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  1. The drama with Dean was quite good dare I say they should have killed him off though I think I would have and letting Mia have her baby if we have to go through Ziggy deciding she loves Dean yet again it might have been different realising that after he died I liked Logan I wasn’t a fan of Tori glaring at him though he was right with the things he did with saving Dean What else Tane yes you are right Ziggy is stupid haha thank goodness Someone thinks so Nik I’m sure he will be fine Rest Jasmine Cash Tori Christian stuff that just bores me
  2. With as much as Mia was moving around she and Dean should have fell off the cliff I quite enjoyed the crash episodes so glad they haven’t been found with five minutes
  3. You have blame that on Bella somewhat her reaction to Niks kiss was over the top she didn’t need to run off I’m not sure why Nik was planning to stay at a general store there wouldn’t be any beds in there With the way that car flipped and the glass shattered Dean and Mia should be dead maybe not Nik because he was thrown clear Again I couldn’t care less about Christian and Tori but instead of dancing around the living room being cheesy Christian should hurry up and ask the question before either he or Tori get a phone call
  4. Not much to say again this week The show seems it lame after watching Corrie this week Bellas art exhibition how silly was that having the lead artist throw and smash one of their own photos While shouting at your ex boyfriend I’m not really sure that would have impressed in real life but hey I guess it could be considered passionate overdramatise Artist So Dean and Ziggy left early but didn’t go that far away the entertrance maybe I thought this was leading up to the Olympics cliffhanger but didn’t seem too Everyone can get to and from that city very quickly that’s for sure
  5. I was amused Chloe doesn’t want to work in the diner it’s rather silly that everyone in soaps have to work on their doorstep so not the diner where the garage
  6. Not a lot to say again this week other than Ziggy being rather over the top with Nik and Bella yes he cheated but it is a teenager romance we are talking about it’s not like Nik had affair like Brody did they weren’t married so Ziggy is silly to compare the two very different things Plus she got with Dean soon after so it didn’t really work when she was telling Bella she would learn to cope Kerain and Jasmine have got good chemistry I think plus I fear Cash is going to turn out as a wet blanket and let everyone off their crimes
  7. Tori I think has been quite dim with fully understanding Christians reasoning and thinking with Rachel even though she’s died You could say it’s better to be saved than falling out of plane than being hit by a car so Rachel had a less painful and quick death she didn’t suffer
  8. Other than Stephen being found out as Susie killer I thought that was a very dull week of episodes Susies murder is a. very questionable timeline like how did Stephen get her phone in Justin’s car and I’m sure that fight Justin had with Stephen was a key part to begin Stephen framing him for it I will miss Andy I thought she was highly amusing Even though I think it’s a shame Nik and Bella broke up I did get bored hearing about them every episode last week Kerain I feel they have made him very boring I thought Christian explained to Tori how he reason for not dying and coming back to save Rachel so I don’t know why Tori is still being off with him
  9. That is one of the reasons I don’t like Ziggy the way she gets moody over things that don’t concern Nik and Bella really have nothing to do with her So what Tane was looking out for his nephew
  10. I haven’t found anything that special about Emmett really his ok Overall enjoyed the modelling story even though I find it amusing Nik has had the same facial expression and same pose for every photo haha his not a very good model shame he spilt up with Bella they for me were a believable couple
  11. I don’t know how the phone turned up in Justin’s car that kind of don’t make any sense unless Leah gave Stephen a lift back home sometime
  12. Does Ziggy actually want to help Mac though really in my opinion she doesn’t really try that hard she says a thing Mac tells her to do one Ziggy storms off in a mood feeling hard done by Mac probably feels like Ziggy is there because she’s dating Tane While Ziggy has been far more understanding with Justin I think with Mac I think she probably should mind her own bisiness And seeing as it was Aris baby that Mac lost and seeing him move on with Mia and Ziggy has a very slim link to it all with Dean and having Ziggy tell Mac to pull her head in a term that would drive me crazy to do with a lost of baby it’s no wonder Ziggy words of wisdom fall on deaf ears its got nothing to do with her really
  13. I think it would have been good if they made Justin be the one to have run Rachel over but they kind of wimped out at having his drug addiction having any twisted damage Especially Christian nursing Rachel to health only to have his fiancé’s brother kill her I thought would be a good but some kind of wicked twist I liked the stuff with Jasmine too
  14. I get the impression that Cash is going to be a push over much rather keep the funny lady lead cop on Susies case As much as I don’t like Ziggy I doubt really she needs Dean or Tane standing up to Justin for her she can handle herself Oh and Nik really should tell Bella really all this blackmail isn’t worth it The five star episode was the best one again there Oh and how boring have they made Kerain
  15. We didn’t see how bad Justin lay into him I thought that maybe the writers wanted us to think it was Justin but Stephen’s true beating came from Susie before Stephen managed to kill her
  16. I didn’t think much really happened this week none of the stories moved forwards much maybe Mac has taken a step forward but that’s about it oh and Mia should get to have her baby this time seeing as she’s already lost one Well I say that but I have watched the five star episode and ending there was good It’s pretty obvious it is Stephen his trying to set Justin up for the murder I’m bit confused though because Susie must have been killed around the time Justin punched Stephen so then Stephen could say Justin attacked him but really it was Susie who gave him that beating But Cash said Susie was in the water while John was getting those texts from Stephen the timeline is abit wacky
  17. Ah I quite fancied Susie lol Something tells me Justin didn’t beast Steveo up as badly as it’s made out his getting set up here and if it doesn’t work with him Johns messages to Susie might put John in the frame I think I have solved this crime already I just don’t know why So Mac is back and she’s not changed
  18. It’s shame because Christian suits Rachel better than Tori I think well they get on better anyway and Rachel yeah she’s quite sexy so maybe that’s why I support her more than moany Tori Ziggy was ok this week but maybe that is because we had a week off from Mac Yeah Cash looks like his going to be a good cop but I thought the same with Colby at the time Justin story is dragging for me now abit Im intested to see where the Nik ends up shame we won’t see Japan though The body on the beach it would be a twist if it is Mac
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  20. Yes the stuff with Mac is getting boring now but I didn’t like the way Ziggy handled her when she went around to see if she was ok it did seem like to me Ziggy was just pretending to care I didn’t really feel sorry for Tori she kind of drove Christian away he suits Rachel much better I think haha While Ziggy offers to keep the garage open for Justin a much better reaction to a friend in need haha
  21. Tori gets worse by the episode For a doctor she is incredibly dumb to not realise why Christian feels like he has to safe Rachel he has expalned it numerous times to a few people As for Tori treating Justin yeah that’s just going to cause him to rebel against her The show is quite depressing these days
  22. pembie

    Euros 2020

    That was a awful shot taken by Ashford that cost the game I think Well overall I thought England was very lucky to get to the final I think we played best against inikane even though I found that 4 0 win boring to watch I enjoy closer games so at least italy didn’t thrash us last night To have fans break into Wembley was beyond stupid and then the person running around on the pitch just proves people are dumb Oh well maybe we will win the World Cup next year lol
  23. pembie

    Euros 2020

    So I thought we were bound to lose that but no there’s some people saying it wasn’t a real pently but I don’t know they scored and won which is main thing good job it was given because if not it could have been a real pently shoot out I think Itay though I have been told are professional fake divers but we’ll done England it’s been like the only thing I have enjoyed in a long time and when England win on Sunday it will be the first time I have seen England win at football in my lifetime Goalkeepers risk in sometimes though coming away from the goal to pass it it if this was FIFA just go tackle the goalie and get the ball off him
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