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  1. I thought today's episode was really good.The scenes with John and Maz were quite touching actually. Ive criticized John for perhaps not empathising with Marilyn about her ordeal in the seige in the past as I feel like that's where a lot of their frustration with each other started. Anyway, It seems today the penny dropped for him and he came across very sincere towards her. Thought his little chat with Roo asking her to watch out for Marilyn was cute. Maggie's reveal of her one night stand with Marco and the subsequent fall out kept the pace up for the rest of the episode. Big DUFF DUFF moment from Ziggy there, questioning her paternity. Can't wait for tomorrow to see how Maggie explains this one. Genuinely loving all the good cliff hanger endings of episodes recently. i hadn't noticed the enhanced picture, but then again I think the show looks amazing on screen anyway. The way the show is shot and especially on 5HD channel just looks fantastic. Will pay closer attention tomorrow to see if I can tell any difference
  2. This could be the turning point for Marilyn and John now. And I do hope so. As you say Red, Gemma pulled it out the bag today in terms of getting John to meet his maker. I'm really liking Gemma so far. Another big Astoni Friday cliff hanger. And I'm loving them! Last week it was slimeball Marco with his blackmail and threats this week it looks like Maggie is about to spill. Whilst I initially thought this whole storyline came a tad from the left field, I love the villainous quality to Marco, albeit subtle, he's shook the Astoni's up a bit and made it all a little more exciting over there on the farm. I have to say though quite early on, it was obvious Maggie was going to be the one to unravel the whole secret because she couldn't keep it together.
  3. Ahhhh! I completely forgot Brax and his donation. Thanks for that.
  4. All this talk of Alf and Summer Bay House and I'm like I'm actually certain Sally signed it to Alf when she came back didn't she need to raise cash for Pip's treatment? And at one point the whole gang including Marilyn all offered to put to? But now I'm questioning it haha. Sad to see Alex leave I thought she was great and a really strong character. Willex was very popular and they worked really well together. I hope it can somehow be worked out and Alex can return at some point.
  5. Amazing news. Is the 6pm showing restored too? Edit I just read the article which confirms timeslots reinstated! Very good news.
  6. Dean has given Bella a right ticking off and I jumped off the sofa in glee! GO ON DEAN I hope it ****e her up and she winds her neck in a bit
  7. Ahhhh am I imagining Sally in the woods in a wedding dress perhaps? Memory getting blurry. Thanks for that I'm glad Alex still has more to come. I think she fits in well in the bay.
  8. I think my previous guess may be correct as we saw in Fridays 5star episode. Very dark for Leah at the moment but glad she got away.... Very similar to her first appearance on the show, running through the woods in a wedding dress ... I felt a bit dejavu or very weird when she got away haha. She was found very quickly by Justin which was both extremely lucky (haha) and thankful. I feel like this story is going to be a long one going forward about Leah's mental health rather than the psycho himself. Her distance with everyone when she got back in the bay was really really strange. Let's see where this goes. Is that it for Alex now? Has she left for Queensland? No shot of her driving off or anything? That seemed very abrupt. Or did I blink and miss something?
  9. Haha when she didn't make his coffee right I was thinking "shiiiiiiiit Leah's done for." It will be interesting to find out what it is keeping her there. My bet is on a whopping great big padlock.
  10. Even better! Thanks! Have to say though, this is all getting very complicated for the average viewer. It's ok for us lot being on here and upto date but I imagine many will be missing an episode next week and wondering what happened come Friday when they sit down and wonder if they've missed something!
  11. Great news! Perhaps your contact spurs the decision makers haha!
  12. Thanks for the update Dan really appreciated.
  13. I'm wondering if he's a husband or ex husband of one of the women fans of the blog? And he blames her for marriage breakdown or something. He could've got her number via one of there phones. I guess we will find out soon because that doesn't explain why he wants her to marry him now lol
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