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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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I like that Irene's priority was fixing Bella and Ryder's friendship: She knows what's really important around here. Ryder seemed to flip from encouraging Bella to get back with Nikau to just wanting her to talk to him. I'd be happy to see her continue to freeze him out, but I accept that it's a small town and she needs to find a way to deal with being around him. I think Ryder and Chloe are another couple that I want to like more than I do. I'm glad that Ryder's got someone around who seems to love him, and who he seems to love. I just wish it was someone less, well, horrible.

Leah and Justin were cute, but pretty much just making up their episode counts. Not sure what I think of Jasmine and Cash.He's a better bet than Lewis, but then that's a low bar to clear.

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Chloe always having a down on Bella over Nik is maybe taking family loyalty a bit too far and how is Bella to blame for Ziggy and Dean kissing?  Even without all this going on I don't think they would have ever been Bezzies, there has always been friction between them from when they first met.  I guess from her point of view Nik didn't set out to cheat on Bella, he was manipulated by an older and more experienced woman who knew full well the trouble she'd cause. Not even the excuse he cared or liked him.  

OK yes Chloe set up Mia and Ari with that meal, but they made the decision to get back together, it could have gone horribly wrong and no guarantee Ari would have gone back to Mac if it had so NOT Chloe's fault Mac got her heart broken. Ari had split on a temporary basis from Mac while he made his mind up between her and Mia so wasn't even cheating, once he had decided he told Mac it was Mia he wanted to be with.  Being a tad picky maybe but Ari isn't Chloe's parent. 

Yep a bit of bag packing for Tane will be going on - he did seem kind of relieved by Ziggy's confession  - be interesting so see how goes when he and Dean run into each other again.  Neither Ziggy or Dean fell into the trap  Tane said to them both separately he 'knew' what went on at the Exhibition, they just looked blank leaving it to him to explain about Nik turning up. 

Isn't Bella now encouraging Dean to do to Ziggy what Nik is doing to her as in 'stalking' her and getting her to admit to her 'true' feelings? 🤔  I remember when Bella was very anti Ziggy as she wanted Willow and Dean to be together.   Dean would love to be back with Ziggy but not while she can't  forgive his part in Ross's murder so doesn't want to go there.  

Chloe certainly isn't a one dimensional character - spoilt brat one moment - always down on Bella - thinks or thought - she was above working in The Diner. Got it wrong - she was showing Maz how to do a fancy cup of coffee -  but when she wasn't being distracted by Ryder she was a good worker. Did smile at Irene's comment that the menu had been the same since Moses was a lad, maybe it does need a tweak, nothing drastic.  Wasn't Chris the last guy to update the menu?🤔   She is loyal, too loyal maybe?,  to her family.  To her credit she has volunteered, in fact insisted, she take joint responsibility for repaying the debt, it was for their truck so their debt. She is a precarious place at The Diner, last in again, and any extra shifts I guess would first be offered to longer serving staff.  Seems she has hit on an idea to make more dosh - a taco delivery service - but where will they be doing the cooking, it'd have to be OK'd by H&S or food standards - who will be doing the deliveries and by what method? 

Don't give up the day job Christian -  as a lyricist you make a great surgeon.  It was lovely seeing Justin and Leah working on the song together seemed very at ease just as they were before the pain killer abuse reared it's ugly head. 

Was all that so-mo for the benefit of us viewers so we could check out Cash and Jasmine's bods and see how fit they were? OK it worked - he is.  Slightly embarrassing for Jas when Cash had to explain he'd been there when she had her seizure, she kind of got her own back when he wanted to check out the gym and she told him she was the owner.   👍  I'm guessing the reason why she backed off when he suggested a date was because of her recent experience with Lewis. 

Not giving anything away as it was in the trailer but unless he asked the other cop - Murray - even more probing questions about Jas he wasn't doing anything wrong.  

Glad to see John back to his penny pinching - sorry economical - old self when he and Irene were having dinner, dithering on what to actually have,  then invited Cash and Jasmine to join them to spread out the cost even more. 😄



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I for one would have been behind Rydella or Bellyder! (There was that time she got loaded and ended up in his bed...)

But I'll leave to that fanfic.

Anyhow,  More of Nikau being a ✊, you can guess that motion (and he's probably familiar without now being newly single 😒).

Either Cash is Sonic the Hedgehog in disguise or Nik is out of shape!🤣

I think it's time someone bought Kieran a hat, you know just to go along with the whole family thing (Alf, Martha and Roo have theirs on in EVERY frame😁)

Well older blokes like John tend to be misers/cheapos!



