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  1. Ben l liked Coco for some reason
  2. I have always thought she's boring
  3. Well she's a doctor they all become very annoying in the end as do the cop characters
  4. pembie


    Let me know if you get stuck haha
  5. pembie


    Chapter 6 Thunder boomed and lightening shrieked as Ryder walked slowly passed the run down old fainted peeling RV camper’s van of Dean Thompson. Dean was meant to be pimping the style into something flash and modern as a way to prove he was worth the time of Justin hiring at SummerBay’s motoring garage But so far Dean’s apprenticeship project sat parked without any inspirational Probably too busy entertaining the girls and putting the camper van’s bed springs to the test. Ryder thought grinning maybe Dean could give him some pointers with what to do with his hard choice of what girl too pick Raffy or Coco. Ryder was just about to knock on the door to Dean’s van when his phone began to ring. It was Coco in a panic Raffy had just entered into one of her epileptic seizures she was fine now but the way Coco was blabbering told Ryder he was needed even more urgently, The strangest had just been upped a notch After a long and stressful day of doughnut eating and staining their bright blue police uniforms with droplets of raspberry jam and sugar coating the crime photos and statements of the Brody Morgan murder with their sticky fingers and sugar frosting Summer Bay’s finest departed the station with somewhat quicken haste None of them wanted to stay for the late shift once nightfall fell. Not even Big brave Daddy McCarthy The late shift often consisted of Colby Throne jumping like he was attached to a pogo stick and spilling coffee down his trousers as he pleaded with the ex offender jailbird Martin Ashford to reassure him that the dark corners of the police station were safe from the former smug Kat Chapman’s ghostly presence. “Really mate you were a former River Boy” Ash asked as a nervous shaky Colby jumped again “Yes for my sins I have to stay do this scary night shift as a way to make up for it. Prove that now I am a officer of the law its blackmail I tell you.” “Ah don’t you worry Kat she was rather sexy Really and she haunts this place well she always thought highly of herself that was for sure” Ash said peering through the filing cabinets marked important evidence. “I can trust you right Ash the only one I want you to be shooting is Kat if she shows up she vanished through the walls to the cells with the station’s keys once I was locked in here all night” Ash laughed as he twirled a pistol around he had found in the evidence locker “Oh yeah totally yeah for sure” he said. Ryder edged his way around a barking Buddy as he entered the Morgan household “Wow hold up there Scooby Do its only me Ryder” Ryder having stopped off at the diner on the way to buy Raffy some chocolate mud cake as a romantic gesture threw the slice at the snappy dog. “Here have a Scooby snack” Ryder dashed around the dog but halted at the sight that fell before his eyes. Raffy was wrapped in a long like blanket yogi style, her eyes were somewhat glassy but beautiful still Ryder thought. Ah how Ryder loved her or thought he did. Coco though was moody and mysterious especially when she ignored his text messages, was she really studying those textbooks for her exams or was Coco unlocking the wonders of the universe with that smart mind of hers? Ryder sighed with content oh how he loved both girls. “Ryder Raffy had one of her fits again but this one wasn’t like the other ones” Coco said very mysteriously. “Oh how so what happened?” Ryder said stepping forward to sit amongst Tori’s baby magazines that cluttered the Morgan’s coffee table. “It was like I was there like I was the person who murdered Brody I could see through the killers eyes like I was the one who was stabbing him with a razor sharp pointed carrot” Raffy said looking very wide eyed. “Wow Raffy all those times watching The X Files with me just to cheer me up really affected you, when I can’t get hold of Coco when she’s supposedly studying” Ryder said making quotation marks with his hands. Coco rolled her eyes. “I was Ryder I was studying so I can better myself like I think you should think about doing” “Really sure I believe you, Miss Coco bean answer me this why so serious Ryder asked mimicking Heath Ledger’s legendry Joker grin. Coco sighed dramatically. “Ok cool Raff can you tell us who killed Brody” Ryder asked as he asked the question the lights in the Morgan’s house blew out and the house was plunged into darkness. Mason ventured from the corner of the room with a huge lit lantern that Justin often used at the garage in which he and Ash used to strip cars for parts for Ash’s dodgy dealings once business had finished for the day. “What are you guys talking about anything juicy?” Mason questioned making the Scooby gang of teens jump. “Raffy thinks she seen a vision of B….” “Buddy” Coco finished she didn’t think Mason would really enjoy hearing how Brody was killed it was a very upsetting time for the Morgan’s now they had to plan and cook for themselves now that their master chef of a brother was gone. “Raffy had a vision of Buddy what was he doing?” Mason asked amused. “Smelling another dog’s butt, smelling flowers what do you think honestly Mason what does it matter?” Coco snapped. “Wow your girlfriend she’s quite the charmer Ryder. I will leave you to it, you kids play nice I will go get you some of Tori scented candles to see until the lights come back on” Mason said exiting the room. “So Raff did you see who killed Brody?” Ryder asked. Again there was a sudden beep from a incoming text on Ryder’s phone. “It’s your dad Coco” Ryder said looking confused at the message. “Says he is coming to see me for a man to man chat.” There was the sound of a car door slamming outside and then a rasping sounding knock at the front door. Justin staggered half cut from drinking half a pack of beer from the kitchen and opened the door. Maggie stood on the other side. “I have come to collect Ryder for a man to man chat Justin, Alf said he was here” “Yeah, yeah sure whatever my goodness Maggie you look different like less drop dead gorgeous than normal, Have a shave why don’t you your starting to grow a beard, ah beard Brody had a magnificent beard its funny the things you remember and miss isn’t it?” Justin said crying wildly before wandering away to find another beer. Maggie staggered into the house having somewhat forgotteen how to walk wearing high heels. “Ryder come we are going for a beer while you listen to me tell you how best it is for you to treat my daughter Coco flakes” Err mum its Coco Pops you normally call me Coco Pops Coco said looking slightly baffled. “Oh right you are Coco puffs” Maggie said quickly. Raffy gripped hold of Ryder’s arm. “Careful there’s something odd about that woman Ryder” “Odd Raff Na Maggie’s alright she’s quite hot” “Really Ryder you fancy my mum?” Coco asked giving him a stern look. “Come young Ryder we seem to have a lot to talk about” Maggie said stomping her foot down how dare Ryder fancy his wife Ben thought.
