Entering the Top 60, we now have those on 12-14 points.

  • 50. Angel Parrish (14 points)

    Played by Melissa George

    Melissa George seems to have finally resigned herself to the fact that, however many films she makes, to some people she’ll always be “Angel from Home and Away”. One half of the show’s ultimate golden couple, no documentary on the show is complete without that clip of her walking down the aisle at her wedding. And she did a few other things too.

  • 50= Heath Braxton (14 points)

    Played by Dan Ewing

    The first Braxton to appear in this poll, Heath started out bashing a popular character during a brawl and looked to have a limited shelf life. However, after a number of wake-up calls, he softened considerably and was turned into a lovable comedy character after meeting a woman who loved him for who he was. Then he married her sister. (I’m here all week.)

  • 50= Martha MacKenzie (14 points)

    Played by Jodi Gordon

    Eight years after going on the run with her latest dubious boyfriend, Martha’s still there. Roo recently tried to find out what had happened to her but, to the surprise of no-one, drew a blank. Mainly because she’s currently in Ramsay Street pretending that Pippa’s her mother.

  • 53. Colleen Smart (13 points)

    Played by Lyn Collingwood

    Another of Alf’s sisters, although neither they nor we knew that until twenty years after her first appearance. Colleen was one of those characters who managed to be on the show for donkeys years without really getting that many storylines, basically taking on Celia’s role of letting slip plot specific information at the wrong moment.

  • 53= Evelyn MacGuire (13 points)

    Played by Philippa Northeast

    Evelyn was such a Doom Magnet that she managed to wipe out every single blood relative apart from uncle Zac. Hunter must be thanking his lucky stars that that DNA test came back negative. After long-term boyfriend Josh disappeared off on the run, she got a happy ending by sort-of marrying friend-turned-boyfriend Matt.

  • 53= Hayley Smith/Lawson (13 points)

    Played by Bec Cartwright & Ella Scott Lynch

    While some people probably never forgave her for the higher-ups preferring her to Kit as a love interest for Noah, Hayley did actually manage to be more than that, outlasting the rest of the Smith family by far to be one of the mainstays of Irene’s household: She was on the show longer than any of Pippa’s foster children bar Sally!

  • 53= Jack Holden (13 points)

    Played by Paul O’Brien

    Jack’s another one whose disappearance from the poll last time round seems to have brought all his fans out to vote for him. Most remembered for marrying Martha twice, Jack was the original increasingly dodgy police officer who didn’t know when to quit and ended up getting killed for breaking the rules once too often.

  • 53= Noah Lawson (13 points)

    Played by Beau Brady

    On the same number of points as his wife, Noah has been holding steady in the poll for quite a while now, although thirteen points doesn’t get him as high as it used to. Left-wing firebrand turned social worker and school counsellor, Noah got shot between episodes then turned up to his funeral as a ghost to confuse everyone as to who was dead.

  • 53= Sid Walker (13 points)

    Played by Robert Mammone

    Now officially more popular than either of his daughters, Sid was the show’s resident medical expert and a single father, who had brief relationships with both Marilyn and Roo before managing to stay mostly single for the rest of his time on the show. He eventually left town to be a flying doctor but returned for son Dexter’s wedding and still owned the farm house until last year.

  • 59. Chloe Richards (12 points)

    Played by Kristy Wright

    We were only just getting into Chloe’s time on the show when the 7TWO repeats ended, although she’d already managed to fit in parental abuse and drug addiction. She outlasted her contemporaries and stuck around until 1999, then came back five years later so she could die in a car crash. She also gave us Olivia.

  • 59= Denny Miller (12 points)

    Played by Jessica Grace Smith

    Denny seemed to be a character with a lot of wasted potential as her original lively personality was pretty much replaced by her being defined as “Casey’s girlfriend”. This was even more troublesome given that she was on the show a lot longer after his death than the time they were actually together. It says a lot that she got murderered without anyone noticing for months.

  • 59= Jazz Curtis (12 points)

    Played by Rachel Gordon

    Jazz continues to pick up points after an initial stint where she accidentally burned down Amanda’s old place, followed by a slightly longer stint where she dated Miles for a bit, worked at the school and ended up as a kind of drunken wreck. I guess she just sort of left after that? Must look it up some time…

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