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  1. Well in the TV guide first look home and away is in for 6pm on 5star on New year's Day!! Which suggest back on C5 on Monday 4th Seen some rumours on Facebook about our transmission catching upto Aus due to this
  2. Hello Lissy! Agreed, going to miss it during the break this year especially! Been such a good year in the bay this year I think. Now then, the Diner.... I guess we will have to tune in in January to find out Won't be holding my breath though!!!
  3. Literally all my friends who watch the show talk about how good it is that the social distancing isn't insane like UK soaps. Of everyone's tested and safe crack on! Watching UK soaps at the moment is so distracting because you're just looking at how far the actors are and camera tricks they're using etc.
  4. It really wouldn't have been difficult to edit James Stewart out of the end of the episode telling us to First Look over on 5star on that last episode! Had to chuckle. Queue the socials "Where's Home and Away?!" Posts.
  5. Just thinking to last year (or was it the year before) when Oz came back very late, in February due to (was it a sporting event???) And all rumours about the show losing its timeslot were rife again. Don't need any of that this year! I suspect C5 already knew Oz planned to finish the end of Nov and perhaps already aware of when they plan to return in Jan so are confident in telling us 11th Jan return date nice and early. December is going to fly by I think and itl soon be round again!
  6. Thanks so much for that! Im fuming though! Part of me was hoping that due to the episode rationing earlier in the year we mightve gone to mid Dec. Red , forgive my simpleness I'm not sure I understand. Does this date coincide with them being able to double up on neighbours to catch them up to same day broadcast?
  7. Seems like it might be just to create a bit of tension for the viewer? Somebody behind the scenes giving a little more effort into marketing the show? If they tell you the exact date of the last episode though, please update the UK transmission thread because we would all like to know! haha
  8. I agree, and Home and Away is a little escapism, which we have never needed so much!!!
  9. The new "Beach set" has made it on screen here in UK. Looks to be done quite well! However its all I can look at!! I've just had to rewind a scene because I didn't pay any attention to the dialogue I was looking at the et instead!
  10. I still believe C5 will take the usual annual break and double up on neighbours to get that back to same day airings. I guess we will know in the next few weeks as something is usually announced November time
  11. Are you watching in Aus? Definitely still seeing the actual beach here in UK as it stands.
  12. I don't think in UK we have them yet. (it's fantastic escapism though! All that hugging!) but I imagine we are not far off at all from social distancing scenes on air.
  13. Thanks, realised though I mixed my scenes up, it's not that song/ scene it's the scene when they decide to sleep together when on the edge of the mountain looking out that I was after...
  14. I thought the same about Alf fetching Justin, he surely would come into contact with the acid in that way?? Colby is really getting to me with this storyline, he seems a little too focused on saving his own skin he treats everyone else poorly! And that includes Bella imo. I struggle with Angelo and his lack of likeability though as he is dodgy himself and has returned back in the force and is being a complete Prat. I wonder if that's why he's giving Colby a hard time, as he's been mixed up with riverboys before and perhaps sees himself in colby? I'm probably reading too much into
  15. I fully expect the same, we will go on winter break as usual and aus will double/tripple up.
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