And so here we are already on those with five points, which could now merely mean being one person’s third favourite.

  • 93. April Scott (5 points)

    Played by Rhiannon Fish

    April managed to lose most of the personality traits that made her interesting pretty early on, although she did at least manage to hold on to the environmentalist angle longer than Coco did. And she had the sense to leave town right after getting married so they didn’t get split up.

  • 93= Barbara Stewart (5 points)

    Played by Barbara Stephens & Rona McLeod

    One of Alf’s sisters, Barbara had a rather chequered and confused history where she married Donald Fisher, had him cheat on her with her sister and ultimately tried to kill him by poisoning his hand wash, before turning up as part of a roll call of old characters as if nothing happened.

  • 93= Beth Hunter (5 points)

    Played by Clarissa House

    The matriarch of the caravan park back in the mid-00s, Beth sold it on to Sally around the time the Sutherlands left but managed to stick around for quite a while afterwards with another blended family. She’s well-remembered even though repeats suggest she was more annoying than people think.

  • 93= Buddy Morgan (5 points)

    Played by Buddy

    The Morgans are such magnets for drama and psychopaths that even the family pet seems to get hospitalised and kidnapped with worrying regularity. They’d probably be better off with a dog less likely to welcome villains into their home but hey, everyone loves Buddy.

  • 93= Cassie Turner (5 points)

    Played by Sharni Vinson

    Yet another mid-00s teenager making a return to the poll. Cassie started off in an on/off relationship with foster brother Ric but things went downhill after that: If there was a dodgy guy in the Bay, you could bet Cassie was dating him. (Well, unless Martha was, anyway.) Left town with Sally, who seems to have managed to lose her somewhere in Asia.

  • 93= Coco Astoni (5 points)

    Played by Anna Cocquerel

    Another of the new Astoni family, Coco doesn’t quite seem to have settled on a personality, veering between being a shy and sensitive girl and being a self-absorbed brat. It’s probably the former that earned her the votes and she does have a good friendship going with Raffy when they’re not arguing over Ryder.

  • 93= Duncan Stewart (5 points)

    Played by Allana Ellis, Lewis Devaney, Brendan McKensy & Benedict Wall

    The show’s reformed devil child has been holding steady on five points for quite a while now. He popped into town around the time of the last poll to make an attempt to romance Tori and may still own a seaplane in town unless everyone’s forgotten about it. After years of us wondering who he was married to, we were introduced to her shortly before she died off screen.

  • 93= Edward Dunglass (5 points)

    Played by Stephen James King

    Talking of dying off screen, Edward disappeared off with a terminal diagnosis eighteen years ago, so he’s probably done that by now. Another short-lived regular in the often volatile 90s, Edward managed to pretend-marry his teenage girlfriend long before Robbie and Matt did, so he can be called a pioneer.

  • 93= Gina Austin/Palmer (5 points)

    Played by Sonia Todd

    Remember we talked about people close to Tony dying? Even after he left the show, his sister managed to drop dead of an aneurysm at the wheel, although everyone had probably forgotten about her connection to the Holdens by then since none of them turned up for her funeral. She’s also the last person to get married on the show and take her husband’s name. This was in 2010.

  • 93= Justin Morgan (5 points)

    Played by James Stewart

    A debut showing for the eldest Morgan sibling. Justin was another one that didn’t start off well since every single scene seemed to involve him losing his temper with someone, but he’s settled down to being a decent if rather bemused brother to everyone. He might have scored higher if he was nicer to Dean.

  • 93= Nick Smith (5 points)

    Played by Chris Egan

    Nick returns to the poll after last picking up votes in 2012. Irene’s de facto stepson was best friends with Duncan for a while and managed to stick it out for about three years before moving to the States to be an actor in a kind of art imitating life way. In my head, he’s also married to Jade. Anyone else?

  • 93= Ric Dalby (5 points)

    Played by Mark Furze

    Talking of people who are married in my head, Ric’s the last of that mid-00s teen group to come storming back onto the table, although in his case he only missed one poll. The fact that every other branch of Alf’s family has reappeared in the last couple of years cements his status as the forgotten grandchild. But to be fair, he’s probably better off that way.

  • 93= Ricky Sharpe (5 points)

    Played by Bonnie Sveen

    Ricky’s never quite managed to match the heights of her debut appearance four years ago, and has even managed to get one point less than last time, but is still a certainty for anyone using up all their votes on Braxton characters. She might have married Nate but it was Brax she went back to in the end. Hard to tell whether that’s a downgrade or an upgrade.

  • 93= Roman Harris (5 points)

    Played by Conrad Coleby

    Roman continues to hold his place in the lower part of this poll. I guess we’ll never know whether he got out of jail or not. Kirsty remarked that by the time he was released his teenage daughter Nicole would be a parent herself. Of course, since they were living in Summer Bay, Nicole was a parent herself within two years.

  • 93= Rosie Pritchard (5 points)

    Played by Teri Haddy

    Why wasn’t Rosie a regular..? Okay, I’m over it. Young Miss Pritchard has actually managed to get a couple of points more than her previous poll appearances to show that she’s still well-remembered despite a short time on the show. She’s even ranked above Spencer, despite being written out because there was no way he could have competed with her for Sasha’s affections. Probably.

  • 93= Shauna Bradley (5 points)

    Played by Kylie Watson

    Another one returning after taking a poll off and another one of those relatives of existing characters who really should be mentioned sometimes. Alf’s stepdaughter was the one left keeping him company when he was first left without a wife or child to talk to and managed to get a happy ending despite having Sally sticking pins in a voodoo doll of her.