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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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People in soaps do tend to change the  narrative as to what happened to different folks to maybe avoid complicated conversations and to keep it simple. 

I like those jimjams actually - Chinese influence.   If Tane was kipping on the sofa, he didn't want that much space!  At least he is willing to listen, Ziggy is the first women he has fell in love with, whereas before he was the 'love' 'em and leave 'em type so a new experience for him.  Strange it was Mac he was confiding in,  considering their earlier -um - history. 😉

I'm in the preferring Leah and Justin's lyrics to Christian's camp.  Not at all suspicious all that scuttling around, chivying  Tori to get a wriggle on or she'd miss breakfast, nothing special of course, just put a dress on and hurry up, Leah and Justin offering to look after Grace.  Then Mac greeting them, again nothing suspicious there either.  I have to say it did look a yummy brekkie.

Ari, naturally still steaming, now fretting why Nik hasn't been in touch and ignoring his calls - well surprise, surprise Ari!  A mention that Nik is an adult!  But I guess that wouldn't stop you as an uncle/parent worrying.  Mia did better, again, no surprise and at least found out where he was.  I got the feeling that Wee Jasper's was somewhere Nik had been before, but really it took him until he was at the front step before he noticed the big CLOSED sign? 

Despite Dean's current feelings towards Nik it's just like to him offer to go with Mai to go with her to bring Nik back home.  We did find out a lot more about Dean's time in prison than we ever have before, he's never been that open before not even to Ziggy.  He does owe Ari a lot, he saved his life and did extra time for it.  Seemed quite  long ride there, must have had one full tank of petrol.   

I dare say the kangeroo's union may have had something to say about letting one of their member's risk life and limb dashing across a road for the sake of a TV stunt, even if they didn't get hit. 🦘   Seriously though, it was a blink and miss it moment, Dean took his eyes off the road for a nano second when he checked his rear view mirror, looking at Nik(?) when Mia screamed her warning.  There was a lot of tumbling before Nik got thrown out and then it landed on the edge of a big drop!  Another soap cliche to tick off. ✔️

What's the betting there will be a lot of blame throwing going on next week. If 'he' hadn't done that, if 'you' hadn't said that etc. 

Next we will only be one month behind Aus, due to their two week break for the Olympics. 



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Alf is still being very blunt re Keiran.  I do get Alf is just being a realist but I did feel a bit bad for Roo given how much effort she is prepared to put in to help Keiran.  Well at least by the time Keiran came home Alf tried to make an effort.

I wasn't happy Ryder talked Bella into seeing Nikau.  I do take onboard that they do have to interact with each other eventually but I think she should have been allowed to see him in her own time.  I was actually glad Nikau kissed her and messed things up.  She was definitely warming to him and there's a good chance if he played his cards right he might have had a shot getting back with her in time.  But he just go too impatient and impulsive.  It very much reminded me of what happened with Tommy.  Despite his predatory nature, I always felt Bella was warming to him and he had a chance with her as well until the assault (Not suggesting of course that Nikau is anything like Tommy, just the way they both rushed things).

I'm surprised Tane wanted space from Ziggy in the same living space.  The fact that she's kissed her ex boyfriend should be a red flag.  His instincts clearly tell him this but he's gone into denial because he's in love with her.  This despite the fact that he doesn't know that Dean declared his love for Ziggy.  The only reason Dean and Ziggy aren't together is because she can't get past what happened with Colby.  We'll see if that changes if Dean is seriously hurt from the car crash.

Quite like the chat Tane had with Mackenzie because I want to see more interaction with these two.  She seems to be back to how she was pre Ari and even seems on fairly good terms with him.  Hell, we even got bikini scene with her.

Whilst Dean and Ari have been good for the most part, Dean jumping to assist Mia finding Nikau and the reveal about Ari doing extra time for him seemed a bit out of the blue.

Never swerve to avoid an animal.

