Episode 5055

Australian Air Date: 16th April 2010
UK Air Date: 23rd April 2010

As Martha belatedly mourns Hugo’s death, Alf learns that he’s gone missing from witness protection. Liam helps Ruby discover a hidden talent. After a romantic medieval dinner date, Annie and Romeo profess their love for each other.


Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Both dressed in medieval garb – Annie playing princess to Romeo’s knight – they dine and are dazzled by an array of theatrics that Romeo has set up. Both are still dreamy the next day and agree to meet at lunch, each telling the other that they have something they want to say to them. Once at their meeting, in unison they tell each other “I love you.”

Concerned about how sad Martha seems, Alf has asked Colleen to drop in on her. The dinner that results sees Colleen become alarmed about Martha’s state of mind. Not only does she seem belatedly overwhelmed about losing Hugo, but she doesn’t seem to be coping with her grief. Colleen has never seen her like that before and becomes seriously worried when Martha tells her she doesn’t feel she’ll be able to cope if the pain doesn’t ease soon…. Colleen talks to Alf about her concerns and Alf, knowing that Hugo is still alive, tries a different tack. He visits Angelo and demands that he tells Martha the truth, and threatens that if he doesn’t, then Alf will tell her himself.

Angelo talks Alf around. Telling Martha about Hugo might ease her emotional distress, but it’d be replaced by her being put in real physical danger. Concerned, Angelo visits Martha and, over wine and pizza, tries to offer her ways of dealing with her pain. However, next day at work, Angelo gets some news that sees him hurry round to see Alf where he throws him a curve ball – Hugo’s gone missing from witness protection. Meanwhile back at the battery, a figure enters and removes a photo from their wallet – it’s a photo of Martha.

Ruby loves her role in the upcoming school production of Romeo and Juliet. She thinks Mercutio gets all the best lines and she’s right into playing him. Her enthusiasm wanes a little however, when Liam tells her that he’s written a song for Mercutio. Ruby thinks she can’t sing and is petrified of doing it on stage in front of a packed house. But Liam’s heard otherwise and finally coaxes Ruby in for a rehearsal. He’s then blown away by Ruby’s voice and scraps his song, vowing to write her a new one, one that does justice to her voice. Ruby is somewhat bemused but happy by this strange twist.