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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I guess that with an expensive location shoot, they couldn't afford too many regulars in the episode! I forgot to mention a CURS from yesterday, as again we were treated to several clips of Ziggy and Tane before an episode were they weren't seen or mentioned at all.

Well, anyway, things have happened.The information still seems pretty limited so far among the Bay residents, but the emergency services are involved.I see the new doctor is already a regular, which explains why there was such a heavy focus on him: He seemed to have a history with the female rescue worker, but that's probably just character detail.

Mia seems fine physically but yeah, no baby. I kind of both was and wasn't expecting it. The show's been pushing her and Ari as some sort of golden couple and giving them a baby would fit in with that, but there was always that feeling that they were pushing their luck by trying again.

Tori and Christian's forlorn expressions before walking away from their romantic meal were quite fun.Would the show really kill off Dean? I suspect not even though it's not looking good for him at the moment.

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On 14/09/2021 at 19:27, Little bean said:

“I can’t with him” is slang. It’s pretty common here in the UK (I teach a lot of teenagers!!) It basically means that I’ve had enough of him up to this point so I can’t be bothered to engage any further. 

Whereabouts in the UK Little bean, I'm from SE London but never heard of it, but then I'm an oldie.😄  Would it be short for "I can't be doing with him?"

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One TV mag made a lot out of what turned out not to be very much - 'Tane and Ziggy's relaxing morning is interrupted by the news of the crash'.  All we saw was her making some brekkie and Tane looking like he had just had a shower, he saw he had missed calls from Ari, rang him back and then off they went.  Of course all they knew then was that it was just Nik who had been in an accident. 

The rescue team clambering down the incline showed again how steep it really was and not a smooth ride either.  Although I like her is Mia really some kind of Wonder Woman?🦸‍♀️  Hacking off the seat belts to make some kind of restraint to hold the car steady, that's not including whacking a stake into the ground while doubling up in pain.

In two minds about Nik wandering off to get help, gut instinct would be to stay where you are, but after that ordeal I guess your brain isn't functioning as it would normally and the main concern is to get help, the direction you went in wouldn't matter.  Who can say how we'd behave in that situation.  Managed to flag someone down, who called the emergency services, then he went off in the ambulance as did Mia later.🤔

Logan had the right attitude, concerning and comforting towards Mia but still managed to get all the info he needed about Dean's condition.  The way he was with Dean was great too, reassuring but very efficient and calm. Not the most ideal conditions to work in either, not  lot of room to work in, plus the car was still in a precarious position.   Dean keeping on crashing didn't look good.  

Nik, despite the distance, seemingly made it to NDH before Tori and Christian as they rushed straight to his bedside and started work on him, with interjections from Logan.  Then news came of Mia and Dean being involved and were each brought in, Mia first then Dean.  By then the rest of the Parata family had gathered along with Bella, Ziggy and Mac who all have their own connections to the victims.   Surprised Ryder wasn't there as support for Chloe.  

Quite a difference of medical opinion between Logan and Tori, it's 'her' ED,🙄 but he had been with Dean for a while and I think was in a better place to know his condition better and he won his 'argument'.  It's a choice docs have to make sometimes,  do the job there and then or risk moving an unstable patient to the operating room.  If you watch enough medical dramas over the years you didn't need a medical degree to know something was wrong with Nik's left lung and it needed draining which at least eased his breathing so he could get into surgery.   Christian did what  he is  best at - neuro surgery.  I wasn't too comfortable at him being interrupted by the  nurse saying Justin was on the phone, couldn't he have told her to tell Justin what was going on?    Not looking good at the end for Nik, but I guess no-one can second guess a secondary bleed.  Not wanting to be a gossip monger or raise suspicions - but isn't that what happened to Lewi's late wife?  

I had the same thought after Tori's "I'm so sorry" comment on Tuesday nights episode - NOOOO they can't let Dean die.😭😠  But nothing as dramatic as that occurred  last night.   

The story of why Dean, Nik and Mia were all together finally came out and the blame game started with Chloe blaming Ari for Mia losing the baby by encouraging her to go ahead after all they had gone through before. But whoa, it was the accident that caused the miscarriage, not a medical problem, been a real miracle if she hadn't. For all we know if it hadn't happened things would have gone  as they should.   I was also hoping they would get a happy ending, hope they survive this. Bella, of course, is blaming herself. 

Might be interesting to see if there is any reaction if it comes out Ari and Mac were 'together' when they got the news about Nik. 

Tane isn't stupid, he's seen the look on Ziggy's face every time Dean's condition has been mentioned, but has wisely kept his own counsel and just looked after Ari and Chloe.  Mac has been great looking after Bella, but we been there and done that before as in the siege.  But then, as we saw, he sees her by Dean's bedside, looking more concerned than an ex should be. 

On  a lighter note - Christian had such a fantastic surprise planned for Tori - all that work and help from Leah, Justin and I guess Irene to set up that meal at the end of the pier, luckily it wasn't too windy, everything would have got blown away.  They nearly made it too, that was a lovely dress and Christian looked pretty yum too. As it turned out it was very apt he proposed in the lift where it all began.😘 ❤️ 

Would have been a terrible waste of food if Justin and Leah hadn't decided to enjoy the meal instead of Christian and Tori. 😉

Logan Bennett - the new doc already a regular!  Wouldn't he have been from a hospital in the city? 



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1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

Would have been a terrible waste of food if Justin and Leah hadn't decided to enjoy the meal instead of Christian and Tori. 😉

Logan Bennett - the new doc already a regular!  Wouldn't he have been from a hospital in the city?

