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2021 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Well, Bella was obviously listening to my comment last week because there she is, trying to get a job. Kudos to her for that, hopefully it'll be followed through on rather than just dropped.Kudos to Nikau too for apologising to Ari and Mia for what he said.It was odd that he told Tane he did it because Ari "got under his skin", implying it was prompted by Ari lecturing him, when in fact Ari hadn't said a thing about Nikau and he just said it to punish him for helping Dean.Maybe he didn't want to reopen wounds with Tane...

Talking of which, neither Tane or Felicity is coming across that well with their fling. Felicity's behaviour is bordering on sexual harassment at times, yet Tane isn't half giving her mixed messages: Telling her it's never going to happen again and then using her for a distraction every time he has an awkward encounter with Ziggy isn't helping at all.

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Did Nikau and Tane actually go anywhere?🤔  I caught  a mention of them sleeping in the car. They were supposed to be away for a few days but were back in the bay the following day going by what Mac was saying, Dean having moved in with Ziggy that day. 

At least Dean and Ziggy got themselves sorted after Dean got over his niggle about who dumped whom with a few wise words from Bella.  

John - "Do you know what a juice is?" Bella - "It comes from fruit".  Well yes, but there is more to it than just opening  a bottle and pouring it into a glass. 🤣  Could we see her rethinking Nik's offer of accepting 'her' money from him?  She's still going to do something with her day, but while she's waiting for a job that really interests her it'll take the pressure  off. 

Nik blames himself for being the cause of the accident which has cost Mia her baby and Dean to be in hospital so that is why he doesn't want to be with Bella, but still wants to help her. Now he's bothering her again, not to get back with him but to accept the money or to take her camera gear back. Methinks Bella is cutting her nose off to spare her face. 

Is Nik also angry at Dean for 'stealing' Ziggy off Tane which is why he hasn't visited him, despite, if you want to look at it that way, he's got a smashed pelvis because he came out to bring you home.

It's good Tane and Mac can now be friends, he needs another prospective re the Dean Ziggy thing. 

Yes, if that was the other way round and it was Tane essentially stalking Felicity it would be sexual harassment.  It's not heavy and neither is expecting much from the other so no-one getting hurt and it may just burn itself out - or rather Tane will get burn out. 

To think when The Parata's first arrived John was against them, well mainly Ari, as he was jealous of Marilyn being able to talk to Ari better than she could to him due to them being in the siege together.  John it turns out was quite sensitive not mentioning at the dinner about Ari's time in prison being a stumbling block in them adopting.  I'd forgotten about his time inside.

Good news for Jasmine that she's Ok to carry on nursing which has given her cause to rethink her life and what she wants to do with it. 

:offtopic:Is it just me that thinks Anna Samson has Scandi roots, her colouring, features give that impression. 



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Tane confiding in Felicity probably added to the mixed messages. I get that he hasn't had the best experience with the police, but they haven't had the best experience with him either, and as I said before, Cash seems very different in temperament to Colby.It's hard to tell whether this "Never again" is going to stick or not. Cash winding Felicity up and Jasmine's reaction to it was quite amusing.

So, after all that work, Martha's hit a major stumbling block.I hope we get a proper explanation for the gallery's change of heart tomorrow. Justin wasn't having a good day, failing to sneak out of the honeymoon discussion and then being roped into multi trips to the city, so at least he seems to have been spared! That was a pretty big leap for Christian to go from Tori wanting a holiday in London to wanting to move to any random place in the UK permanently.

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15 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:

Though, It'd be difficult to blame Tane here Felicity was looking kinda good... But yeah.

Anyone feel like the show doesn't quite know what it wants to be right now?

It’s quite boring at the moment I like Chloe and Ryders takeaway madness though

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Felicity did show she has a softer side when listening to Tane explaining his problem with the cops, he didn't mention Ari getting arrested but that's another reason for him being anti cop.   The stopping of Nik, Tane and Ari of leaving Aus for New Zealand was more down to Colby having a thing against them.  True Cash is Felicity's big brother so he would look out for her, but she is a lot older thane Bella is.  Has Tane told Felicity about how it ended with him and Ziggy?

Had Felicity forgotten Cash is a cop so would have seen Tane sneaking out somehow, how did he spot that btw?   Jasmine and Felicity do get on well, I don't think Flick has many girl friends.

Be  a wrench for Jasmine when she sells the gym, it had been Robbo's which he left to her, but I guess she feels the time is right.  

Justin must have read my mind, I was going to suggest he and Leah with Marilyn's help look after Grace so Christian and Tori can have a proper honeymoon.  On that subject oi Christian  London can be romantic - cheeky sod and, not being racist in anyway, we speak the same language - we understand barbie, strewth, galah, dunny.🤣  True you have to take a chance on the weather, but it rains in Paris too.  That was a leap from honeymooning in London to moving here.  He does rush into making  random life changing  decisions before thinking things through and he ought to know by now Tori does like to overthink everything. 

Casual, and could have been nearly missed remark by Marilyn asking Leah if she'd left an oven on the day before as she had found one on when she came in.  Either Ryder or Chloe slipped up there, guessing it may have been an electric one, because I don't think you could miss it if it had been a gas one.   There's another thing with Ryder and Chloe's secret cooking would, when it comes out, affect the lease Irene and Leah have with their landlord/lady? 🤔

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Chloe and Ryder's insane business model continues. Now it seems they're actually using the Diner's ingredients as well as their facilities, which puts them into even more morally murky territory. A bad day for Ryder to be indispensable. Did Roo really not notice he was dead on his feet while getting him to set up the auction page? Leah seems a bit suss about Chloe's determination to be left alone in the Diner.

Logan telling Tori to go somewhere where she can make a real difference was a bit of a "Wait, what?" moment: It's not like she's heading somewhere that's desperately starved of decent doctors! (Well, not that desperately starved.) To be fair, I'm not sure Logan actually knew they were going to London, just that it was overseas. Anyway, his words seem to have given Tori a new perspective.

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Only parts that I found interesting were Chloe and Ryder using up the diners ingredients to be fair I didn’t think of that either 

And Jasmine selling the gym too Ari and Mia surprise that she did that

Found the rest boring 

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