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    Brody was killed at Salt I had him at home haha oh well Salt was a better place to have it happen Loved how much smarter Robbo seems to be to everyone else wish he got crimes to sort on the show cases like the Koala Conspiracy that could be a spin off story right there haha Ryder having to choose between Raffy and Coco I say don't knock that having the choice of two girls Alf's botton on top of the fridge the enterance down into the batcave? Well done on the sillyness I get my chapter written soon
  7. Cool you all will be like celebrites
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    Chapter 4 Robbo was a man of action thrown always into the most dangerous life threatening situations when required, shoot outs, hand to had combat, sword fighting, rodeos with bucking bulls even bare knuckle martial art boxing matches with evil mastermind kangaroos hell bend on ruling a invasion over Australia. All those past missions has led to Robbo taking the plunge down into the rabbit hole to the wonderland of SummerBay. According to Lance this is where Robbo will come face to face with true evil. This sunshine town has a hidden sinister undiscovered lurking monster seeping through its sunny outlook. This can only mean one thing though surely when Lance had made this claim he must have been really drunk Sitting on the sand of the town’s local beach Robbo invites the peace the calmness of the water to wash over his mediating mind. Robbo often comes to sit down near the water’s edge to mediate come the early evening after his shift at the sleep clinic It’s time when Robbo can muse and process the days events. Put them in some sort of logical order, make sense of any clues to what this lurking monster or where he maybe hiding It has been a strange week Maggie has been staying at the sleeping clinic and of what the doctors can tell Maggie has started to sleep walk, her two daughters Ziggy and Coco are very worried about her but Maggie’s husband Ben is it? Well he seems somewhat overjoyed saying sleep walking can only improve her fit bit steps record for the day. Ben is an odd one Robbo’s mind warns him before taking a more juicy turn of thought, Its often this time within Robbo’s mediation that he begins to get nervous and sweaty because yet again Robbo witnesses the playbacks from the days failed attempts of asking Jasmine out The massive flaw here and the main trouble he is still having is the drop dead gorgeous pretty nurse still thinks his name is Ryan and the only way of telling Jasmine that no his not Ryan but really Robbo the only way of not making himself sound like a right Wally was to come out and tell her the truth that he is a super spy but no that would also blow his undercover operation. Anyway then there was Tori Jasmine thought that maybe he liked her because Tori was always talking and laughing with him. Robbo had told in fact insisted to Jasmine that Tori was the one who had done all the laughing he had just grunted in the right places. He hadn’t given any signals to clingy Tori. But now as he thought it through is Tori someone to be concerned over She like Ben was just abit odd Tori had brought up the baby chimp from the cancer research department and laughed at how good a dad he might be one day while he had been holding the little monkey? Why would Tori say something like that? Robbo’s eyes open wide with shock looking around the beach feeling overwhelmed with shock of Tori’s worrying case of flirting. Robbo tenses even more when he catches sight of a wandering figure in the distance seeming to stagger their way quite clumsily across the yellow sand. Was this Tori coming over to him to confess that she was dropping baby hints with the help of the hospital chimp earlier? Robbo watches with utter surprise when he realises that the person stumbling through the sand towards him looks like Maggie but at the same time Robbo can tell that something just isn’t right, for one thing Maggie’s hair looks wild like Mr Bo jangles the bays famous possum might have taken up nesting within the unkempt mess. Maggie’s lipstick had been applied in a such a way she might just pass a audition to be the next Joker and Maggie’s long smooth slender legs yes Robbo had admired them then from time to time were all hairy and knobbly The strangest thing though is Maggie seems to be not very good at walking in her heeled shoes She seems to be practising walking in a straight lines using the hole marks made by the back of the heel as a guide as it imprints a hole into the sand “Maggie errrr is everything ok? It might be a good idea to go get some rest you look wrecked” Robbo says eyeing her with suspicion. Maggie seems to make a show of pushing her chest out in a very manly way Robbo notices that one of her breasts seems fall lopsided. The oddity that is Maggie notices Robbo gaping at her lopsided homemade boobs and quickly positions the hefty bundle of socks beneath her summer dress. “Naughty wait until I tell Ben you were eyeing me up” Robbo can only look gobsmacked as he hears Maggie somewhat utter a manly giggle before looking to her watch Robbo can’t be sure but an evil gaze of menace dances within Maggie’s none sparkling eyes “Hmm Brody will be home now cooking