Episode 5089

Australian Air Date: 3rd June 2010
UK Air Date: 10th June 2010

Jill is rejected by John, will she admit she needs help? Leah invites Elijah’s parents to stay with her. Marilyn admits the truth to Colleen, and is floored by her response.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Jill is insulted by Irene’s judgement and feels everyone is doing the same thing – the only person who’s nice to her is John Palmer. Irene is worried that she was too harsh with Jill – her message was the right one, but it will only work if Jill was ready to hear it. If she wasn’t, then she will have only made things worse.

John tells Jill he can’t see her until he knows what’s going on with Gina. She tries to talk John around, but he lays it out – until she works out her problems, he doesn’t want to see her. Jill confronts Miles – she’s being victimised, how dare Irene speak to her like that? Miles tells her she’s not – she needs to get help. Simple as that. He implores her to do it for Romeo. Will Jill finally admit she needs help?

Romeo gets down on himself – he tells Miles and Irene he’s not sure if he has the strength to convince Jill to change. Liam discovers Romeo crying in an empty classroom. Romeo confides in Liam about Jill, and Liam tries to talk Romeo through it – addiction is a tough thing – and it’s not Romeo’s burden. It’s up to Jill. He can’t live her life for her. After another talk with Irene, Jill goes to Romeo and hugs him, admitting that she has a problem and will deal with it. He invites her over for dinner, to which Miles agrees.

Elijah’s parents’ arrival is imminent – they’re going to stay at the rectory with him, which is okay with Leah. But when Elijah tells her that the rectory has a leak, Leah offers for his parents to stay with them, but Elijah says no. He calls them and cancels. He loses his phone, only to discover that Leah took it and called his mother, and arranged for his parents to stay with them.

Marilyn is being shadowed by Colleen, who is continuing her lie about the reception and it’s driving Marilyn insane. Marilyn wants Alf to help break the truth to Colleen but he refuses – this is Marilyn’s mess, she can get out of it. With difficulty, she tells Colleen the truth, to which Colleen informs her that she already knew. Marilyn is floored and Colleen gently reminds her that she shouldn’t mess with her.

When Liam confides in Martha about his dealings with Ruby, Alf notices a friendship reformed and suggests that Martha ask Liam to move in with her at the farm house when Hugo leaves. However Martha admits she’s thinking of selling the farm. Alf asks her not to rush into anything after her ordeal but Martha tells Liam that she feels it’s the right thing to do. Liam believes Martha’s instincts are worth listening to. Martha later goes to Alf and reveals she’s signed the farm over to him – she says it’s too hard for her to stick around, and whether it’s with Hugo or not, she’s going to leave Summer Bay.

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