Finally we reach the heavy-weights as we enter the Top 20, with nine points between the first and last in this selection.

  • 11. Shannon Reed (34 points)

    Played by Isla Fisher

    The fact that we didn’t get to see her last year or so on 7TWO doesn’t seem to have slowed Shannon down one bit, as she just misses out on a place in the Top 10. Another character that’s well-remembered by people who last watched the show when it was on ITV, Shannon managed to fit some pretty heavy storylines into her time on the show including child abuse, eating disorders and lesbianism.

  • 12. Chris Harrington (31 points)

    Played by Johnny Ruffo

    The show’s unlucky-in-love comic relief from a couple of years ago is another one who retains his popularity. Brought in as Spencer’s brother, he proved a lot more memorable as he struck up a good relationship with Irene and anyone else who happened to be living with her. Had a surprisingly downbeat exit when he left town shortly after losing latest girlfriend Hannah.

  • 13. Casey Braxton (30 points)

    Played by Lincoln Younes

    Casey’s dropped out of the Top 10 this time round but remains popular, perhaps at least partly down to having a memorable death. Casey’s initial storyline of trying to better himself and get away from the Braxtons’ lifestyle never quite worked out, so it was perhaps inevitable he’d end up in the crossfire of the latest family feud.

  • 14. Hunter King (29 points)

    Played by Scott Lee

    Hunter left the show this year about two years after he was first announced as leaving. People seem to have forgotten about all that unfortunate arson, burglary and stabbing stuff at the start as we were repeatedly told he was a lovely boy during his later years. Opinion was divided as to whether he was more entertaining when he was completely nuts.

  • 15. Matt Page (28 points)

    Played by Alec Snow

    One of the long line of kids from Mangrove River who came to Summer Bay to reform, Matt made it through a couple of obviously doomed relationships and ended up coming full circle by sort-of marrying Evelyn, the first girl he showed an interest in. He also got reunited with his little sister so they could sail off as a makeshift family.

  • 16. Selina Cook/Roberts (27 points)

    Played by Tempany Deckert

    Another character whose time on 7TWO was cut short, so we missed out on her being kidnapped by an insane cult leader (twice), romancing a car thief, nearly marrying her former teacher and getting chatted up by Nick off Coronation Street in Ironbridge. Steven sometimes remembered to mention her during his later visits and sometimes didn’t.

  • 17. Bobby Simpson/Morgan/Marshall (26 points)

    Played by Nicolle Dickson

    One of the original characters, Bobby managed to fit quite a bit into five and a half years on the show, including marrying her foster brother, setting up the original Diner, having a miscarriage, fostering a boy whose father became her second husband, and turning out to be the secret love child of Donald Fisher and Morag Bellingham. Oh, and dying horribly.

  • 17= Maggie Astoni (26 points)

    Played by Kestie Morassi

    And so Maggie is officially the most popular Astoni! Last year Maggie was a bit of a nothing character who filled the school principal role, but a well-crafted cancer storyline that took up most of the year has seen her stock rise and earned her a high new entry. Husband Ben still hasn’t managed to get her on a surfboard though.

  • 17= Robbo Shaw (26 points)

    Played by Jake Ryan

    And another high new entry! Robbo came in with amnesia, with explanations for who he was ranging from “a ruthless mass murderer who got a bang on the head that made him a nice person” to “an undercover policeman being pursued by other policemen for crimes that never actually happened”. He now runs a gym.

  • 20. Dexter Walker (25 points)

    Played by Tom Green & Charles Cottier

    Dropping ten places makes Dexter the lowest ranked of last year’s Top 10, but he still retains a lot of his popularity. It is possible to try a bit hard to be eccentric, but Dexter managed to keep some of his quirkiness through his endless on/off courtship with April and the various traumas and family bereavements that inevitably came his way.

  • 20= Gypsy Nash (25 points)

    Played by Kimberley Cooper

    A massive climb for Gypsy, who only just scraped into the Top 50 last time round but manages to fill the fiery red-head quotient (except in her early episodes where she wasn’t a redhead). Gypsy was another of the show’s bad girl turned good types, as she changed from a troublemaking teen into a kindly trainee social worker. Also got to marry her on/off boyfriend, then break up with him off screen.

  • 20= John Palmer (25 points)

    Played by Shane Withington

    One of the stalwarts of the last decade or so, if John’s still there come the next poll then he’ll have been around longer than Pippa (both of them). The show did some rather funny things with him last year, with a brain tumour and a rather unnecessary stay in prison, but he and Marilyn remain one of the few solid married couples on the show.