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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Dare I say having Mia and Chloe around has made Ari slightly interesting I'm not sure yet but we will see Nikau said to Bella the other day he had something quick to sort and he would be right back that's been three days now lol

I'm still interested in Kerain and where that ends up going 

Alf was amusing not being bothered to write a speech and wanting to wing it 

Alot of eye rolling with Ziggy acting darn right odd around Tane with the weights at the gym I thought Anyhow I'm already soo bored of those two 

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7 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I made much the same maths about Chloe's age, which again leaves me wondering how the heck old Nikau's meant to be, since he seems to be a good few years older, to the point that he might already have been a teenager when she was nine, yet it's treated as though they were virtually the same age.

Chloe is 19 and 7 months. Nikau is 20, set to turn 21 some time this year. Their is less then a year between them.

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7 hours ago, christine king said:

Chloe is 19 and 7 months.

You're confusing that with the age Chloe was when Ari went to prison, which was stated as 9 years and 7 months.

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8 hours ago, christine king said:

Nikau is 20, set to turn 21 some time this year.

Where's that come from? He was said to be in his mid-20s when he first turned up, then for some reason he started dating a 17-year-old and mentions of his age quickly disappeared with Mackenzie actually calling him a teenager at one point, presumably incorrectly.

I thought Ari spent seven years inside but someone said eight.He's been in Summer Bay for a year and probably hadn't been out of jail longer than a year when he turned up, which way why I thought it sounded like Chloe was 18.

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8 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Where's that come from? He was said to be in his mid-20s when he first turned up,

I thought they said Nikau was 20 when he first appeared? But if they said “mid 20’s” obviously I miss heard then.

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I don't remember Nikau's being mentioned at all when he arrived.  It's not actually been said out loud how old he is - unless I've missed it.  He's mentioned a couple of times that Ari and Tane should stop treating him like a child.  I feel he is a couple of years older than Ryder.   I have seen one report that says he was 21 when he came to the bay, but they aren't always accurate.🤔

Ari was inside for eight years and we first saw him  in November 2019 but we don't know how long he'd been in the bay before that, anyway still over  a year  as Red said.  If Chloe was  nine when he went inside and he did eight years that would have made her 17 plus the year he's been in the bay so 18 would be about right.   Gemma and Ari did  talk about having to leave their old home because of what had happened. 

Maybe Mia is feeling so defensive  because she held back the truth from Chloe for so long and is feeling guilty.  She did let her think Ari had just abandoned them.   Chloe is 18 so Ari can't tell her what to do so why was Mia expecting him to do just that.    Chloe and Nikau were making the most of their reunion and he was showing her the sights.  If Chloe is anything like most teenagers she's ignoring her mums incessant text messages/phone calls. 

Three days to us pembie, next day in H&A time. 

We did get to hear Ari tell Mac his history with Mia, and it it seems was quite a long one, as he said Chloe was only little when they first met as I don't think a eight/nine year old would be climbing on a man's lap.  I wonder how it would have turned out if Ari hadn't gone to jail, would they still be together, have had children themselves?  Just speculating but was Mia a widow, divorcee or just not been married to Chloe's dad, is he still around as in alive or dead?   It was obviously a very serious relationship, I've never seen Ari as being a causal guy who would get over a relationship easily and move onto the next. 

Roo seemed to have convinced Martha enough that Kieran was back on the grog, if he was ever off it that is, as she was more than willing to search his van and they both said they could smell booze.   Notice both Roo and Martha are keeping their suspicions from Alf. 😉

Despite all her protestations then Ziggy did call  Tane for round two, but unknown to them have been busted by Mac who came home early as Ari and Mia were having their talk.  Did Mac back up for another look? 😀  The only problem Mac should have about it is Ziggy hooking up with someone so soon after dumping her brother.   

Justin is good at accidentally blowing someone's alibi.


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21 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

He was said to be in his mid-20s when he first turned up

It was never stated outright though, it came from this line which I know we both interpreted differently at the time 😉

Ari: He won't hate me forever. We've been through worse in the 25 years we've known each other, and we'll get through this too.
Gemma: Have we really been through worse?

Personally I still feel that whilst Ari was talking about Nik initially, he then shifted back to him and Gemma in his mention of the 25 years - hence Gemma's reply which also included "we".

H&A's Script Executive also confirmed to me this morning that Nik is around 20.

I think Ari's prison time has switched between 10 and 8 years, but Ari himself did specify 8 years when he told Mac about his past. Perhaps he was sentenced to 10 but only served 8....

22 hours ago, christine king said:

Am I? Ari said he hadn’t seen Chloe in 10 years. So that means she’s 19 right? 

It's not an exact science though - Ari wouldn't have meant literally 10 years to the month, in order for Chloe's current age to be stated outright as '19 years and 7 months' 😛

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Ryder was confirmed as 17 when he rocked up, meaning he must have been on his 2nd go of YR10/10th Grade (lived in the US for much of his life) so must be at least 20.


And it hit me; The guy playing Paul who Ari has been bumping head's with, is Jack Finsterer who played Russell Sykes in Neighbours, some creepo who tried date-rape Lucy Robinson, nearly 30yrs ago!

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