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Dan F

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Ari was kind of on a hiding to nothing with no-one in a talking mood. I think Nikau's right that Bella would regret selling her photography stuff, so him buying it and holding onto it is a good idea in principle.But I don't think she's going to appreciate it any time soon, so he'd better be ready to keep it hidden.Tane meanwhile is just looking for a distraction, although I guess Mia's given Ari one now with the adoption suggestion.

So, we get the story about what happened to the Newmans' father from Felicity...and then we get the real one from Cash. Well, sort of. It sounded like their father committed suicide but no-one ever actually said so or even used a euphemism: Is that the new Word We Can't Say? (Thinking back, I remember some confusion around John's father's suicide.) When Felicity described Cash as "great but damaged", she could have been talking about herself. I do think she was being honest when she agreed to pull her head in, so hopefully no more early morning brawls.

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I got to say I’m finding the show not that exciting these days I couldn’t really care less about any of the couples getting together Logan Mac Cash or Jamise even Felcity was bit boring even though Cashs dad being murdered could have been interesting but turns out that didn’t happen 

Ryder and Chloe takeaways are quite odd wouldn’t you want your tacos hot especially if they were spicy 

I don’t really get Tori’s problem with Logan and it was bit odd that he kept wandering out of bed while I’m hospital like that would really happen 

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Ari must have got through to Nik on one level as he went and asked Roo if there was anything going at the bait shop.  Could he help at the caravan park? Wonder how much dosh he does have in his account from the modelling gigs - does he contribute to his food and house keeping? He's just spent $4000 of it - see below. 

Was $4000 what Bella was asking for her kit, is that a high price, good price, reasonable?  Bit confused - that mystery guy gave Bella the money,  then went to see Nik who handed him some cash - had Nik paid him in advance and this was a bonus? I'm with Nik -  down the road Bella will regret it but agree Red now is definitely not the time to reveal all.  Rather similar, though also totally different,  to when Bianca lost Rocco and told Irene to get rid of all his things which she mostly did, but kept somethings back until Bianca was ready to see them again which she knew at some point she would be.

In most storylines that involve  doctors getting sick, injured they always get themselves out of bed long before they are ready and itching to get back to work.  Maybe Logan and Tori are more alike than she would be prepared to admit.  🤔

Either reason about Cash's/Felicity's dad would explain Cash being reluctant talking about him.  He was only 12 himself when he found him and there was no note ditto with John's dad.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, suicide - oops I said it🙊 - isn't the 'crime' it used to be treated as.  Cash likely felt he had to step up and look after Felicity the best he could, good that they were fostered together.   Maybe they are both damaged in different ways. 

Flick certainly doesn't hang back when she likes a guy - though she has been very lucky so far, I'm guessing, and hasn't had any guy turn nasty on her.  Tane is her current attraction and although I think he would go there it's Cash that's making him wary. 

Ari and Mia adopting - great - but I've mentioned before there is a teeny snag she seems to have overlooked/forgotten about and it hasn't clicked with Ari either that could scupper it - he's been inside and not for an minor offence either.  Another alternative is surrogacy. 


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1 hour ago, c120701 said:

Catching up - did anyone else notice on Dean’s (played by Patrick O’Connor) hospital patient information board that he was being treated by Nurse O’Connor?

Indeed I did, that and the fact he's apparently allergic to raisins!

4 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Was $4000 what Bella was asking for her kit, is that a high price, good price, reasonable?

$4000 (around £2150) for the specific kit shown on that ad, even for second-hand, is a bargain! Just those four lenses on their own are worth over £8500 if you were buying them new, add the camera and other accessories and you'd be looking at over £11,000 ($20,500). I guess she really wanted them gone fast. 😄

It's one of those cases where it's better to not look too closely at the props, as things don't quite add up to the kit Bella actually used (I only recall seeing her using the cheaper lenses for her own stuff).

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On 30/09/2021 at 19:42, CaptainHulk said:

Even Maz, described as having "Hairspray for Brains", once would eventually work out Cleaning products wouldn't be smelling so "spicy"🤣

Not the brightest spark.

Finding it hard to get into most of the current storylines.

Regarding Friday before last - I hated the way Dean was with the nurse that tried to help him.

Surely someone from the Diner's going to find out that Chloe/Ryder are advertising their business online or locally.  Whilst they're being dishonest, part of my does admire their dedication.  Perhaps if they came clean, they may be able to work something out with Irene/Leah whereby they can pay to use the facilities out of hours (because presumably even if they are using their own food, they are still using electricity and gas).

The stuff with Justin and John is tiresome.  I was on Justin's side throughout and wouldn't want to be working with John.

Whilst I did find it funny how Logan undermined Tori in her own ED initially, I'm not really that keen on him and find him to be quite smug and arrogant.  I also didn't like the way he and Tori kept flirting although Christian quite enjoyed it.  Don't really want Mackenzie and him together but it's going to happen.

