about the exhibition.I was a bit bemused about him saying he couldn't help Chloe given that he'd spent all day doing that.I hope Bella doesn't let Nikau and Sienna spoil photography for her for too long.The Paratas didn't mind her being at hospital when Nikau was first brought in, and Tane even gave her a lift there, so she's maybe reading too much into things thinking they don't want her there.

Well, Cash said he'd see Jasmine at training, so I guess he is keeping the team going.Their date seemed to go well but Jasmine seems to be overreacting again.I think Cash was just distracted, plus he may feel he can't push it given how insistent she was on having just one date.

John seems to have had a bit of difficulty understanding the word no. Justin really has perfected the "Are you kidding me?!" expression by now. But it seems to have worked out for now.See how long that lasts...

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3 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Talking of which, we are apparently now getting promos which have nothing to do with the next episode.Maybe, since yesterday was meant to be a Friday episode, it was a general one for the next week? The one we got today was more in the old style.


They have been releasing promos for the next 2 episodes.

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