And so, a bit later than in earlier years, we reach the point where some of these could be someone’s favourite character! (And in no-one else’s top seven.)

  • 76. Alan Fisher (7 points)

    Played by Simon Kay

    A name that doesn’t crop up very often, Alan was the son of Donald Fisher who came to town in the show’s first year and romanced a girl who was later revealed to be his half-sister. He had a difficult relationship with Don which was never actually resolved before he dropped dead from an aneurysm.

  • 76= Floss McPhee (7 points)

    Played by Sheila Kennelly

    Like husband Neville, Floss was there at the very start of the show and is mainly remembered for proclaiming Bobby was going to kill one of the Fletchers. (Fortunately, there was a loophole.) Unlike Neville, she managed to turn up again over a decade later to pay Sally several visits, including one where she asked her to kill her.

  • 76= Jack Wilson (7 points)

    Played by Daniel Amalm

    The show seemed to decide not to have an out-and-out villain back in 1994, so much of the drama that year came courtesy of Jack, whose get-rich-quick schemes invariably left disaster in his wake and who also did the unthinkable by managing to split up Shane and Angel more or less by accident. Oh, and he nearly burned the entire town down once.

  • 76= Justine Welles (7 points)

    Played by Bree Desborough

    A surprise showing for a character who seemed to be consigned to the show’s most forgotten era. Justine was the last of Pippa’s foster children and stuck around through two changes of caravan park owner. Her most memorable storyline involved her being sent to jail for manslaughter, although as usual she got let out after a couple of weeks or so.

  • 76= Max Sutherland (7 points)

    Played by Sebastian Elmaloglou

    The youngest Sutherland also makes a surprise showing. Max was the nephew of Rhys and Shelley who came to live with them in the way that distant relatives often do in soap operas and never do in real life. Max was pretty much in an age group of his own until the Hunter twins came in and eventually got so fed up of being passed around that he disappeared off to boarding school.

  • 76= Paris Burnett (7 points)

    Played by Rhett Giles

    Irene’s younger boyfriend. Paris wasn’t the most memorable of Summer Bay High principals but his stay was far from being the shortest and we do have him to thank for sending Angie Russell packing. Plus he dated Irene and lived to tell the tale, so there’s that.

  • 76= Scarlett Snow (7 points)

    Played by Tania Nolan

    Scarlett has been and gone since the last poll, officially becoming the shortest-serving regular in the show’s history as her slow-burn relationship with Justin was suddenly dumped in favour of her going back to her estranged husband who had hardly any screen time. One day there’ll be essays written about Scarlett’s tenure, if people can remember it.

  • 76= Zoe McCallister/Eve Jacobsen (7 points)

    Played by Emily Perry

    The Summer Bay Stalker whose name the characters had a hard time remembering, spending her entire second stint getting her mixed up with the person she impersonated. When you’ve got a whodunnit, most people are going to look at the token guest character in the suspects list, although there were a surprisingly large number of people who insisted it wasn’t her right up to the end.

  • 84. Frank Morgan (6 points)

    Played by Alex Papps

    One of the show’s first heart-throbs, the producers apparently intended him and Bobby to be Home and Away’s answer to Scott and Charlene, but this didn’t really work since they split up within a few months and he left with Roo instead. His return a few years later marked the first time the show had ruined a happy ending and the first time an old character came back written as a jerk. He got better.

  • 84= Jesse McGregor (6 points)

    Played by Ben Unwin

    Jesse had two stints on the show, both of which ended with him heading off to jail, both of which involved his main love interest dumping him and agreeing to marry someone else soon after, and both of which saw him left at the altar by a second love interest. Some guys just can’t catch a break.

  • 84= Joel Nash (6 points)

    Played by David Woodley

    Like many Summer Bay police officers, Joel started off as a straight, by-the-book, law-abiding guy. Unlike many Summer Bay police officers, he pretty much stayed like that. Joel was part of a syndicate that bought the caravan park off Pippa but his time in charge didn’t last long as he broke up with his wife, and then got back with her within a few months so they could leave together.

  • 84= Peta Janossi (6 points)

    Played by Aleetza Wood

    Peta unusually manages to poll ahead of her “husband”, given that she didn’t really do that much that’s memorable other than dating him. She was taken in by Joel and Natalie during the period when the show was trying to keep the foster home thing going with a variety of new custodians and was last heard of living somewhere in Europe.

  • 84= Rachel Armstrong (6 points)

    Played by Amy Mathews

    Rachel did manage to shake off her reputation as kidnap bait but it took some time. She and Kim were the golden couple of 2006 but had to get split up when Chris Hemsworth decided he wanted a film career (wonder how that went?). Unusually, Rachel proceeded to get another high profile relationship when she married Tony and got a sunset ending of her own.

  • 84= Roo Stewart (6 points)

    Played by Justine Clarke & Georgie Parker

    A rather low showing for one of the show’s current stalwarts, but that’s perhaps not surprising when you consider that she only seems to get one storyline a year and seems to have been off screen more often than not in the past twelve months. She did finally get to meet half-sister Quinn during that time and, rather bizarrely, her supposedly long dead mother.

  • 84= Sophie Simpson (6 points)

    Played by Rebekah Elmaloglou

    Nestling comfortably alongside Roo, the show’s first teenage pregnancy, we have Sophie, the second. Sophie’s considered one of the icons of the early 90s although forum members had a hard time warming to her during the 7TWO showings. She made a few returns during the 00s where she gave birth to her second child eleven years after giving birth to her first.

  • 84= Steven Matheson (6 points)

    Played by Adam Willits

    Yet another original, Steven stuck around longer than some of the Fletcher foster kids (well, longer than Frank and Lynn anyway) so was there to play big brother to Sophie when she arrived. After a relatively short time out, he returned in the mid-90s, left under a bit of a cloud after losing his job at Summer Bay High and had an on/off relationship with Selina play out in the gaps between return stints.

  • 84= Zac MacGuire (6 points)

    Played by Charlie Clausen

    Zac lived at the farm house, was related to Evie and married Leah. Those are three pretty dangerous categories so how on earth is the guy still alive? His life insurance premiums must be through the roof. Having managed to keep most of the audience sympathy during the course of his break-up with Leah, Zac has got a few points extra this time round. Currently living in Vietnam with his few surviving relatives.