Points start to get spread out a bit as we reach the characters who must have had at least two people vote for them.

  • 62. Geoff Campbell (11 points)

    Played by Lincoln Lewis

    Picking up his first votes since 2012, Geoff was another one who seemed to lose everything that made him distinctive quite quickly, going from a very straight-laced Christian boy with old-fashioned but strong morals to sleeping with girls and punching people like any other young male character. He did leave to become a missionary though, so that’s unusual.

  • 62=Mason Morgan (11 points)

    Played by Orpheus Pledger

    Mason makes his debut showing in the poll. It took a long time for forum members to warm to him—since he spent most of his first year dating girls that most of them wanted with someone else—but the storyline with Beth last year helped show up the decent young man underneath the cocky attitude. And he’s nice to Raffy on the rare occasion they get scenes together.

  • 62= Peter Baker (11 points)

    Played by Nicholas Bishop

    A bit of a slip for a character who was in the Top 20 last time, Peter got killed once and then didn’t get killed twice, as he managed to sneak out of the show to a happy ending. One of Summer Bay’s more competent police officers (although the bar is pretty low), he got the last laugh on one-time nemesis Eve Jacobson by showing how to make a resurrection last.

  • 62= Tom Fletcher (11 points)

    Played by Roger Oakley

    Tom slipped out the bottom of the poll last time, which probably brought a lot of early years fans out to vote for him. The first husband of Pippa was the show’s top-billed character for the first two and a half years or so before dying at the wheel of his car. He then turned up nearly twenty years later to turn Sally away at the pearly gates because her name wasn’t on the list.

  • 66. Indigo Walker (10 points)

    Played by Samara Weaving

    Indi seems to have been climbing steadily up the poll since her exit, possibly another case where characters stop being irritating when you don’t have to look at them. After a guest stint which pretty much treated her as a blank canvas, she was mostly defined during her time on the show by her on/off relationship with Romeo, which saw them elope to Hawaii.

  • 66= Sarah Lewis (10 points)

    Played by Luisa Hastings Edge

    If you’re a fan of crazy women, then you’re probably the reason Sarah is ranked so high. Sarah started off playing cruel practical jokes on Dani, like dressing up as a police officer to tell her her boyfriend was dead, and ended up taking half of Summer Bay hostage in order to go down in a blaze of glory. Claimed to have two great loves, neither of whom actually shared a scene with her.

  • 68. Nicole Franklin (9 points)

    Played by Tessa James

    Nicole’s another one who’s been shooting up the rankings, possibly benefitting from people forgetting about the fact she really wasn’t very well served by her last year on the show. One of the town’s reformed bad girls, Nicole managed to get through an awful lot of boyfriends during her time on the show, although most of them were on short-term contracts and thus turned evil.

  • 68= Stacey Macklin (9 points)

    Played by Sandie Lillingston

    A favourite of early years fans, Stacey had quite a lengthy guest stint as she turned up to replace brother Brett as head of the Macklin Corporation, then quit after a row with her villainous father and hung around trying out other business ideas. Like helping turn Lance, Martin and Marilyn into pop stars.

  • 70. Brody Morgan (8 points)

    Played by Jackson Heywood

    Last time round Brody was the highest-rated Morgan, this time there’s at least one above him. Maybe more? This may be because, since that first year as the family’s fourth banana, he’s now actually done stuff, with a drug addiction and a whirlwind marriage that makes it very hard for people to carry on thinking he’s gay. (Which the people making the show did, to be fair.)

  • 70= Celia Stewart (8 points)

    Played by Fiona Spence

    The second of Alf’s sister to appear in this poll, Celia’s taken a bit of a tumble but still placed fairly highly. With Doris Peters shunted off screen after the pilot, Celia took over as the town gossip, pretty much guaranteed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. She didn’t really do much else before becoming one of many originals to leave in 1990, but has popped up a few times since.

  • 70= Kit Hunter (8 points)

    Played by Amy Mizzi

    Kit continues to be more popular with the forum members than she was with the Seven Network executives, who famously ordered her axed after just a few months but didn’t notice that she didn’t leave properly for over three years. She appeared enough to have a slow-burn romance with Kim which led to a baby and a happy ever after. And her stepfather marrying his ex-wife.

  • 70= Maddy Osborne (8 points)

    Played by Kassandra Clementi

    I was fully expecting Maddy to vanish this time round but no, she’s picked up eight points, four times as many as last time, and none of them were from me. Another case of distance causing people to forget all the times she was nasty to Roo or Oscar and instead remember the good bits. Like all the times she was nice to Roo or Oscar.

  • 70= Rebecca Fisher/Nash (8 points)

    Played by Jane Hall, Danielle Carter, Belinda Emmett & Megan Connolly

    Donald Fisher’s daughter of the ever-changing face. 7TWO showed her two guest stints as a shy pianist but stopped before we got to her return as a regular, at which point she was suddenly having casual sex with Steven and sleeping with a married man. She did settle down fairly quickly, to the point that she was chosen to look after the caravan park and the foster children when Pippa left.

  • 70= Sasha Bezmel (8 points)

    Played by Demi Harman

    It’s a bit bizarre to see Sasha ranked below her half-sister, as the late arrival Walker sibling seems to be fading from memory a bit. She seemed to be in a rush to date pretty much every boy in Summer Bay but her best stuff was with her family so she always felt a bit lost when they left a year and a half before she did.

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