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  1. I concur Red, my favourite scenes of the week so far are the ones between Mac and Amber. Felt like a real grown up chat. I think Amber fits in really well in the bay nowadays, something I didn't think/say when she first came on the scene and was partying in Yabbie Creek every night cause trouble with Mac et al. Looks like Amber's story is heading for reconciliation with Dean, which I'm not totally against now that I'm finding her likeable. The Unhinged mother won't be happy though.
  2. I think increasingly the 5star airing has become very important ratings wise so it could aid that decision to have more emphasis on that airing being THE place and then it's repeated on C5 the next afternoon. I guess we will see! All speculation. To be honest the 5star showing doesn't look too bad in SD on my new TV. If I'm vanished upstairs on the other TV though it looks dreadful
  3. That's a fair point, it matter dledd these days but the cliffhangers won't have the same effect. Also, it's now airing in the correct blocks at 5star Pace. So it is still possible to watch it in its intended blocks. It's just not in HD...!
  4. I'd put a tenner on us being out of block sequence until the Christmas break!
  5. OK. UPDATE. after some digging around, tonight's 5star episode looks to be going ahead as scheduled. Today's channel 5 episode looks to be Airing on Monday now. There is no episode scheduled on 5star for Monday evening. Presumably to catch back up to one episode in front.
  6. I'm still trying to work that out. As It Stands, it's off completely but available on My5 catch up still. The 5star first look at 6:30 looks to still be scheduled to go ahead. Which is very higgledy piggledy. I would expect that to either be pulled or changed to air today's C5 episode again. I'll update you as I know
  7. Channel 5 looks to have interupted schedules today (like many channels) did to coverage of HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh's death. Likely to affect the lunchtime viewing of Home and Away by the looks of it. ****UPDATE**** 6PM showing has been dropped also for the same reason.
  8. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but typically somewhere between 1million -1.3 million once the lunchtime, teatime and 5star first look episode is added together. Not sure how much of a difference My5 catch up has but it seems it's always up as One of the most popular on demand
  9. Interesting announcement yesterday from C5. They've poached Eggheads from BBC. Historically this airs at 6pm opposite Home and Away. I imagine some speculation to follow about a rejig of the schedules. ****UPDATE**** 6pm showing of Home and Away has been dropped also.
  10. I second every point here. Bravoooo
  11. Mac DEFINITELY went back for a second look H&ALover . Jealousy certainly doesn't suit.
  12. It was a good twist to the story though. She had to do what was right in the end and on time the others might see that too
  13. Has the same effect on the mood though!
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