Next up, those on 15-18 points!

  • 37. Blake Dean (18 points)

    Played by Les Hill

    Blake was one of the iconic characters from the early 90s, outlasting most of his contemporaries including two best friends and a sister who turned evil. He’s probably best known for being the first in a long line of characters to have their terminally ill girlfriend die in their arms. He’s not particularly well known for dating Sophie for three months, even though that’s what his return stints concentrated on.

  • 37= Dean Thompson (18 points)

    Played by Patrick O’Connor

    So it’s Dean and Dean occupying No 37! The other one of the few characters to be introduced this year, Dean trod the well-worn path of coming in as an unsympathetic criminal and then gradually becoming more vulnerable until he becomes the new favourite of the people who miss Heath and Kyle. Plus he’s clearly Colby’s true love.

  • 39. Amanda Vale (17 points)

    Played by Holly Brisley

    You kind of had to ignore a lot of Amanda’s storylines to find her happy ending palatable. Like the fact she cheated the Hunters out of their inheritance and got away with it. Still, just about everyone else in her family was even worse so she probably seemed nice in comparison. Irene threw her a big farewell party, probably to make sure she left.

  • 39= Dani Sutherland (17 points)

    Played by Tammin Sursok

    A surprisingly high re-entry for Dani, who seemed to be quite a few people’s least favourite of the Sutherland sisters but is higher than one and level with the other here. Ending up as the woman of the house after mother Shelley’s quick departure, Dani also managed to prove surprisingly good at getting rid of Scott when he got annoying.

  • 39= Flynn Saunders (17 points)

    Played by Martin Dingle-Wall & Joel McIlroy

    Sally’s future husband changed into a completely different person between seasons without anyone noticing. Starting out as a social worker, he ended up becoming the local doctor, employing Colleen and dishing out advice to all and sundry, before getting a big weepie death episode. At least he had a legacy in a perfectly healthy daughter…oh.

  • 39= Kirsty Sutherland/Phillips (17 points)

    Played by Christie Hayes

    The middle Sutherland girl with the identical twin sister who popped up towards the end of her stint. After getting a not-as-happy-as-everyone-pretended ending where she and her husband went on the run, she returned three years later, got together with Miles and ended up playing parent to teenagers who were only about five years younger than her.

  • 39= Matilda Hunter (17 points)

    Played by Indiana Evans

    Matilda retains her popularity even though it’s now ten years since she disappeared off to uni and never came back. She may be Alf’s granddaughter-in-law by now, but since he never mentions Ric he’s certainly not going to mention her. She also had a twin brother that she forgot about, but then everyone else forgot him too.

  • 39= VJ Patterson (17 points)

    Played by Various Babies, Cooper Scott, Felix Dean & Matt Little

    VJ managed to get over a controversial recast to be a decent character in his own right, as his romance and short-lived (if apparently not legal) marriage with the ever tragic Billie won over most of the audience. His taking custody of the daughter that wasn’t his underlines what Home and Away should be about, and everyone cheered as they made their exit in a seaplane that, for once, didn’t crash.

  • 45. Belle Taylor (16 points)

    Played by Jessica Tovey

    Another high showing for one of the darlings of the mid-00s teen group. Belle managed to date Ric, Drew, Lucas and Aden during her time on the show and that’s just for starters. Eight years before VJ and Billie, she and Aden married after finding out she was dying of cancer. And that one actually was legal. She was meant to be an excellent photographer but seemed to spend most of her time wiping tables.

  • 45= Tasha Andrews (16 points)

    Played by Isabel Lucas

    On the same number of points as her one-time housemate, Tasha was one of those unfeasibly attractive oddballs that only exist on television. After a really bizarre middle year involving joining a cult and getting pregnant by rape, she finally got a happy ending with true love Robbie and had the sense never to go near Summer Bay again.

  • 47. Kane Phillips (15 points)

    Played by Sam Atwell

    Two points below his one-time wife, Kane spent the early 00s turning up once a year to deny raping Dani and then admit he did it after all, then forget the next time he appeared. His romance with her sister Kirsty probably proved more popular than expected so they left together…the first time round. He didn’t keep the girl but did benefit from the show’s unique justice system.

  • 47= Michael Ross (15 points)

    Played by Dennis Coard

    Michael’s slipped a bit after a couple of high appearances in recent polls. It’s tempting to blame his fall on the loss of the 7TWO repeats, but as he died only about 30 or so episodes afterwards anyway, it probably wouldn’t have made much difference. Pippa’s second husband quickly developed into a caring father figure to the foster children, although one of them was the death of him.

  • 47= Robbie Hunter (15 points)

    Played by Jason Smith

    One point below his wife, Robbie managed to make geeks cool when he wasn’t having one of his random angry outbursts. The middle Hunter child did actually end up having it all as he married his high school girlfriend, accepted her daughter as his own, made it through a last minute court appearance and managed to leave town without dying horribly.

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