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Dan F

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There seems to be some very confused plotting.Logan texted Mackenzie last episode to summon her to the hospital, right? She decided he got her number from Dean? So not only should she presumably have had a record of his number from the text and thus not need him to give it to her again...why does she respond to his call by asking how he got her number, when she knows he already had it?! Anyway, Ziggy was out of line texting Logan on her behalf, but it did lead to Mackenzie's incredibly rambling voicemail that had even her cringing.

On a similar confused note, how does Ryder and Chloe's business exist? Maybe I'm being naive, but you'd expect people to want their takeaway when they order it, or at least at a time when they're likely to be eating. But nope, apparently the customers are fine getting their orders in the early hours of the morning. Are they targeting the "just got home from clubbing" crowd? Do the customers reheat the meals when they want them? Honestly, I'd have thought that having Irene, Leah, Roo and Marilyn all hanging around the Diner was a minor inconvenience compared to their off-peak delivery hours.

Leah continues to give Justin a push but it feels like they're assuming a lot, both that they'll be able to buy the garage and find someone to run it.

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LOL @ Ryder and Chloe. Eventually, they crashed (Just as long as the weren't driving or working over a hot stove/grill!)

The snoring was pure Early Years only no jaunty Perjanik Piano.

Leah's "John" while not the best wasn't that far off-target lol. More Justin's reaction "Babe, I'm never gonna be able to look at you the same again after this". Hahaha.

Logan... Dunno, what to to make of him.

And today's ep was written by a familiar face; Trent Atkinson who played Mikey Dunn 2002-03!

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I'm beginning to think that Logan's somewhat similar to Felicity: Fun to watch, but a nightmare to actually be around. It seems that even keeling over in front of her after performing a dramatic rescue hasn't endeared him to Mackenzie, and Tori's comment about having to babysit him is actually pretty accurate: He was actually liked a child who needed something to keep his attention. Maybe she should give him a colouring book.

Ryder and Chloe did spend most of the day semi-conscious and the rest of it unconscious.They are lucky they didn't fall asleep a bit later.I guess they went as soon as they sat down.

Leah's impersonation of John might not have been that accurate, but she knows him well enough to predict that he'd ask for more rent. Slight confusion: Why was John suggesting the panel beating to Justin before, yet is now against the idea of him actually doing it? Is it because Justin wanted to buy the garage? (And we suddenly seem to have gone from that to John definitely going to be landlord and Justin considering moving somewhere else anyway...yeah, I can't keep up.)

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I get the impression Logan was that kid always ended up in A&E after foolish/goofy Jeff Hardy-esque stunts. But yeah, people like that are fun for about 10 mins before you realize "God, they're annoying!" Or "They're gonna get us all killed, aren't they?"😁


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Maybe Mac didn't take a note of Logan's number when she got the text?  Logan or the hospital at least would have her number as she is Dean's next of kin. Ziggy was really, really pushing it by trying to get Mac and Logan together and overstepped the Mark by texting him on Mac's phone.  Though even Dean got involved, but she took more notice of him than she did Ziggy.  Logan has earned Dean's respect. 

It was good to see Dean sitting in a chair so progress being made there. 

  I can see where Mac is coming from  - her  last proper dates were with Ari, her drunken hook ups were just that.  No chats over a drink or two, nice meal, she's just to get back in the groove and could do worse than go out with Logan, it's not a life long commitment, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't.  It was amusing her rambling message to Logan then getting all humpy because he hadn't rung back within five minutes of getting it.  Turns out he had a very good reason that he didn't, he was busy saving someone's life. 

If a date does ever come about it'll certainly be a lively one, they are both sparky people. 

Of course he and Tori had to clash again, he's probably had to stitch himself up before now when nowhere a hospital so thought nothing about it.  The concussion was out of his control though and like most docs (and nurses) he is not content to just lie in a bed when he isn't flat out ill or injured.   🤣 at his addressing Tori as "my third favourite doctor" and Christian as his "second favourite doctor".  No, no prizes as to who is his first.  Logan is used to the dramatic rescues, not the every day routine of working in  a hospital, an adrenaline  thing maybe and having worked in war zones and disaster areas where there have been earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc. 

Not only you confused over the John/Justin thing Red, have Justin and Leah decided not to buy the building then so John will be his landlord?  I was wondering if I'd missed something? 

I found Leah's impression of John quite scary - I thought she had him to a tee.  Justin didn't take her advice on board though about the expansion idea.  John got the hump because as Leah predicted John would accuse Justin of nicking his idea which Justin had rejected previously. A better idea would have been for Justin to eat a bit of humble pie and say to John "hey that suggestion of having panel beating as part of the business, I've had another think  and you're right".  Plays to Johns' ego and gets him on side.    If it does come off, won't they be needing another member of staff as in someone who knows how to, pretty skilled job I'd say,  and a spare mechanic would be handy too. 