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I kind of think Jasmine overreacted a bit to Cash asking Murray about her.She talked things over with Irene, what's wrong with him doing the same? It's not like he ran a background check on her or anything.Murray was a bit misleading in calling Robbo "one of our cops": He wasn't one of theirs, he was with the federal police, another reason to think Cash isn't history repeating itself.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, it felt like Bella didn't exactly avoid that kiss? But yeah, once she pulled back, Nikau should have accepted that was it, instead of going "intense" again as Bella put it and not taking no for an answer. Ari's approach still isn't working, but I'm not sure if anything would the way Nikau's dug his heels in at the moment.

I can understand why Roo's trying to push Alf and Kieran together but it feels like it could do more harm than good.

And that promo gave away pretty much everything.

CURS: Why was there so much of Ziggy and Tane when they weren't in the episode, or even really mentioned?

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When Cash asked Jasmine out she didn't know he was a cop so that wasn't the reason why she shut him down, she did though shut him down later when he later said he was as I guess she didn't want history repeating itself.  OK Robbo wasn't your average cop and but a cop is a cop and can face danger the reason why Mac felt she couldn't go out with Colby.   His initial enquiry to Murray about Jas was fair enough just a casual mention of her name, did Murray know her, Murray's answer Robbo had been 'one of theirs'  prompted him to ask more which could be seen as invading her privacy.  Irene has known Jasmine a while so no problem there with them talking about it, Cash doesn't, She obviously does fancy him, he's certainly very easy on the eye. 😋

Not at all un pc Red, Nik did completely misread that situation, which was a shame as he and Bella had been getting on so well, actually talking, instead of him begging and her shouting at him.   She did listen to his explanation why it happened, Sienna knew exactly how to play him, he's not as self assured as he likes people to think he is and Sienna knew that. Bella  even told him  she wanted to forgive him but didn't know how. She must have realised what was going on  before the kiss he was so close and she could have stopped it before it happened,  it was a gentle kiss, he didn't launch himself at her, and she did respond before backing away.   Why, though, didn't she just ask him to leave instead  running off because naturally he would have followed her.    I can see why Cash and (Ben) Murray reacted the way they did, to them it looked a  lot worse than we knew it was.  Bella seemed to be running away from this guy who was chasing  and harassing her.  For all they knew a lot more went on than  actually had.  I hope it does get explained Nik didn't do anything really bad, we all know what small town gossip can be like and the damage it can do. 

Shame Ari and Mia's day ended on a down beat, they looked so relaxed being in the pool,  We don't see that place for years and then we see it twice in two days.  Ari's  stand off with Nik took you back to the early days when they regularly locked horns, except then it was Gemma separating them, now it's Mia. Nik back to his old ways of running away and of course Ari means what he said that  if Nik leaves not to bother coming back.🙄

Roo is back to being really pushy again, BACK OFF WOMAN,  I don't know about Alf but you're annoying me. 😠  If only he knew that his fear of Kieran picking up  a bottle is the same one Kieran has everyday.  That is going to be one strained meal - not good for the appetite. Get the jacket off Kieran, unless you're not staying of course. Annoys me when character do that - keep their jacket, coat on when visiting or even in their own home - WHY?

Not sure how it happens that it's Dean and Mia driving with Nik in the back on the car, the start of the whole drama,  but looks mighty dramatic!😱   I wonder if they had  the ' ????? in car crash accident dies?' headlines on the TV mags out in OZ?  

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Well, despite what Mia said, Nikau wasn't kicked out of his own home, he walked out of it in a sulk, and proceeded to last one night before needing the grown-ups to look after him. That may explain why suddenly Dean being blunt with him is the right approach.But yep, one Olympic Cliffhanger coming up.A shame it seemed to involve an unconvincing CGI kangaroo, and end on a cliff edge shot which doesn't quite look real.I know it's probably safer to fake up shots than actually dangle your actors off a cliff but I miss practical effects sometimes...

Mackenzie was another one fudging the details, agreeing with Tane that Dean told her about the kiss when in fact it was Ziggy.Does everyone shop for pyjamas in the same place?Ziggy's outfit here looked just like the one Bella was wearing earlier in the week, but a bit darker.I guess that answers the question of where Tane's been sleeping!

Is it wrong that I actually preferred Christian's lyrics to Leah's rewrite? Some amusing stuff with everyone increasingly failing to not act suspicious around Tori, even if she is easily distracted with chocolate.

I was expecting the episode to continue the Stewarts' awkward family lunch: All that set-up for one short scene?

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You have blame that on Bella somewhat her reaction to Niks kiss was over the top she didn’t need to run off 

I’m not sure why Nik was planning to stay at a general store there wouldn’t be any beds in there 

With the way that car flipped and the glass shattered Dean and Mia should be dead maybe not Nik because he was thrown clear 

Again I couldn’t care less about Christian and Tori but instead of dancing around the living room being cheesy Christian should hurry up and ask the question before either he or Tori get a phone call

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