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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Well it's that time again! (and I'm not referring to the shock of RR1 changing his avatar)

The 2021 season begins in the UK on Monday, after today's somewhat muted season finale.

As ever please be mindful of not posting spoilers (that includes eps airing on 5STAR) - if you do feel the need to, please use the spoiler tags ūüôā

We begin the season three weeks behind Australian airings, though that is gradually increasing again with Oz airing six episodes per week currently.

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So we open 2021 with a beating, well, the aftermath of one (I see you doing your little Hammer Dance, red ūüėĀ)

Does anyone else get Arthur Fleck/Joker vibes with Kieran?ūüėĀ Alf doing the Sherrif bit but that's understandable.¬†

Also that Ingrid Michaelson track was quite apt. A long time since I've recognised a song on this show. Not a bad little tune, if a little repetitive in places.

Dean is right, Next time Colby might not be so lucky.

Seems like this new doc is a bit of a rule bender 


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Well Martha either exchanged her new blue dining chairs or found time amongst the Kieran drama to paint them white. I liked them as they were although they didn’t work with the blue tablecloth they had on the other day.


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When you open a season with a recap that includes stuff from the season opener two years ago, you know a storyline's been going on a long time.I'm afraid I was back to finding Jasmine annoying, with her continued belief that Colby's somehow a special case.She was also apparently fine with her colleagues being menaced by street thugs just so Dean and Bella could stand by Colby's bed looking upset for a couple of minutes.Christian's reaction was nice:He didn't debate the morals, just pointed out that they could make things worse for themselves by breaking the rules.And after all that drama, Colby's basically fine by the end of the episode, although that might not be a good thing for him if there's another welcome waiting for him when he goes back. Bella looking into protection wings is the most sensible thing anyone's done in a while.I wasn't too impressed with her guilt-tripping Dean: I realise Colby's sentence is a lot longer, but Colby wasn't in jail with Dean because Dean kept quiet about his involvement, so this just makes them even.Officer Martinez appears to have gone from having a full and rather bushy beard to designer stubble overnight.

I thought I had a handle on Kieran but now... He just about stayed on the right side of the line with Jasmine this time, but his later conversation with Roo about getting the job had a bit of an entitled touch to it and then he almost seemed to be spoiling for a fight with Alf.

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I'm back to being vaguely confused by Kieran.It felt like battle lines had been drawn between him and Alf on Monday, but they're back to being reasonably civil.We now know that he's drinking (well, assuming it really isn't Ribena) but it feels like something he needs to do to cope rather than something that sends him crazy.In fact, it seems more like he's inherited his mother's traits than his father's, being constantly on edge as though it's an effort to be "normal".I was expecting him to blow his top at some point but his temper seems to be under control.It might have been a different story if he hadn't got the job though, and Martha's pleading wasn't really the best reason for Jasmine to give the job to someone who looks like he's going to be out of his depth.Roo says she didn't speak to Alf for years: Er, when? They seemed to be in regular contact when she was in New York.

While it still feels like nothing was resolved, I did like Mackenzie playing the big sister figure to Bella, and her hug with Jasmine.So Dean's now in the know of Ari and Tane's mess.His claim that Reefton Lakes was River Boy territory was another "Er, since when?" moment, since the whole point is meant to be they're from Mangrove River (hence the name). I think the last reference to it may have given its reputation a battering too, but it feels like back in the 00s it was portrayed as the posh area. Bella and Mackenzie are also in the know: This might not be good news, since I'm not sure it's going to achieve anything except worrying them.

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Damn, I missed the switch to the 2021 discussion page so I'll have to have  a quick recap of the things I posted there on  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.   

I noticed that long recap.  I did read on the Aus discussion page they were not happy with the way it ended, did they expect viewers to watch Colby being beaten up when it is shown there at 7pm and here at 6pm? 

 Wow that was a blast from the past seeing  Heath confronting Leon and Paul!!  Maybe the RB's have extended their territory to include Reefton Lakes?   Dean may not be an active member anymore but his RB antenna was certainly working well enough to know something was amiss with Tane and Ari.  We always knew leaving the door to the flat open while having  private discussions/fights would have consequences and so it proved last night when Bella overheard Dean, Ari and Tane making their plans.  Now Bella has filled in Mac and they both give them an earful!

I know you have no time for Colby Red, but as Jasmine said he was always there for her, helped her get through coming to terms with Robbo's death, even when she was throwing a hissy fit, he stuck by her, so that is the guy she is choosing to remember.  How handy was that she rocks up to work just in time for Colby to be admitted.  Apart from the whack on the head, I'm  surmising most of Colby's injuries were internal as his face looked pretty unmarked.  At least Bella now has the OK to visit Colby legally.   

I'm glad Dean told Bella why he couldn't face visiting Colby inside, Ari understood he had a particularly hard time inside, but he was very harsh with her about hard it was going to be for Colby, glad Ari had a word with him, he does seem to have a way of calming him down.   Dean has always told Bella the way it really is but I'm glad he apologised later.  The only problem with the segregation wing is he'd be there for the whole of his sentence. 

Kieran is one complex character, it seems on one hand he wants to set a good impression, but gets frustrated when it doesn't come off.  I got the feeling he wasn't too happy with the fact Martha had put a good word in for him by asking Jasmine to give him a go, hope that won't rebound on her, not a good look at the best of times, mum sticking her oar in by asking your maybe boss to give you a chance. Someone else with door issues, closes the blinds to the office, yet leaves the door wide open while he has a swig of his 'Ribena' - DUH!!!  That was kind of strange behaviour between Alf and Kieran, Alf still isn't totally convinced but is wiling to keep his mouth shut for Martha's sake. Kieran now knows about Ryder, does he know about Duncan who no-one has mentioned for yonks and Ric ditto.  Does Ryder know about Kieran or will that be a surprise for when he gets home?  The set up did seem to bemuse Kieran, random half nephews living there as well as Marilyn who is a surrogate family member.  


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