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  1. Ah I quite fancied Susie lol Something tells me Justin didn’t beast Steveo up as badly as it’s made out his getting set up here and if it doesn’t work with him Johns messages to Susie might put John in the frame I think I have solved this crime already I just don’t know why So Mac is back and she’s not changed
  2. It’s shame because Christian suits Rachel better than Tori I think well they get on better anyway and Rachel yeah she’s quite sexy so maybe that’s why I support her more than moany Tori Ziggy was ok this week but maybe that is because we had a week off from Mac Yeah Cash looks like his going to be a good cop but I thought the same with Colby at the time Justin story is dragging for me now abit Im intested to see where the Nik ends up shame we won’t see Japan though The body on the beach it would be a twist if it is Mac
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  4. Yes the stuff with Mac is getting boring now but I didn’t like the way Ziggy handled her when she went around to see if she was ok it did seem like to me Ziggy was just pretending to care I didn’t really feel sorry for Tori she kind of drove Christian away he suits Rachel much better I think haha While Ziggy offers to keep the garage open for Justin a much better reaction to a friend in need haha
  5. Tori gets worse by the episode For a doctor she is incredibly dumb to not realise why Christian feels like he has to safe Rachel he has expalned it numerous times to a few people As for Tori treating Justin yeah that’s just going to cause him to rebel against her The show is quite depressing these days
  6. pembie

    Euros 2020

    That was a awful shot taken by Ashford that cost the game I think Well overall I thought England was very lucky to get to the final I think we played best against inikane even though I found that 4 0 win boring to watch I enjoy closer games so at least italy didn’t thrash us last night To have fans break into Wembley was beyond stupid and then the person running around on the pitch just proves people are dumb Oh well maybe we will win the World Cup next year lol
  7. pembie

    Euros 2020

    So I thought we were bound to lose that but no there’s some people saying it wasn’t a real pently but I don’t know they scored and won which is main thing good job it was given because if not it could have been a real pently shoot out I think Itay though I have been told are professional fake divers but we’ll done England it’s been like the only thing I have enjoyed in a long time and when England win on Sunday it will be the first time I have seen England win at football in my lifetime Goalkeepers risk in sometimes though coming away from the goal to pass it it if this was FIFA just go tackle the goalie and get the ball off him
  8. pembie

    Euros 2020

    I don’t why I just found today’s games quite boring England 4 0 win wasn’t tension filled at all but glad they are though probably beat Denmark and have Italy in the final is my prediction l and one before Denmark was abit dull maybe I’m just gotten bored of football
  9. I have caught up now While Nik and Bellas story is way unrealistic and probably wouldn’t happen it’s kinda of favourite story of the show I can see where it is heading though Justin drug storyI find whislt better written than Brodys I find it quite strange they would give the member of same family the same story quite lazy really I did find his and Ziggys scenes at the garage good but I don’t really enjoy that story though Ziggy these days she’s quite annoying and boring annoying when it comes to Dean and Mac boring when it comes to Tane Leah hunting for Susie is good I was with Mac up to the point where she started bullying Ryder that’s going quite far Christain I can understand now after yesterday five star episode before that though I think he has been acting reckless im not at all bothered about wheather he gets married to Tori though
  10. pembie

    Euros 2020

    I think we may have just watched a preview of what is going to happen to England on Tuesday haha with Denmark beating Wales 4 0 What’s that you say of course England can win how silly of me to doubt lol oh well Italy next
  11. pembie

    Euros 2020

    Is it wrong that I have been impressed with Germany in the words of Basil Fawity nobody mention the war but I’m sure that’s us out on Tuesday haha I’m hoping for pentlys because at least that would be exciting
  12. pembie

    Euros 2020

    The problem there is we will have France Germany or Portgtal which I don’t see is winning any of those We need to cross into the box or maybe take lucky shots instead of waiting till we are close to the goal oh and stop passing the ball backwards
  13. pembie

    Euros 2020

    So England have four points I guess it depends if we win our last game to see if we get out of group stages I was expecting more cards depending on how hyped up playing the Scots was
  14. pembie

    Euros 2020

    Well fancy Germany losing by giving France a home goal Lucky though seeing as France couldn’t stay on side for toffee quite amusing
  15. pembie

    Euros 2020

    I do find the over drastic falls when getting fouled incredibly fake That fall that Kane had into the goal post looked nasty but he was up and back to normal in five seconds lol I think I will keep a eye on Wales and Scotland But well done England even though I think you should be able to score more than one goal in a hour and half haha is it me or is the filming done abit strange So Friday I think England are back playing
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