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  1. I still believe C5 will take the usual annual break and double up on neighbours to get that back to same day airings. I guess we will know in the next few weeks as something is usually announced November time
  2. Are you watching in Aus? Definitely still seeing the actual beach here in UK as it stands.
  3. I don't think in UK we have them yet. (it's fantastic escapism though! All that hugging!) but I imagine we are not far off at all from social distancing scenes on air.
  4. Thanks for bringing this back! My 7 are: 1) Marilyn Chambers 2) Ryder Jackson 3) Hunter King 4) Irene Roberts 5) Gemma Parata 6) Tori Morgan 7)Jasmine Delaney
  5. Thanks, realised though I mixed my scenes up, it's not that song/ scene it's the scene when they decide to sleep together when on the edge of the mountain looking out that I was after...
  6. I thought the same about Alf fetching Justin, he surely would come into contact with the acid in that way?? Colby is really getting to me with this storyline, he seems a little too focused on saving his own skin he treats everyone else poorly! And that includes Bella imo. I struggle with Angelo and his lack of likeability though as he is dodgy himself and has returned back in the force and is being a complete Prat. I wonder if that's why he's giving Colby a hard time, as he's been mixed up with riverboys before and perhaps sees himself in colby? I'm probably reading too much into things
  7. I fully expect the same, we will go on winter break as usual and aus will double/tripple up.
  8. Irene stands out for me in this area. She's always across jasmine and willow etc as she's have them live with her obviously. But even when jasmine was with robbo and living in the apartment I always noticed when Irene was checking in on her and concerned for her etc. I think she interacts quite well outside of the "oldies"
  9. **checks to see if someone has asked what the name of the song is that Bella and Nik danced to on the mountain in slow Mo**
  10. Those London episodes when Don spots her at the book launch and chases her etc are some of my all time favourite episodes
  11. All this talk of 2004 storylines.... Super nostalgic!!!!
  12. I think you're spot on about double Neighbours EPs in the Home and Away slot in December when Home and Away goes on the annual break though red.
  13. Lots could be done with willows relationship with her father and coping with his condition. I like willow too, and think that would be such a great, and lovely story for her.
  14. So it looks like John has suffered a stroke! It's awful, and I can see Marilyn not coping well here, she's been seeing herself as on her own and the marriage over recently, even confiding in Alf and Martha about it. Is this about to change that I wonder?? The Paratas seem to have settled in really well and the party confirmed this. Warning, love triangle inbound with Mac I mean, Mac and Tane will be hot and I'm sure but Ari doesn't deserve a brother who doesn't give a rat's behind for his feelings. Jasmine, from one day to the next seems to be up and down. Really unstable. She's going to let Tori down for sure
  15. I love Georgie parkers social media. Such a great idea for a thread!
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