Episode 5095

Australian Air Date: 11th June 2010
UK Air Date: 18th June 2010

Tony and John fight after John arrives to dinner with Jill. Leah is still getting used to Lijuan’s bossy ways.


Extended Summary

Jill is running late for the dinner, Romeo heads out to find her only to find that she’s with John and they both look like they’ve been drinking – which is the last straw for Romeo. Not only is his mum ignoring a dinner invitation but she looks like she’s been drinking again.

Having spotted Romeo in the distance, Jill apologises for being late for dinner and assures him that both her and John weren’t drinking alcohol – only juices. Not only is Romeo furious at his mum, but he’s angry that she’s seeing someone like John, who’s supposed to be dating Gina. Jill insists she’s just trying to make friends and asks Romeo to apologise to John. Romeo begrudgingly apologises and invites John to join them for dinner at Jill’s request.

Tony and Rachel have come around to see Miles who invites them to stay for dinner. Before he knows it, he has a full party of people for his dinner including Jill and John Palmer. The room comes to a stand still when Jill brings John Palmer into the house. Tony is the least impressed of all because John is meant to be dating his sister. Things are awkward over dinner, and Rachel makes an attempt to start a conversation but it goes nowhere. Tony and John decide to take their escalating conversation outside and their fight ensues. After their poor excuse for a fight, mainly consisting of a few light punches and rolling around on the beach, both men come back in the house looking a little sheepish and decide to head home – going their separate ways. As Jill nurses John they soon find themselves in a passionate embrace but when he wakes up next to her, John is immediately regretful.

Lijuan and Leah are battling it out in the kitchen as Lijuan forcefully takes over the cooking. Leah and Elijah soon make a quick exit to the diner, with Leah saying she has to work. Leah tells Elijah that even though she wanted to escape, she doesn’t think Lijuan is too hard to deal with. Elijah knows that his mum may only be taking over in the kitchen now, but soon she’ll be taking over their whole lives. Lijuan and Song soon arrive at the diner with some food, forcing Leah and Elijah to have a home cooked meal. Lijuan and Song are quick to realise they are placing a lot of pressure on Leah and Elijah which is when they decide to stay at hotel for the night. That idea doesn’t last long as Lijuan and Song come home early having had an argument with the hotel staff.