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  1. Most of the stuff going on now is boring I can't stand Tori and Christian together for them getting married is beyond silly hopefully that is tieing into the Lewis story and won't happen or won't stick But I'm interested if Lewis is somehow right about Christian doesn't look good for Justin if that is the case Yeah Tim I don't think put much passion into the character
  2. Having Heath back made very much little sense with him having left the gang and started a new life if anything it should have been Ash it's Shame it wasn't for a proper story though even though I didn't care about Ari or Tane in the whole thing So you can pretty much blame Dean for planting the seed of you have do whatever in jail in Colbys mind
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  4. Ziggy I have realised that I just find her incredibly bland John and Irene were good I could get behind them Christian I thought he was a local already lol
  5. Hopefully Kieran will be the villan I want the show to have a proper baddie So Dean gets with a River girl we have never heard of Shame she wasn't around when the Braxtons were But Dean and now that Colby is in prison I'm losing interest Angelo don't take Taylor back
  6. I have no idea what Tori and Christian were fighting about I really don't I think it would be laughable if Angelo forgives Taylor like he said she was having a affair with the guy he was trying to catch for murder
  7. A dull episode I thought Tane was very annoying I agree with Dean stop sticking his nose in when it comes to Ziggy but as Dean said it is pretty obvious what is going to happen there And of course Leon would have photos of the robbery they did as blackmail it's like why wouldn't he is a gangster and they tend to play dirty I hope the stories get better
  8. I liked the Martha secret son I wonder why Keraien was arrested Dean Tane and Ziggy stuff meh but at least Patrick can act a decent drunk not as good as James Stewart he seems drunk half the time lol
  9. Ziggy you went out with Dean for awhile and within a night with Tane she's becoming intested really? Expect Colby I'm finding all the rest quite naff
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  11. I thought witness X was going to dragged out bit longer maybe today's episode should have been the finale for last year cutting off the John and Marylin dating thing from the end John should have been on the app that would have been amusing as soon as Marylin went on there it got boring So Colby's gone to prison for 25 years that's brilliant or so does that mean that Willow has gone too? Two people from that group that I have found total bores since they arrived hopefully gone. But I say all this and I somewhat enjoy Colbys endgame story it's all the stuff in the middle with him I didn't
  12. That was another crappy episode I thought while the attention should have been on Justin We had annoying Tori screeching over a birthday cake my word she was loud Ari and Tane back already I would have thought we might have seen them do the robbery or whatever
  13. A much better episode with Colby being back and going full mad hatter about Witness X I hope it's Bella that would be crushing for Colby who at this point is simalur to Ross. Very disappointed Jasmine helped him out with bail though I don't understand Taylor though she's the one who started affair with Colby and Angleo had a job to do so
  14. Justins story annoys me his making silly choices I don't really care about Tane and Ari their still very boring Ryder setting John up on the dating app was the best part for me
  15. I wish they would play Justin's story to show the seriousness and impact cancer can really have on everybody instead of shoe Horning it in there so we can have they cringe worthy annoying scenes of Silly Tori and Christian very boring sooozefest I enjoy the Colby and Angleo battle Colby plays a good villan to be fair
  16. So Buddy the dog is somewhere on this list I know because I voted for him Funny he has beaten people like Sasha and Robertson haha
  17. I'm surprised by Josh and Andy being so low down I thought they would be remembered Ah Skye she was good upto getting with Tank and ditching her glasses but surprised she still managed to see haha
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  20. Now I'm going to put it out there I find Owen exactly the same as Evan only difference is Evan was sick They really shouldn't have made Owen be able to play the guitar as well. And OK Roo you were away with Evan for about a week before he died you fell in love well OK I might as well go with that and OK you are now dating his twin I forgive you for that given they are both exactly the same haha otherwise it would be quite odd I like the Colby story but my word Taylor you put yourself across as being very easy prey Also Tori phoned around different hospitals in search of Christian a
  21. This year of what I have seen quite enjoyed the Colby story Hlp his leaving though Not much else really
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  23. Thought they sacked her for something to do with drugs
  24. What kind of stuff do you read and have you got any stories I could read
  25. I say Evie should keep hanging out with Matt she's needs some light hearted comedy to get through this instead of all the seriousness virbes from the adults Kat was always a wally so she's not worth worrying about Lastly glad you got through your depression with those inner thoughts they are as pointless as Kat thinking herself a really outstanding cop lol
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