People may slag Chloe off for being a spoilt brat at times but to give her due she's certainly not afraid of hard work.  Things didn't start off right for Ryder and Chloe's night, customers lingering - how dare they - then Leah and Irene wanting to do a stock check before Irene went on holiday.  Quick thinking on Ryder's part for the electrics to suddenly 'blow', but not to worry he could get someone out to look at them.   They both slogged their guts out and they've got  a good conveyor belt system going there.  Something else they are paying out for, the cartons for the food.  They may be using the place illegally but clean up  and put things away and they both had  the grace to look ashamed/guilty when being praised by Irene for saving her bacon by getting the leccy back on.  Going to be  a very different matter when they are rumbled.   If they were real bad 'uns they would have taken the  money Irene offered to pay Ryder's 'mate'. 

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the meaning of takeaway - doesn't that mean people place an order for food then they come to your establishment and - um - take it away? 🤔  This is more of a delivery service where the food is cooked overnight and delivered in the morning, do many people have Mexican for brekkie?  How big an area is covered and I may have missed it but I didn't see any labels on the boxes.   Do the customers pay Ryder when he delivers? They actually looked kind of cute when they were stretched out in Ryder's car snoring their heads off. 😴  

Be interesting to see how they do get rumbled, someone spotting lights on in the kitchen after hours,  one of them leaves a list of customers orders behind, or a food carton. A delivery customer comes in and recognises Ryder - no-one knows - I'm guessing - where the food is being cooked so wouldn't know what it looks like, they would have seen Ryder though.   Better than that than something drastic like one of them having an accident.  



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49 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

 do many people have Mexican for brekkie? 

Well, places like Tortilla offer Breakfast Quesadillas and Burritos (Yum) so yeh. Also, when you've been on it all night and a gallon of coffee alone just won't do🤣

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Okay, so apparently we've got a truce between John and Justin. It looked at first as though they'd just shaken hands without really resolving anything, but a few things got resolved eventually, like an explanation for why Justin isn't buying the garage and him deciding to stop the panel beating idea. It's still not clear why John made the suggestion and then got cross when Justin tried to use the idea, but I guess feelings were running high.

Logan continued to be an irritant to Tori, although Christian seemed to be enjoying his company and he did ultimately prove surprisingly domesticated.Isn't the idea of keep someone in overnight for observation supposed to be to, well, observe them? Were Tori and Christian checking on him, or did they just leave him in the spare room to potentially die in his sleep?

Jasmine isn't alone: I kept expecting Felicity to interrupt their date as well! She didn't manage that but she did manage to get in the middle of a fight (between two suitors?). She did at least help Cash break it up, but they might need to find somewhere else to live if she does it again...

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Honestly with John and Justin it was like watching two kids squabbling - thank God for the voice of reason in the shape of Leah.  Justin was hitting below the belt blaming John for Susie  and them losing their cash, but John did too.  Wasn't clear why Justin's offer of more money wasn't allowed, had the deal gone too far for that? At least they are now both on the same page again and back on track.  Anyways is there enough room at the garage to do panel beating? 

I think Tori and Christian took Logan home as neither of them felt they could trust him not to go a-wandering once they left the hospital.   Christian  and Logan did seem to be up most of the  night playing cards. Tori did want to check him back at the hospital but he ducked that by going off back to work with the MRU.  The frostiness between Logan and Tori did seem to be thawing with him cooking brekkie, not just a couple of rounds of toast either,  to say thank you, though he then went and spoilt it.  He wasn't under arrest or their prisoner so he couldn't be forced back to hospital as long as he's aware of the risks which I'm sure he is. 

I could be totally wrong but Logan has seen situations where someone's life can change in an instant, as did Christian with Rachel,  or even end so maybe he is living life as he wants while he can. 

Cash does seem to shut down a bit when Jasmine asks about his family, maybe he was more affected by their death than he's making out but because he had to look after Felicity he put his feelings to one side. 

Flick had plenty of time to douse those two idiots before Cash turned up.  She did trot out the 'this is my brother, he's a cop' line which had them sloping off which made me think she uses that on  a regular basis to get out of trouble with guys.  Maybe  a good job Alf is away he would not have been impressed by those two galahs causing a disturbance and upsetting the rest of the guests.  Likely they were a couple of lads she got chatting to at work and she played one against the other as to who was the more macho. 

Looks like her and Tane hook up again.  

No Chloe or Ryder - were they still caching up on their sleep.😴

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