Episode 5058

Australian Air Date: 21st April 2010
UK Air Date: 28th April 2010

Justin is stressed about what happened to his father and confesses to Charlie. Leah and Elijah navigate tricky waters in their relationship. Romeo and Annie reach an understanding.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

Justin is having nightmares about what he thinks has happened to his father, and flashbacks to himself and Aden burying the body. Aden tries to tell him not to stress, and points out that what he remembers doesn’t mean he killed Larry, but Justin is having difficulty handling things. Justin decides he should leave, but Aden doesn’t want him to. Justin asks Nicole to look out for Aden if he’s not around to do it – he thinks the best move is for Aden to join the army, he knows the rage that’s building up inside Aden and he needs an outlet for it, like Justin did. He puts his thoughts to Nicole and she doesn’t know how to take his suggestion that she is the only one that can convince Aden.

Justin goes to the Station and confesses to Charlie that he killed his father. Charlie takes his statement and lets him know they will go out and search the area again, which alarms Justin – he doesn’t want to incriminate Aden, and if the body is found buried, then he will. When Aden finds out what Justin has done, he’s furious – he tells Justin they need to dig up the body before the cops find it, and they need to do it that night.

Leah and Elijah have no regrets about taking their relationship to the next level, he doesn’t think he’ll cop too much grief about having pre-marital sex – there are bigger problems around and he doesn’t think their relationship will be viewed as a bad decision on his part. Charlie is really happy for Leah, and Leah is enjoying the moment, even though Elijah knows he shouldn’t let the Bishop know about the relationship – he frowns on relationships outside of marriage, and when Elijah meets him, he proves to be a very particular man. Elijah discreetly fills Leah in at The Diner and she is understanding about the fact they need to just be friends for the duration of the retreat, in public at least. Leah and Elijah sneak a few hugs, before heading off to find a picnic spot for the Reverends. Whilst picnicking on the beach, they affirm how they feel for one another. When they return, they kiss in Leah’s car, and are caught in the act by the difficult bishop.

After overhearing what Annie said about Japan, Romeo is sad – he doesn’t think he can convince her to stay, he thought he was doing that and now she wants to go anyway. Xavier tries to tell him to keep trying, but he’s not sure he can. Annie is frustrated by his attitude, and at not being able to know what will happen in the future. At Xavier’s suggestion, Romeo tries to use old movies for inspiration, but fails miserably. Romeo finds Annie and they clear the air – she suggests they need to focus on today and not worry about tomorrow. It will come and they will deal with it then. During rehearsal later that day, Romeo runs up to Annie, just to tell her she’s beautiful – she’s touched by that. Later, they discuss how close it is to the play being over, both resolving to enjoy today and not think about it.

Scene cut from Episode:
Nicole tells Romeo he needs to fight for Annie or she will leave.