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  1. Yes Jasmine and Tori are good but what will Tori do about Christian?
  2. Chapter 13 The Hospital Jasmine finds Tori in her office. Tori can tell she is upset and asks what’s up. Jasmine: It’s Christian. Tori: What did he do? Jasmine: He kept hounding me for answers. Tori: Why? Jasmine: Because he thinks he deserves answers. Tori: He doesn’t! Jasmine: I told him that! Tori: Good! But your still upset why? Jasmine: Because it would be nice to find someone who would fight for me like that. Tori: That’s not… I’m sorry. Jasmine: It’s not your fault! Tori: Yeah but Robbo… Jasm
  3. Maybe Christian needs to let it go?
  4. Honesty Robbo and Tori should be together and they should of always been Jasmine was his second choice honestly. Christian worried about Jasmine hmm.
  5. Chapter 12 The Hospital Jasmine arrives for her shift but Christian see’s her and wants answers. Christian: What’s going on? Jasmine: Oh hi to you too! Christian: Ok sorry. Hi. But seriously what’s going on? Jasmine: Not everything is about you! Christian: Who said it was? Jasmine: The point is if you want answers go to Tori! Christian: Well I would if I could pin her down but she’s avoiding me! Jasmine: And that doesn’t say something to you? Christian: I just want the truth! Why is that so bad! Jasmine: The truth
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Chapter 11 The Parata House Nikau and Bella are their alone and sitting together on the couch Bella: Finally some alone time. Nikau: Now that Chloe and Ryder are together they will want alone time so more time for us it’s a win win. Bella: Oh so now your totally on board with them being a couple? Nikau: They make each other happy and that’s I want for them. Bella: Me too. Nikau: So we should enjoy this time together and use it to our advantage. Empty house doesn’t happen often. Bella: You make a good point. Nikau and Bella
  8. Robbo and Tori are everything Jasmine and Christian could become friends who knows.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Chapter 10 Colby and Bella’s Apartment Colby is trying to clam Tori down Colby: It’ll be ok. Tori: You don’t know that. Colby: Justin isn’t leaving town. Him and Leah will still be here. Tori: I know but that’s not the point. Colby: What is the point? Tori: He should of gave me a heads up. A bit of warning. A sign. Anything. He can’t just drop a bomb like that and walk away. Colby: Your right it wasn’t cool. Tori: Promise me your not going to up and leave me too. Colby: I would never do that. Tori: Good I can’t ha
  11. The hospital holds bad memories for all. Christian making a move and Tori like no, too soon.
  12. Chapter 9 It’s morning Colby is walking along the grass area outside the surf club when Jasmine finds him Jasmine: Hey. Colby: Hey. Jasmine: What are you doing today? Colby: I have no plans why? Jasmine: Your not spending time with Tori today? Colby: Does it look like she is here?! Jasmine: Good point! Anyway came to ask if you wanted to go for coffee. Colby: Sounds good. You paying? Jasmine: Who said anything about that? Colby: I just did! Jasmine: Ok I’ll pay but you have to catch me first! Colby: Wait? Wh
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