And don’t forgot the fireworks :wink:

And yes making Logan a regular is one of the best decisions they have made all year :)

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Well, we’re still in the hospital. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t feel that invested in the characters in danger: I like Dean, but I wouldn’t miss him that much, and if the other two went I doubt I’d notice. No surprise that Chloe was the first to start playing the blame game, although ironically not about the crash but about Mia losing another baby. She at least managed to stand next to Bella without biting her head off. Frustrating that Bella is now convinced it’s her fault that Nikau won’t take no for an answer and has decided to give him what he wants instead, while Ari is also suddenly acting as though he’s a saint now that he’s at death’s door. We’re meant to be worried about him but I really don’t care.

Nice for Leah and Justin that they got a free romantic meal out of it, and nice for Christian and Tori that they ended up with a low-key but very apt proposal.

Ziggy has not come out of this at all well. “I never wanted to be that person,”she says. Ooh, maybe you should have thought of that before sticking your tongue down your ex-boyfriend’s throat, and then lying to your current boyfriend so you can sneak off to his bedside and whisper sweet nothings? Tane did right by getting out of there, but it does get her off the hook somewhat.

As Roo said, the first thing Alf and Kieran agreed on. Kieran actually came across a lot better than Alf, who hasn’t been proved right so far but Kieran’s leaving anyway. Martha giving him somewhere to stay was a sensible move.

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I'd miss Dean, he is a very interesting character, so many layers to him and so well played by Patrick O'Connor considering it is his first TV role.   Even when he's being annoying I care about him.  He's very loyal to his family and friends even when we think they don't deserve it. 

That's what you do though when your loved ones are in a bad condition - forgive them for what they had/hadn't done and blame yourself.   When they are back to full health things return to normal and you start rowing again. Bella admitted to Ziggy she still loved Nik, well of course she does, it wouldn't  hurt so much if she didn't.  Ziggy, eventually, admitted to Jasmine she is still in love with Dean.  Her protests - "I don't, I don't, I can't" were on the feeble side.  She didn't set out to deceive Tane, but she did spring into her relationship with him rather quickly and her and Dean's ending wasn't your usual reason for a break up.  She may have got away with telling Tane she was at the garage if he hadn't heard the lift door ping open- oops!   Then he spots her the first time when she was telling Dean she forgave him, then again later when she saw him.   She did - late in the day - own up about her feelings, sad his admitting that he didn't love her it wouldn't matter so much.  Not at all a good idea of his visit to Mac, he is so in the wrong place, definitely a rebound, Mac has come along way since the first time she had the hots for him. 

That was a real tense time for Christian operating again on Nik - very touch and go.  It seems to have gone well, and as he said to Ari it really it a matter of wait and see, very clear explanation of what they could expect, that's the kind of doctor I'd like to be operating on a relative/friend of mine, no promises, no fudging,  just the truth.  No-one will know until he wakes up how he may be affected.  Has anyone told Gemma btw? 

Tane had a kind of distraction running Mia's class for her and typical Marilyn offering any help she can. 

Kieran has given it his best shot, been civil, not over pleasing but Alf hasn't given him any quarter so not surprising Kieran has decided he's wasting his time and it's not going to work. Roo, though, annoyingly, had to keep pushing so well done Martha for saying enough! Good idea of hers suggesting Kieran return to Marimbula, he'll have a roof over his head and she can pop up to see him.  He'll need to get a sponsor when he's there and I guess report to the local cop shop.  They didn't mention what has happened to Nik, Mia or Dean, does that mean they hadn't heard yet?  Ryder was noticeable by his absence.

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What exactly did Mia’s seatbelt contraption do? If the car was going over the cliff, I don’t think it’d have helped much.

Cash and John have made me think of Nick & Don, I wonder if they’ll end up living together.

Did anyone notice the weather change from a misty day to a clear, sunny day when Mac and Tane passed outside the surf club to her following/talking to him a second or so later in the park just to the side of the club?

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Tane's being a bit generous in saying Dean hasn't done anything wrong, given Dean made out with his then-girlfriend and didn't seem particularly sorry about it, just that it didn't lead to anything.I like Ryder but he was being very annoying badgering Tane about the board shop.Cash blundering in didn't help, but Tane was lucky not to end up on an assault charge pushing him like that.It occurs to me this is the first time Tane and Mackenzie have both been single, but I can understand her not wanting to be the rebound girl, although it doesn't seem to have slowed Tane down much.

So ironically, in the end, Kieran neither messed up nor successfully integrated into the Stewart family.Part of me was expecting Roo to decide to go with him, but looks like he's on his own for now, see how he copes with that.

Has it ever been mentioned before that the garage has a landlord? Feels like it's come out of nowhere, kind of like the sudden announcement a few years back that Irene and Leah don't actually own the Diner (which seems to have been forgotten again now Ben and Maggie have gone). Not the best news Leah and Justin could have had but not the worst either,

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The drama with Dean was quite good dare I say they should have killed him off though I think I would have and letting Mia have her baby  if we have to go through Ziggy deciding she loves Dean yet again it might have been different realising that after he died I liked Logan I wasn’t a fan of Tori glaring at him though he was right with the things he did with saving Dean 

What else Tane yes you are right Ziggy is stupid haha thank goodness Someone thinks so 

Nik I’m sure he will be fine

Rest Jasmine Cash Tori Christian stuff that just bores me

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