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  1. All 5star first look EPs above 400k in the latest Barb ratings. They were up here during lockdown too. Hopefully, if channel 5 do actually market the change and let people know where it is at 6:30 (everyone who has channel 5 also has access to 5 star) it could be over 600k. And as I've said there are adverts that make the show money over on 5star. (C5 have not played adverts during the 6pm showing for years now, just program trailers) There is indeed method in the madness. I do think 5star could run around a week behind aus accounting for the eractic channel 7 schedule and it would greatly help. I received my standard rubbish reply from C5 that didn't answer any of my questions lol
  2. Yeah My5 is HD so it's not a big deal. It's the perception that others have of the show being moved that seems to be the biggest deal haha I have emailed channel 5 asking if they're going to be advertising the changes for Home and Away and not just neighbours and also if they would consider this as an opportunity to catch 5 star upto AUS pace. Let's see what **** and bull I get hahaha
  3. I think they're hoping to bolster the share of the lunchtime and the 5star first look (which by the way is basically the only thing that gets any viewers on 5star) especially now that Wentworth is ending. Here are the top rated programmes on 5star week commencing 6th sept 1. Home and Away 389,568 2. Home and Away 373,491 3. Home and Away 364,900 4. Home and Away 350.926 5. Wentworth Prison 306,616 6. Home and Away 290,447 Next in line was a film at 168,000 So home and away doubles most other shows on 5star. And this is often higher than the 6pm repeat. Really, they will be hoping they can push this 5star figure above 500,000 and rake more money in as there's 2 advert breaks on the first look showing. Thinking about it, they could soften the blow for us here by announcing home and away will catch up with aus pace on 5star. Imagine that!
  4. If they made it available on My5 right after at 7pm that would be fine as it's be in hd on there and I will just watch that. But you're not going to watch it in SD when you have an HD option elsewhere. That's my thoughts anyway haha
  5. I think they want more of us watching 5 star showing so we are exposed to all those blummin adverts. They're been trying to do it a while now. With all the messages on screen telling us first look is over on 5 star and the direct to camera shots of the cast telling us to switch over if we "can't wait to see what happens next" How do we lobby them for 5stsr in HD????? LOL
  6. Providing people know it's still on over on 5star yes. I suspect this will all happen over the winter break so it will return in January at lunchtime and on 5 star only. I guess time will tell, as will the figures!
  7. It's very annoying that the 6pm slot will be gone that it's had all these years but hopefully it beefs up the audience on 5star. I think that's their plan. Neighbours doesn't rate that better at teatime so it's not like they are replacing it with something that rates loads more. Just frustrating that home and away gets this treatment since neighbours arrived on the channel. Lol. I just hope they put a lot of support and promo into letting the audience know how to find their evening fix of home and away. Should I hold my breath???
  8. Ironically that programme you're talking about was called Back to the Bay
  9. Bank holiday tomorrow means the evening showing is at the slightly later time of 6:30pm on C5 and 7pm on 5Star. Just a heads up
  10. It's bothering me too. I had assumed Johns texts he was receiving from "Susie" would've been from s different phone and number (as it wasn't a saved number in John's phone when we saw a shot of the screen). So the police would be trying to trace that phone surely? But the phone that has been planted in Justin's car definitely looks like it's been run over....and in no fit state to be sending text messages
  11. @Bri1231are you watching on 5*? The blocks are correct there because they are one episode in front of channel5
  12. So Kieran is back! I really enjoyed his first stint in the bay and all the drama he brought the stewarts. First glances look like he's going to use Roo as a shoehorn back into the family. Alf will be inevitably harder to crack when he and Martha return. I have some friends who are casual viewers normally and they've been unable to look away, not missing an episode and not able to wait for the next one. The show is and has been on top of its game a while now IMO. It helps that the characters seem to be sticking around longer now. I thought Irene handled Cash with a lot of sass during her interview!!!! As she said, he had done his homework and dug up the Tommy saga, but there's a lot more he could've dug up! Including being in the line for other murders!! Her abuse, alcoholism....the list goes on. It's of course not pleasant for irene to be reminded and have all this dragged up but it would be good to see a bit of story there. No matter what Irene does or becomes she will never be able to shake off these things in her life, and she shouldn't! They brought her to where she is today.... A suspect in another murder I'm very interested to find out what actually happened to Susie, how did she get on the water? What was she doing back in the area? How long was she here for? I do hope it gets explained properly
  13. I'm thinking of offering to do it for them. Social media is a big part of show like Home and Away to keep the audience engaged and it helps spread the word..... And it's free. Nuts
  14. I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would pay the 80k per episode that C5 have been paying these days. The profit on it would be marginal, And commercial TV is difficult enough as it is these days. Both Aussie soaps do well in the demos though so good at attracting advertisers that way. To compare, I've heard they pay 3million a year for Home and Away, that's just over 13k an episode and attracts an audience only a couple hundred thousand below neighbours, similar demographic etc. Now if neighbours was pulling in 3 million every night that would be a different story.
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