So it’s the final countdown as we find out who got the top spots!

  • 1. Alf Stewart (129 points)

    Played by Ray Meagher

    Yes, after thirty years on the show and fourteen years of BTTB polls, Alf has finally finished top of the totem poll. Alf has been haemorrhaging relatives lately, gaining two hitherto unknown grandsons and reuniting with all the children we thought the show had forgotten. So, has he finally finished above fellow original character Sally? Well…

  • 1= Sally Fletcher (129 points)

    Played by Kate Ritchie

    Yep, that’s right, after six successive victories, second longest-serving original Sally manages to share the title this time—which is quite impressive considering that she hasn’t been seen since 2013, and hasn’t even got repeats of her teenage years to sustain her this time. Just think, one person moving Alf or Sally one place in their listings could have made all the difference…

  • 3. Morag Bellingham (120 points)

    Played by Cornelia Frances

    Morag’s rise from sixth place into the Top 3 is both pleasing and sad given the probable reason for it. The death of Cornelia Frances earlier this year means we won’t be seeing her as Morag again, and that low-key farewell last year, saying an awkward goodbye to Roo after unusually managing to get John out of jail, was her last hurrah.

  • 4. Donald Fisher (75 points)

    Played by Norman Coburn

    The longest-serving on screen Summer Bay High principal by far, although he did have quite a few temporary replacements along the way. Don was the third longest-serving of the original cast, not bad for someone who didn’t even make it onto the opening titles until halfway through the first year. Even though it’s been eleven years since we last saw him, he remains one of the show’s icons.

  • 5. Irene Roberts (65 points)

    Played by Jacqy Phillips & Lynne McGranger

    Past winner Irene edges out Pippa by two points to continue to appear in the Top 5. After some of the rather odd things they’ve done with Irene in recent years, she’s probably grateful to have had a quiet time lately. She’s a bit too old now to be playing mother to teenagers, especially when she did it with their mothers two decades ago, so instead she’s currently acting like the mother figure to 20-somethings.

So, that’s another BTTB poll done. Join us again in two years to find out whether or not anyone will ever vote for Josh Barrett.

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