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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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On 28/09/2021 at 01:01, Red Ranger 1 said:

I don't often say anything nice about Chloe, but she surprised me here.She didn't look too keen on the idea of being volunteered to help out Roo and Martha, so I was expecting her to be a bit sulky and not really contribute anything.But it turns out she flung herself into it and was a big help. (Not quite sure why she was at such a loose end though: Is her job at the Diner very part-time?)

Well there weren’t enough hours to support Irene, Leah, Marilyn & Gemma full time with the casuals too, so presumably Chloe is just another casual. Oddly though at one point they had Irene, Leah, Marilyn, Roo & Chris full time, but I assume they’ve taken on more casuals since then.

You’d expect Irene, Leah & Marilyn to do the opens/closes and usually one of them to be on opposite shifts to have a different opener to the closer.

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Bella's description of Nikau could equally apply to her: She spent weeks telling him to leave her alone, and now that he is, instead of calling it a result, she's decided to hassle him? It was good to see her taking photos again, shame Nikau came along at that moment. I can fully understand his family being too busy being relieved he's okay to criticise him for running off in the first place but, yeah, this pretty much is his fault.

John's logic was a bit flawed too, although that's probably the point: I suspect he's at a bit of a loose end and going into business with Leah and Justin was a bit of a lifeline for him. Still, if he does own the garage, then at least they can look into buying a place of their own.He did offer a partnership if they ever got the money back, so maybe they should ask him about that.I think enough time has passed that I can be pleased for Brody and Simone: It's not like Ziggy's let the grass grow!

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I think Leah, Marilyn and Irene  do normally take it in turns to open/close up, we've just never thought about it before.  Irene was meant to close up that night and Maz was first in as she was surprised to see Chloe already there who fibbed she'd turned up early to let her in.

Bella is now getting a taste of her own medicine with Nik telling her to do one whereas before it was the other way round. Does Nik blame her for him going off and Mia and Dean having to look for him or does he blame himself for allowing himself to be chased away like that?   He certainly felt uneasy at home because he had to face and talk to Mia racking up his guilt.  She was wonderful with him, reassuring him she most certainly didn't blame him.  Was awkward when Bella was taking her photos and Nik turned up, but it wasn't planned  and the bay is only a small town as we've noted many times so you can't avoid running into someone you particularly don't want to. Nik did have the guts to go and see Bella and told her to her face rather than ringing/texting her. 

It may have been off screen but I thought Nik would have popped in to see Dean before he left the hospital.   Depending on which way you look at it, the fact he's badly injured is down to NIk.  Are Ari and Mia going to be taking it in turns to look after Nik until he's fitter? Good to see, if that doesn't sound odd, is they haven't forgotten his other injury, he was still holding his side and moving around  carefully. 

Seems Mia is/was thinking of going down the adoption route which is obviously on hold for now, part of her and Ari's future plans now they have abandoned the trying for a baby idea, but something she didn't get the chance to run by Ari.  No idea of what criteria they have in Australia for an older, no offence Ari and Mia, couple wishing to adopt, would they also have to be married?  What about Ari having been in prison? 

I remember John saying that to Justin though John being the landlord is one thing but partner? 🤔 

I may be wrong but is that the first time Simone's name has been spoken out loud?  When they usually speak about Brody they include Raffy but she who must not named isn't.  It really was the real thing between Simone and Brody so he's not a serial cheater and now there's a baby on the way.   If I remember correctly it was Ziggy who didn't want to think too far ahead  - proper home, babies - when she and Brody were married so I'd like to think  she'd be pleased for them. 

 Of course this means Christian and Tori, well OK mostly Tori, have got some re-thinking to do as in where and when to have this wedding, will her wedding book be coming out again?   Typical of Justin to tease her about whether her dress would still fit, something only a brother could get away with. 


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I did roll my eyes a bit at Bella chasing Nikau along the headland trying to get him to talk to her, because it was a complete role reversal of the similar scene, in practically the same spot, from the Olympic Cliffhanger week.I'm not quite sure Nikau's motivation: I think, as Ari says, it's partly him punishing himself and thinking he doesn't deserve to get what he wants, and maybe a bit not wanting Bella to change her mind because she felt sorry for him.I was surprised and pleased by Mackenzie's advice, when I was expecting her to plead Nikau's case, and glad Bella told Nikau she was done. I'm still not expecting the break-up to stick, but it'd be nice if it did.

I guess Dean was bound to get frustrated at some point, but I was hoping that having been through it before, he'd be prepared to knuckle down and do the physio.But even with Ziggy gone (or at least hiding), he still felt both self-conscious and defeatist.

Not sure where Alf's head is. Is he just feeling useless or is it something else?

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 I like Felicity she’s very sexy lucky Tane I do find it odd though that cash knows nothing about their unpaid bills I thought it be best to share those when living in the same house 

Alf I think he should offer to be a real life model for Martha that would have been much more interesting than leaving again 

Chloe using the diner kitchen is interesting but will backfire 

Not interested in Dean but I can understand him shouting at hospital staff unless people for me at the moment 

Him and Ziggy found each other again Bella truthfully because the writers can’t think of anything esle lol 

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Nik may well have been lying to Bella but as Red has said it could be him punishing himself as he blames himself for the accident and Mia losing the baby.  She has reassured him she doesn't blame him but he still would.  Yeh it was the same location - 😄  It's good she's got Mac there for her seeing as Dean's stuck in hospital and can't do much to help her. 

