Hitting the Top 10 at last, here’s the bottom half of it!

  • 6. Pippa Fletcher/Ross (63 points)

    Played by Vanessa Downing & Debra Lawrance

    Pippa continues to be a favourite among long term fans. There was a time when it felt like the show wouldn’t survive without her, but twenty years on from her departure we’re still here. Which isn’t to downplay her role, as she was the lynchpin of the show’s first decade around whom the revolving door of foster children orbited. Sorry, that’s one heck of a mixed metaphor…

  • 7. Darryl Braxton (55 points)

    Played by Stephen Peacocke

    Brax continues to feature in the Top 10 two years after his absolutely definitely final appearance. The introduction of a new generation of River Boys has raised awkward questions about where they’re meant to have been during Brax’s time as the gang’s leader, in which his attempts to go straight and sell pizzas never quite seemed to work out.

  • 8. Marilyn Chambers/Fisher (53 points)

    Played by Emily Symons

    Marilyn has been in and out of the show almost as long as it’s been running, with even her current eight year stint being a pretty impressive tenure. Marilyn seems the chosen candidate to be the show’s latest foster mother, although she hasn’t quite worked out that you’re meant to wait for social services to place children with you, not invite the town’s teenagers to move in.

  • 9. Aden Jefferies (40 points)

    Played by Todd Lasance

    Aden has never gone far from the Top 10 since those halcyons days of ten years ago when it seemed like you couldn’t move on the forum for ‘Adelle’ fan fics. Having been widowed nearly as fast as VJ was, Aden spent a few more months hanging around town and doing a bit of a Matt-and-Evie with Nicole before abruptly moving to the city.

  • 10. Raffy Morrison (38 points)

    Played by Olivia Deeble

    This year’s highest new entry, and what a high entry it is! Having just missed out on being eligible last time round, Raffy has been a definite highlight of the last two years, adding a mix of liveliness and vulnerability to the makeshift teen group that’s formed around her and her recently discovered family (when the show bothers to give her scenes with them).

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