Episode 5213

Australian Air Date: 24th November 2010
UK Air Date: 2nd February 2011

As Marilyn meets her end-date, will she make the ultimate sacrifice to save a drowning baby? Indi’s confused by Romeo’s decision. Ruby tells Bianca that she doesn’t deserve Liam.


Written by Sam Meikle
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Romeo tries to confront Indi over the fact that he failed his HSC for her. Whilst Romeo can’t understand why she’s so upset about it, Indi can’t deal with his actions and the implications it has for her. Eventually Indi apologises for making out she had done so bad, and making him feel guilty about moving onto Uni. But she certainly didn’t want him to purposely fail his HSC because of it. Romeo admits he also had his other reasons for failing, all his friends are still at the school and he just isn’t ready for Uni. They kiss and make up.

Marilyn’s day of death has arrived and she is very reflective. Sid doesn’t believe it but is struggling to be there for Marilyn anyway. Dex suggests that Marilyn should perhaps stay at the house, just in case anything did happen, but Marilyn needs to go out to post her goodbye DVD’s. Sid offers to post them for her, and she goes to meditate in the garden. When Ruby later phones Marilyn asking for a reading about her lovelife, Marilyn decides to get out of the house, and as she takes her tarot cards out of a drawer she finds that Sid has hidden her DVD’s in there.

During the reading, Marilyn tells Ruby that she sees a ‘hero’, someone that Ruby has known for some time, has sacrificed something, and has recently been abandoned. But Ruby doesn’t seem to know anyone like that…. Jackson later shows up at her door but Ruby doesn’t seem impressed. As she takes his phone to delete her number, she stumbles on a video he took of Bianca and Liam dancing and kissing on the night of the informal. When he explains he was thinking of putting in on the net, she sends it to her own phone and deletes it off Jackson’s, before shutting the door.

As Bianca’s wedding approaches, Bianca is struggling to deal with her conflicting emotions. Liam tells her that she is the woman he wants and she doesn’t have to change. When Ruby presents him with the evidence that would end the wedding he decides that she needs to make her own choices and deletes the video from Ruby’s phone. Ruby heads over to tell Bianca that she doesn’t deserve Liam. He loves her so much that he would destroy the evidence just to protect Bianca.

Marilyn heads out to post her goodbye DVD’s and in doing so has a near miss with a car. This deeply upsets Marilyn and when Alf finds her crying in the corner of the bait shop, she says that she doesn’t care what Mitzy said – she isn’t ready to die. Alf calls Sid to come and talk to her, but when Sid tells Marilyn that he doesn’t believe she’s going to die, she feels that he has just been humouring her for all these weeks. Upset, she leaves Sid in the diner and walks down down the wharf, where she sees a mother with a stroller. Just as the mother is distracted by her phone call, her baby in the stroller rolls off the wharf and into the water.

Marilyn jumps into the water to save the drowning baby, and though successful in getting the stroller up to the mother, Marilyn is completely exhausted struggling to stay afloat herself. Marilyn drowns.

The mother, oblivious to Marilyn still in the water, rushes her baby into the diner where Sid performs CPR. He manages to revive the baby and it’s only when she mentions a woman being there that realises it must be Marilyn. He rushes out and dives into the water. He manages to drag her out and frantically tries to revive her, but is he too late?

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