Can't really say I'm fussed about Dean and Ziggy either way.

Felicity very much seems like Amber 2.0.  Very few people find her likeable although, at least with Amber she often acts out as a defence mechanism but Felicity seemed to relish those 2 guys fighting over her.  And then you have people complaining to Roo about her so she has a knack of just ticking people off.  She was looking hot, particularly at the Caravan Park when Cash broke the fight up.  I do like the scenes with her and Jasmine and I am quite enjoying the interaction with Tane.

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On 10/10/2021 at 14:14, H&Alover said:

Bit confused - that mystery guy gave Bella the money,  then went to see Nik who handed him some cash - had Nik paid him in advance and this was a bonus?

Nik gave him the money to give to Bella for the camera, then gave him some money for himself once he'd done the job.

Well...Felicity refusing to take no for an answer with Tane was more than a little problematic, but he gave into her in the end so...that's okay? I'm in two minds about Bella's reaction to them kissing.It's nice she wants to stick up for Ziggy, but given that Ziggy was the one that cheated and Tane had to watch her kissing Dean five minutes after they broke up, I can't really see her as the injured party. Marilyn meeting Felicity, and Felicity's "What's a Ziggy?", were vaguely amusing.

Bella found out about Nikau buying the camera happened a lot quicker than anyone had anticipated, but it's actually not a total loss: Nikau's still looking after the camera and can give it back to Bella if/when she works through this. Still, she's thousands of dollars down, so maybe she actually needs to think about getting a job unless she wants to leave all the bills to Mackenzie.(Is she still at TAFE if she's given up on Photography?)

So, the only way to get Dean out of hospital is for him to move in with Ziggy? Mackenzie's expression just screams "Oh boy, this is a bad idea..."

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Dean is a very independent guy who doesn't like relying on others,  there's been other guys just like him, so completely understandable he's reacting the way he is.  He seems a lot better with Grant who comes across a no nonsense type.  Dean did look embarrassed when Grant was lifting him in and out of the wheelchair and Ziggy and Bella were there watching.  He did look in pain when sitting in the chair. 

It has been long thought if a patient can go home they should as it's thought they recover better in their own place. I 'said' ages ago no way would the hospital allow him to go back to the flat not with all those stairs, he'd be  a prisoner for weeks yet, with a broken leg it'd be tough enough but a smashed pelvis forget it.  Mac was rather naive/slow in  thinking it'd be OK with her making all those plans for her and Bella to look after him.  On the surface it does make sense for him to be at the farmhouse, physio have checked it out, it's all one level, easy entry in and out, corridor and doors wide enough.  I'm guessing he'll need the bedroom closest to the bathroom.   But I don't think Ziggy has fully thought it through.  There will be some intimate help Dean is going to need and having your girlfriend do it will be pretty awkward. 

Oops Nik's idea went awry a lot sooner than he planned and all because Bella was being a responsible adult and passing on the warranty for the camera onto the buyer.  He can indeed still hold onto it all, but her chucking the money back at him was dumb, all $4000 of it. 

"What's a Ziggy?" - loved it.  Was Tane making a point snogging Felicity in front of Ziggy that he was over her? He'd just spent most of the time before that trying to avoid her getting too close.  Ziggy looked more bemused than bothered. It was amusing Ari turning the sound on the TV up to drown out the other sounds.  Tane's now obviously decided the only way to avoid temptation is to leave town for a few days. 

When Chloe and Ryder do get rumbled there won't just be the paying for the facilities they are using, Irene and Leah will have to rethink the insurance to cover the after hours use of the kitchen in case of accidents.

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Well, John got a free meal (minus the wine he provided) out of Ari and Mia's questioning, so not a complete waste of time, and did give them some encouragement. Tane finds that a night out with a hyperactive Nikau isn't that much fun, but on the plus side, he and Mackenzie do seem to be making a go of this friendship thing.

Nikau's bratty outburst at Ari was unnecessary. Dean's an old friend of Ari's, he got injured in the first place because he was trying to help Nikau, and Tane kind of wants Dean and Ziggy to make a go of it anyway even if he doesn't want to be friends with them, so I'm not sure there's any lack of loyalty going on. It felt like, somehow, Nikau's relating his and Bella's break-up to Tane and Ziggy's, but the only thing they have in common is that they are break-ups, and I'm slowly realising I've lost all track of what Nikau actually wants there.

(To recap:Nikau cheated on Bella.Bella broke up with him and said she wanted nothing to do with him.Nikau tried to get her to give him another chance.Nikau nearly died and Bella decided she did want to get back with him after all.Nikau promptly told her to leave him alone, for reasons that remain not entirely clear.Bella went back to saying she wanted nothing to do with him.Nikau is still trying to make it up to her and I've no idea if he wants to get back together again or not...)

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