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  1. I think you're spot on about double Neighbours EPs in the Home and Away slot in December when Home and Away goes on the annual break though red.
  2. Lots could be done with willows relationship with her father and coping with his condition. I like willow too, and think that would be such a great, and lovely story for her.
  3. So it looks like John has suffered a stroke! It's awful, and I can see Marilyn not coping well here, she's been seeing herself as on her own and the marriage over recently, even confiding in Alf and Martha about it. Is this about to change that I wonder?? The Paratas seem to have settled in really well and the party confirmed this. Warning, love triangle inbound with Mac I mean, Mac and Tane will be hot and I'm sure but Ari doesn't deserve a brother who doesn't give a rat's behind for his feelings. Jasmine, from one day to the next seems to be up and down. Really unstable. She's going to let Tori down for sure
  4. I love Georgie parkers social media. Such a great idea for a thread!
  5. Same! Front/back back/front was all to pot I think. Then the characters used the back door, to walk around the house to play footie on the front lawn. My head hurts.
  6. The Jasmine story is very impressive and I think all involved are doing s great job. Especially Sam. Its really uncomfortable but you want to see more.... She really needs help though Jasmine I don't feel like she's getting it and she's putting s facade on a lot of the time
  7. Agree about willow, would love to see more now her life's settling a bit. I still think her relationship with her dad could've been such a lovely story. But I think Penny/Tori is a great actress /character (now she's not pining over Nate or Duncan)
  8. BBC NEWS: What other soaps could learn from Home and Away https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-53021935 BBC NEWS: What other soaps could learn from Home and Away https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-53021935
  9. I completely agree about Nik and Gemma I have immediately warmed to them and their story. I think they've been written well and the actors have really good rapport with each other. It's very believable. I'm finding myself becoming a bit of a cheerleader for Nik because Gemma is doing a great job with him on her own given the circumstances she's found herself in and she's raised a decent guy.
  10. I feel sorry for Nik because I think he needed some sort of confirmation from Bella that he didn't do wrong by her and he didn't get it. Remember he doesn't know her story fully so I can imagine his confusion would've been off the scale. In todays episode though he seemed to relax a bit more and it seems John, of all people, has helped talk him round. He demonstrated his maturity again by visiting Colby and leaving a message for Bella. Which I thought was a nice thought. I really like this Parata family. Gemma's grief for her husband is starting to bubble beneath the surface a bit and I honestly found myself choked up a bit at the scene in Marilyn's house when Marilyn offered her ear to Gemma after Nik apologised. I was going to say who is this John and what's he done with the old John but Ryder gave a perfect explanation of the two types of John, good John and grumpy John! Also, Mac is clearly very confused too because turning up at Colby's like that is unfair on him and will only give off mixed signals. Plus it seems she's at risk of playing Ari like a fiddle. Not a good look.
  11. So the Mac and Ari thing.Still seems to me to be in the rebound/casual mode if you ask me, As she's blown Ari off and gone all weird since the run in with Colby. If Ari had any sense he'd tell her to rack off now as it's clear he's aware of unfinished Colby business. As BayWatcher says, is she having second thoughts again now? Or fourth thoughts should I say? Not sure Ari will though, even after Gemma and her voice of reason gave him a ticking off.Leah still seems to really be struggling and you can understand why. Giving her impact statement just made me feel for Justin. How is that bloke able to wake up in a morning after what's happened to him lately, thought his little smile and reaction to Leah giving him a peck at the diner afterwards was a positive sign. I just feel for the guy!
  12. Does anybody know the song on today's UK ep just as it came back on after the and break when Gemma met Ari outside the diner?
  13. I agree I don't think I would bother with DNA test either if I were on Ziggy's shoes but can understand why she would want to know because it would eat away at her. That little thing niggling away in the background.
  14. Yes the nominations are s little strange. I would argue it's like that for a few of the other soaps too though. As I only way h Home and Away too, and very occasionally EastEnders when someone has it on, I've voted H and Away I every category haha
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