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  1. So Kieran is back! I really enjoyed his first stint in the bay and all the drama he brought the stewarts. First glances look like he's going to use Roo as a shoehorn back into the family. Alf will be inevitably harder to crack when he and Martha return. I have some friends who are casual viewers normally and they've been unable to look away, not missing an episode and not able to wait for the next one. The show is and has been on top of its game a while now IMO. It helps that the characters seem to be sticking around longer now. I thought Irene handled Cash with a lot of sass during her interview!!!! As she said, he had done his homework and dug up the Tommy saga, but there's a lot more he could've dug up! Including being in the line for other murders!! Her abuse, alcoholism....the list goes on. It's of course not pleasant for irene to be reminded and have all this dragged up but it would be good to see a bit of story there. No matter what Irene does or becomes she will never be able to shake off these things in her life, and she shouldn't! They brought her to where she is today.... A suspect in another murder I'm very interested to find out what actually happened to Susie, how did she get on the water? What was she doing back in the area? How long was she here for? I do hope it gets explained properly
  2. I'm thinking of offering to do it for them. Social media is a big part of show like Home and Away to keep the audience engaged and it helps spread the word..... And it's free. Nuts
  3. I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would pay the 80k per episode that C5 have been paying these days. The profit on it would be marginal, And commercial TV is difficult enough as it is these days. Both Aussie soaps do well in the demos though so good at attracting advertisers that way. To compare, I've heard they pay 3million a year for Home and Away, that's just over 13k an episode and attracts an audience only a couple hundred thousand below neighbours, similar demographic etc. Now if neighbours was pulling in 3 million every night that would be a different story.
  4. Neighbours is sooooooooo expensive for C5. What they're paying for it, and the return they're probably getting these days don't weigh up. This is probably more telling of how the negotiations of the new contract is going behind the scenes. C5 will want to pay much less. As it stands the current contract is up at the end of the year.
  5. Those are still some of my favourite episodes to date. Fisher was releasing his book about Byron and Marilyn was living here as a nanny, she snook into the book launch but he saw her and chased her through london and to the underground. Only they were on opposite platforms. She got on a train and told Donald not to follow her. I think they hashed it all out in the end but they were fab episodes.
  6. So shocked. How very sad. Rest in peace Dieter. Thoughts are with his close family and friends at this time.
  7. Best thing that ever happened!!! ITV was too trigger happy with the scissors!!!
  8. No idea about a specific problem with 5star of late. The main overall issue is that it is not in HD which Is just infuriating. I've noticed it's better on one of my TVs and dreadful on the other. all the films and dramas they show on 5star too you'd think HD would be a must nowadays
  9. I thought this initially however there's a couple of other things at play when you go a bit deeper. The 6pm showing is doing about 400k and. 6% share give or take which isn't as bad as we think. Neighbours at 5:30 is doing similar numbers (it gets most it's audience at lunchtime). Hollyoaks at 6:30 is also similar in numbers. There's another 300-400k watching home and away at 6:30 over on 5star so immediately you can double the 5 star showing by having no 6pm airing I guess. Added to the lunchtime figures and we ar rover a million. However, after home and away the 6:30 news drops off to less than 200k and loses the momentum C5 has for rest of the evening. They've said they're making eggheads a one hour show so I can see that going at 7 perhaps? The neighbours contract renewal with C5 expires at the end of 2021. Could something be afoot there?? It's very expensive! I imagine a likely scenario is that neighbours will go to 6:30 in the view to boosting it more and then the channel can take a larger audience to 7pm. I guess we will find out soon!
  10. Alf is looking Crook isn't he! He definitely needs a hand in that bait shop of his! Justin should've absolutely drop kicked Christian, I know I would've if he was being like that with my sister and their impending wedding. Justin is only responding in such a strong way though due to his own self absorption and his addiction is getting the better of him. He needs to get that under control and thanks to Leah's discovery I feel like that MIGHT happen now maybe???? Or is it wishful thinking? Not sure Justin can admit his issues just yet
  11. Same I record the 6pm and get round to it at about 8pm normally. Home and away has gone up against Hollyoaks in the past when channel 5 had football on and I don't think Hollyoaks is a big worry these days looking at the figures. If they pushed home and away to 6:30 I do think that the first look should be stopped over on 5star so that the viewing figures are not split in half. It performs really well for 5star though and probably pays to keep the lights on! Haha
  12. Definitely Sally comes to mind like with others. In recent times, Ziggy is closest to achieving a good transition but I do think she needs stronger roots in the wider community. This is something that Sally can't be matched on.
  13. It looks like Channel5 are looking to adjust their teatime schedules around as they have applied to ofcom to change their news output to a one hour programme 5pm -6pm. Wondering if this would affect Home and Away for those interested in this kind of thing https://www.ofcom.org.uk/consultations-and-statements/category-3/licence-change-request-for-news-output-on-channel-5
  14. No money troubles whatsoever despite only being a waiter etc
  15. I concur Red, my favourite scenes of the week so far are the ones between Mac and Amber. Felt like a real grown up chat. I think Amber fits in really well in the bay nowadays, something I didn't think/say when she first came on the scene and was partying in Yabbie Creek every night cause trouble with Mac et al. Looks like Amber's story is heading for reconciliation with Dean, which I'm not totally against now that I'm finding her likeable. The Unhinged mother won't be happy though.
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