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  1. Thank you! Although just releasing them all so we can binge whenever would be preferable these days I think
  2. Are the Christmas weekly specials available on Mondays? Starting next week?
  3. UK Christmas break confirmed to start 22nd November 2019 and return on 6th January 2020.
  4. Hey, does anyone know the name of the song used in yesterday's UK ep when Bella takes her self portrait of the real her as instructed by Tommy? Thanks
  5. Thanks so much!! I wonder if they need more volunteers to take part. If you hear anything as you say please let me know I was too late applying for it.
  6. Thanks for your help. Nothing major I was just curious as to when it started as I'm looking forward to it
  7. Hi guys, forgive me if this is answered somewhere but I noticed that on the main site there's was news of getting involved in a Home and away podcast. Do we have any news on where that is upto? Thanks
  8. Im not sure how anyone can record it on 5* because it's not in HD! And when you wantch it on the main 5 channel it looks so much better. (obviously the only benefit is 5* is one ep in front) My SkyQ records the 1:15 everyday in HD and I normally watch quite late on that night as I get home from work about 10:30PM
  9. H&aLover you're probably spot on with Jasmine not wanting kids due to her childhood there. Personally I'm seeing signs of this unconventional family set up with Tori and the baby going down the routes of Jasmine really struggling to cope when reality of it all sets in after baby arrives. Just a hunch!
  10. Welcome back to the show it's good to have you
  11. Oh Hi Summer Bay! So good to have the show back today. Poor Raffy with the seizure love on Facebook I can imagine this kind of social media embarrassment to be a big issue for teens/kids today. It doesn’t look good for Tori’s embryos does it really feel for her too. She clearly really, desperately wants this baby.
  12. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ok maybe Heath.
  13. There’s about 500k at 6pm 400k at 630pm and 200-300k at 1:15pm. So yes the audience is more fragmented and then there’s catch up as you say. I’d prefer 6 weeks over Christmas and stay on the rest of the year just 3 or so weeks behind Aus as others have said.
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