As a special bonus, this time we get the characters on both three and four points!

  • 109. Freya Duric (4 points)

    Played by Sophie Hensser

    Well, this is unprecedented. It’s something of a tradition that one member votes for Freya and everyone goes “Who’s that?” This time, two members voted for Freya and everyone goes “Who’s that?” She was in eight episodes in 2009.

  • 109= Jade Sutherland (4 points)

    Played by Kate Garven

    And another character returning to the poll after a year off! Jade of the infamous ‘not-actually-a-Sutherland’ plot twist, which prompted her to quit Summer Bay and go and sleep on stepsister Kit’s sofa in the city. Where she was whenever Kit came back to Summer Bay is anyone’s guess.

  • 109= Lucas Holden (4 points)

    Played by Rhys Wakefield

    Another one of the mid-00s teen group making a surprise return to the poll, even making it into the update above his father. Lucas was the nice one, which is always a problem, and got a bit sidelined when Matilda got a new boyfriend and Ric got a new best friend. So people started shipping him with Geoff instead.

  • 109= Phoebe Nicholson (4 points)

    Played by Isabella Giovinazzo

    Who’d have thought back in the dying days of 2013 that that weird rock star chick would still be hanging in at the lower ends of the poll all these years later? Phoebe always performs surprisingly well given that you were hard-pressed to find someone that would actually admit to liking her. Demanding she stay on the show and marry Justin, yes, but not liking her.

  • 109= Rabbit Copeland (4 points)

    Played by Mitzi Ruhlmann

    Rabbit’s leaped (hopped?) up a couple of points from her showing last time round. The feisty little girl that only Miles could see managed to hang around for the first part of 2010 warning him about the many calamities that tended to befall those around him. They could probably do with her now.

  • 109= Scott Hunter (4 points)

    Played by Kip Gamblin

    Another character who hasn’t polled in ten years making a comeback. Maybe people have stopped confusing him with, um, every other annoying ladies’ man that Kip Gamblin’s played. Or maybe we’re finally at the point where the horror of Paternitygate, where he spent what felt like a year not realising he’d got Hayley pregnant, has been erased from people’s memories.

  • 109= Tug O'Neale (4 points)

    Played by Tristan Bancks

    Possibly the precursor of every other bad-boy-turned-good, Tug started off as the high school nemesis of Shane and Damian before being moved up to the opening titles and getting to move into the beach house. He was still there when Irene moved in, apparently he was considered part of the furnishings.

  • 116. Bianca Scott (3 points)

    Played by Lisa Gormley

    And a return to the poll for Mrs Braxton! Bianca made a brief return to the series shortly after the last poll in order to publicise that she had a Foxtel special coming out, where she set in motion the chain of events that led to Leah turning against Zac and him sloping out of town. Thanks a lot, Bi.

  • 116= Diana Fraser (3 points)

    Played by Kerry McGuire

    For years, people dreamed of a future storyline where Olivia returned to the show and we got one more round of her nasty grandmother competing with Irene for custody of her. Then Olivia did come back to live with Irene and the fact Diana was still living a few miles away didn’t even get a mention. Maybe she didn’t notice.

  • 116= Donna Bishop (3 points)

    Played by Nicola Quilter

    Here’s a name no-one expected to see! Donna was another of those regulars who lasted less than a year, just enough time to have one major storyline and then leave. She was part of an attempt to introduce a bunch of young adult characters who had apparently all been teenagers at Summer Bay in the 80s, we just never saw them.

  • 116= Emma Jackson (3 points)

    Played by Dannii Minogue

    Maybe someone noticed Danni Minogue in the recent 30 years documentary and went “Oh yeah, she was in it, wasn’t she?”, because here’s her as Emma. There’s occasionally a rumour that she’s coming back, even though Alf and Ailsa seemed to forget about their niece pretty much as soon as she was gone.

  • 116= Matt Wilson (3 points)

    Played by Greg Benson

    Another original, it’s safe to say that Matt wasn’t kept around because of his ability to speak, given that he only did so once in his first episode in which he didn’t even have a name. He hung around for about four years not really doing anything and then just…wasn’t there one day. Yet somehow he was still on Alf’s mailing list when he summoned a bunch of ex-characters back in 2002!

  • 116= Mumma Rose (3 points)

    Played by Linden Wilkinson

    Or Florence White or whatever her real name was. Mumma Rose was the scary cult leader who managed to get Tasha impregnated by one of her acolytes, even though someone keeps editing Wikipedia to claim Robbie was the father. She didn’t really have much of a plan beyond that so was probably lucky to end up in a padded cell.

  • 116= Spencer Harrington (3 points)

    Played by Andrew J. Morley

    And another character who’s surprisingly still hanging in there. Spencer was another nice guy who got short shrift, as when the attempt to make him and Sasha into the Next Big Thing despite them barely having shared a scene floundered, he got given bipolar out of nowhere and then he spent a year or two just sort of being there.

  • 116= Tank Snelgrove (3 points)

    Played by Reece Milne

    Tank fans seemed to be even harder to find that Phoebe fans, but he’s made it into a BTTB poll anyway. After a debut storyline where he put Josh in a coma, Tank came back an apparently reformed character but got driven out of town anyway. But he got to take Skye with him, so he probably had the last laugh.

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