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  1. Really because I have read the spoilers and there's no mention of a mad manic hiding out at Nik and Bellas cabin in the woods In fact the spoilers I thought were very boring lol
  2. There is a mad manic out there? Or are you talking about Lewis?
  3. I think Willows witness X exit was much more impactful this one going back to Alex is kind of meh what if she doesn't want to get back together I wish it was that easy to get a house that big what kind of money does Alf pay at the bait shop for Nik to afford that I was hoping their story about the Stone man was going to be true and there was a mad manic out there I like Lewis it's good to have a fruitcake back in the show I'm not that interested in Mac and Ari s story to be honest
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  7. Just going to put this out here Does anyone else find the fighting that Ari and Tane can do quite ridiculous with all the spinning kicks lol Ari should have taken a flying jumping leap at that speeding car and landed on the opposite side on his feet haha I hate the way Ziggy has involved herself within their family though she's very annoying
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  9. Dean may have loved Ziggy I'm not so sure she loved him though and I'm sure when she breaks up with Tane she will move on quickly again Not sure when Justin had time to do some song writing but it was a pretty nice song Grace looked very grumpy when Jasmine asked her what she thought of Lewis I would advise Tori to enjoy Christian while she can because I'm starting to think Lewis is on to something and Christian might be a bit of a dodgy doctor or maybe just very unlucky
  10. Nothing really interesting happened there for me Ziggy and Tane I don't like them. Mainly the whole way Ziggy moves on so quickly is quite a insult and distasteful after how long she was with Dean but anyway Tori you really are beyond annoying Alf and John and the battle of the club cou be amusing
  11. I hope we see Kerain again I think John should win over Alf just for something different I don't think Justin was acting odd on the beach either just awkward maybe which you might seeing your sister snogging Plus the cake scene in the diner wasn't anything that could have given the game away it was like oh the script says silly Tori has to make yet another big drama out of something so here we go again
  12. Ziggy was with Dean quite a while I get why she moved on from Brody with Dean so quickly but come on now give the guy some respect you even said she loved him and had Ben and Maggie leave their house to them The way she's jumped to Tane without a care is very insulting and makes her look way too easy well that's what I think The Chole and Mia just went around in circles If they do this right Kieran could become a villain
  13. Dare I say having Mia and Chloe around has made Ari slightly interesting I'm not sure yet but we will see Nikau said to Bella the other day he had something quick to sort and he would be right back that's been three days now lol I'm still interested in Kerain and where that ends up going Alf was amusing not being bothered to write a speech and wanting to wing it Alot of eye rolling with Ziggy acting darn right odd around Tane with the weights at the gym I thought Anyhow I'm already soo bored of those two
  14. Ziggy for me is a very bland character just getting love interest after love interest and nothing much else
  15. Colby the dope has gone finally I'm not going to miss him I only really liked him when he was battling Angelo Bella I'm sure will be better off without him as will Dean Ari having a step daughter I'm not sure how that works their family history really is confusing but yeah it felt like the writers were starting off their new stories today so maybe the show will be OK again
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