for my wife Maggie says frowning Robbo looks highly baffled by that statement. “Cya Robbo you beefcake you” Maggie cheerfully calls out as she walks away with big manly strides Brody Morgan has come across to Ziggy as being the number one most thoughtful husband in the last few days of her mothers sleep clinic sessions being the thoughtful talented chef that he is. Brody has been going somewhat crazy with the endless meals that he has been cooking for Maggie just so she can stay away from that bland hospital food Brody has gathered all his fresh vegetables from the garden and he has shaped and moulded the vegetables into the prefect perfection Like the carrot tips have been peeled and sharpened to there fullest. Brody is humming happily as he rubs his hands together and grins widely as he switches the TV on The chef then sighs with orgasmic glee and his eyes open wider when the theme tune to his favourite cooking show ends and then there she is that swan of divine beauty graces the TV screen with her utter sexiness Simone Bedford the host walks across to her cooking work station smiling her eyes sparkling as she dries her hands with a aim of a dishcloth she’s wearing Brody’s favourite apron the nice tight fitting one with the words HAVE FUN PLAYING WITH MY BUNS written on the front. Brody watches her walk over to the table watching the way her legs move Simone stops looks up to the camera and giggles as she grabs hold of a carrot quite roughly and then kind of teases the viewer watching as she gently pressing her giant knife into the carrots body. Brody often had to watch this show with the curtains drawn because basically this was food porn at its best. It made Brody feel very excited the way Simone whispered her instructions while fluttering her eyelashes. It had never occurred to Brody though that Simone Bedford looked very much like Maggie. There is a knock at the door and Brody jumps like he was guilty of slicing and dicing his carrots wrong for his carrot stew or he had spilled his potato peelings all over the floor. Brody runs to the door looking through the screen he catches a glimpse of…. could it be Simone Bedford outside on his very own doorstep? The show he was watching was pre recorded but Simone rancompetitions and turned up at fan’s addresses often for a surprised hot cookout Brody squeaked like a little girl and opens the door The person who thought to be Simone turns towards him Brody remembers suddenly of Justin’s warning that it’s never a good idea to meet your favourite celebrity they are always such a let down. Simone hasn’t made a effort at all her black hair is askew her lipstick is just plastered onto her face and she’s got seriously hairy legs. “Hello Brody I think we need to have a chat don’t you?” Brody is shoved back forcefully back he loses his footing and crashes into his chopping broad of pre prepared sharpen carrot tips Brody awakens from the dream of having Simone Bedford in his kitchen and screams when he realises that he is smelling the scent of Maggie’s perfume. “Ziggy’s at the hospital again and you’re here cooking again well that just won’t do” “Maggie I’m sorry but I’m slightly confused aren’t you at the hospital as well I mean you are meant to be” Maggie leans over Brody with menace “I have seen also the way you looked at Maggie when she helped you play guitar used to play it for your Mom oh please you were god dam awful on that thing and you pretended to be oh so upset” “Ok sure I made that up I went through a phrase of liking you Maggie and thought it would impress you and music lessons seemed like the way to get close to you I……” Brody notices then with Maggie’s looming over the top of him that she has somehow gained a large shadow and her arms seem built like tree trunks with great muscle. “I can’t have you cooking for my family and outshining me Brody I mean I’m the man of the house” “Errrr Maggie I beg to differ on that point” Brody pleas soon fall silent as one of Maggie’s huge fists crash down on the table and wraps around one of the pointed sharpened carrots. “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth Brody” Maggie screams manically lifting her deadly carrot like dagger into the air…
  11. pembie


    Haha I loved Hunter with his mind control spray where did you come up with that idea? Ty dreaming of Ryder while Raffy goes out her way to impress Zac moving his and Leah's bed while asleep he must have been having dreams of passion about that writer Sam Too bad Ben missed out on the pies Alf or John look like pie fans I bet it was them who eat them all I always thought and liked Brody much better when he was the crazy bossy chef Food is his real love So dumping Ziggy over a carrot stew seems reasonable too me Lets hope Ben has a good memory to remember this hit list of his haha Well done
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  13. She's been nutty ever since Robbo shown up haha
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  15. In the days that I found Robbo interesting because I thought he was a trained hitman and that is their job haha I quite enjoyed the whole Norvak takedown myself Ross was always going to end up dead I can't comment really because I havent seen it yet
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