Perhaps it's because he has been there before and it sounds lot more serious this time round, it was mentioned  he'd been in  hospital for three   weeks.  He's scared, not that he'd admit that, and embarrassed he needs to help just to stand.  Is it the same leg btw? It's not going to be a quick fix, months more than weeks for him to get back to anywhere normal.  Will there be complaints of "it's dragging on now, I'm bored, he should be back to normal by now".  When in fact a longer recovery time is much more realistic than the usual at death's door one week and up and walking about the next scenario we normally see. 

Is it just me or is Ralph Meagher looking a lot thinner than he has before?🤔 As for Alf I do think he feels side lined, though unintentionally, none of this arty stuff is up his street, he's not interested in going up to Marimbula, not wanting to be alone with Keiran? 

Ryder and Chloe have got orders for their takeaway business, they got away with using the Diner kitchen once but can't see them getting away with it any longer if they carry on using it.  

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Alf's episode count this block:Three. A fairly sparse week, with Irene, Leah, Justin and Ari being the only other characters to make three episodes.

And it seems Alf's off again, given a rather unconvincing about turn.If his problem was that he was fed up with the constant travelling back and forth, I'm not sure why a promise he could go fishing won him over, and he seemed to change his story between his conversations with Roo and Martha.Still, him putting a huge amount of fishing rods in the back of the car was a nice visual gag.

And I did like the by-play among Leah, Justin, Tori and Christian. I'd rather have the chocolate fondue fountain than the cheese tier cake frankly.Leah and Justin seem determined to buy into the garage but they are kind of dependent on what John does.

Could Dean and Logan actually end up being friends? It's a promising start, and probably essential if Logan's trying to tip his hat at Mackenzie. Bella going to see Willow felt like a bit of a desperate "Who does Bella know out of town who we can send her to until we next need her?" moment, but it is nice that they're still in touch.

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Alf did seem to do a complete u-turn about going to Marimbule and his reasons were inconsistent.  It wasn't as if he was rushed off his feet at the bait shop and the gardening  excuse was lame.   He's even agreed, kind of, to get involved with Martha's project.  I guess Roo will looking after the bait shop again, I do know someone who is in need of a job should you need help.😉

Tori and Christian seemed to have forgotten the 'don't order anything  on line in the middle of the night while drunk' rule.  😄  I'd definitely rather have the chocolate fondue fountain than the three tier cheese cake seeing as it was actual cheese🧀 and not a cheese cake as it is known and loved.  Justin and Leah made the wise - and only decision - by getting out of there, then going to bed as soon as they got home. I'm leaning towards the barn myself as long as it doesn't.  

Could not Justin and Leah put some of their money into the business and put the rest aside as a fall back in case things go wrong, risky putting all your eggs into one basket. Let John have a share, but not a controlling one. 🤔

Justin would, have course, put his Business Studies course on hold when he was having his med problems, but now just as he was thinking of resuming it and asking Ziggy to do more work to cover for him she got in first and asked if she could have time off to look after Dean.   Hasn't she had been doing just that covering for him - Justin?   I would have thought, but what do I know, she'd be better waiting until Dean comes out of hospital that is when he'll need more help, he'll have the docs, nurses, psyhio's looking after him while he's in hospital. 

I liked the back and forth between Dean and Logan, could indeed be the start of a 'beautiful friendship' Dean doesn't have a close friend now Colby is inside.  Technically Dean isn't Logan's patient - he's Tori's, will this be something else for Tori to get her knickers in a knot about concerning Logan?   Logan did seem to push the right button by telling Dean about the guys he'd seen in worse conditions than him who'd pushed loved ones away who hadn't come back. Mind you Ziggy is pretty stubborn or has Dean forgotten that?    Logan got it right that Dean is a proud, independent guy and having to rely on others would make him feel weak.  Of course if it was someone else in that position - Colby for example - Dean would be telling him the same things people are telling him. Funny how we don't listen when the boot is on the other foot.  It was great to see Dean standing and taking his first tentative steps.👏 👍 

Dean may be in a lot of pain but not enough he hasn't spotted the spark between Logan and Mac, very deliberate flirting going on there, I'm sure the temperature in Dean's room went up a notch. Loved that old fashioned term 'tipping his hat at her' Red.  She's so protesting too much and fooling no-one.  She was dead disappointed when he kissed her on the cheek and just walked out of Salt. I can see why she is cautious after her recent behaviour, but she is sober now and thinking straight, she didn't leap on him and drag him off the moment she saw him. She's got to know him a bit first what would be wrong with going for a drink somewhere - not Salt obviously - and just talking. 

Good to get  a mention of Willow and that Bella really has forgiven her enough to go and stay with her.  Bella has properly taken Nik's 'advice' to heart to stay out of his way. 



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