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Alf's episode count this block:Two.Nikau was in four, but didn't appear until near the end on Wednesday and wasn't credited, so I'm guessing that scene was moved from the next episode.Roo was only in one.

As with a lot of aftermath episodes, we're not a lot further along at the end that we were at the start.Dean and Mia are still on a cliff edge, Nikau's still making pained noises, and no-one knows where they are.I guess we've got a vague idea of how hurt everyone is but it felt like half an hour of Nikau tumbling up and down hills and Mia telling Dean to wake up.Guess they want to make the most of the location.Frankly, given how much Mia was walking around, she probably could have got that phone:Okay, it was apparently "smashed up" but it's worth checking surely?

Otherwise, we get a few funny lines between Leah and Justin, with him taking a more practical view to her attempts at romance, and, while I found Vengeful Mackenzie quite fun at times, I'm actually quite liking her and Ari as Amicable Exes.

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9 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Frankly, given how much Mia was walking around, she probably could have got that phone:Okay, it was apparently "smashed up" but it's worth checking surely?

Not for the first time (Alf after the school explosion, Ash trapped under the car…) I’ve been left  wondering if the “Hey Siri” feature exists Down Under….?!

It’s all quite enjoyable so far but please God don’t let Nik end up being a hero in all of this. I can’t with him at the moment.

Mia could have done so much more harm than good messing about with the car. She would have been better off trying to protect herself and her baby  (it’s not looking good there 😞)  while talking to Dean and trying to keep him calm from outside the car. Still, I’m looking forward to the drama to come. 

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There were good - if that doesn't sound wrong - and bad bits about the accident.  Some of the stunts did look believable, it seemed Ana Samson had at some point really been suspended sideways, you could tell by the way her hair was hanging.  Nik's struggle up that very steep incline did look very authentic and that slip back down again must have been agony, he's obviously badly hurt. Did he roll back down and end up where he started?🤔 On the other hand, not convinced about Mai's struggle out of the car and her gathering all those rocks to prop the car up while in pain herself.  Just one foot wrong and it was all over.  For the most part Dean was unconscious but when he woke up and found the situation he was in it would have brought back some very distressing memories for him.  Mia had the presence of mind to try and keep pressure on Dean's wound as much as she could, tricky angle though. 

What's the betting there wouldn't have been a signal anyway even if one of their phones had been found/wasn't broken. 

I don't know what this "I can't with him is" means?🤔 

That is one very unused road and unless there was a passenger in the car looking out over the scenery - which is pretty spectacular - and on the right side of the road - no-one would see the debris scattered down the slope. 

Don't forget Red, considering it does appear to be in the middle of nowhere, people would complain if if just happened that a crowd of bikers just happened along, moments after it happened as it wouldn't be realistic and to be fair I agree, we had to have all that tension. 

 Apparently it was filmed at a  place called Yass in Yass Valley Council.  Looking at it on a map it is quite a way from Summer Bay

Meanwhile back at the ranch - rather bay - everyone is unaware of the unfolding drama.  Ari has no idea Mia is with both Dean and Nik so even if he rang Dean that wouldn't help as he wouldn't be getting an answer from his phone.   

Unless I missed it but was that the first time we've seen Mac surfing 🏄‍♀️- had she been having lessons from Dean we didn't know about?  It was so good seeing Ari and Mac so at ease with each other -  I think TPTB skipped the walk up the beach we'd seen in the trailers -  as the next scene was back at the flat.  He was a bit tentative mentioning the baby but Mac reassured him she was OK with it and was genuinely pleased it was going to be a girl.  Unfortunately whenever someone is being optimistic about something - it is usually means something will go wrong.

Leah and Justin put  a lot of effort in making the Morgan house look very romantic, although it was a sudden dash at the end to get out before Tori came in. Maz has been let in on the secret, let's hope Christian gets the chance to make the proposal before outside events overtake them.  

As we saw from the trailer someone finds Nik as the Air Ambulance arrives to rescue them all. 



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