Episode 5053

Australian Air Date: 14th April 2010
UK Air Date: 21st April 2010

Miles and Rabbit face the moment of truth. Leah and VJ begin an emotional road trip with Elijah. The police ask Aden and Justin to help search the bush near where they buried Larry.


Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Miles has started taking the medication that Michael prescribed for him and is dismayed when it seems to cause him to lose the ability to see Rabbit. While he knew that was a potential outcome, if he really was delusional, Miles misses Rabbit terribly. He talks to Elijah, venting his frustrations about Elijah being able to believe in god and angels, yet he’s been forced to give up Rabbit. Elijah tries to comfort him with the thought that maybe Rabbit’s work was done, and that’s why she’s no longer here. Alf and Marilyn grow increasingly concerned for Miles as he continues searching for Rabbit and it seems to them that Miles has become even more unstable on the medication. After a long day, Miles finds himself on the beach. He sees something in the water and drags out some bunny ears. As he turns them over tenderly in his hands he hears a familiar voice – it’s Rabbit and Miles hugs her tightly – overjoyed by the reunion.

In the hope of giving Leah and VJ some closure after Vinnie’s death, Elijah has arranged a road trip so that they can visit his grave. While Leah is somewhat confronted and apprehensive about the trip, VJ embraces the idea and can’t wait to get going. It’s a long drive and VJ’s impatience grows, but Elijah has come prepared and has some games to keep him occupied. Leah is touched by his thoughtfulness and, as they break the journey and camp for the night, it becomes clear that if nothing else, this trip is going to bring all three closer together.

Justin and Aden, after burying their father in the bush, are already living on a knife edge, but the pressure increases massively when further laboratory results on the blood found on Justin at the accident site, reveals to the police that it belonged to his dad. With Larry missing, his bank account untouched for days, and Justin the last person to see him, the police become suspicious of the brothers and they come under close scrutiny. The ante is further elevated when Angelo and Charlie ask the brothers to join them on another search of the bush around where Justin’s car crashed. Aden and Justin are sick with worry as they buried Larry in the same region. Is the game almost up?

Nicole’s feeling aggrieved that Britt used her basic designs for a collection that she’s sold to a department store and Nicole got no credit at all. Stewing over the perceived injustice and encouraged by Marilyn, Nicole confronts Britt who reacts badly to the implication that she “stole” the designs from her and threatens legal action. As far as Britt’s concerned, their professional relationship is over and she’ll be telling everyone she knows in the industry that Nicole is a backstabbing manipulative thief. Nicole is left devastated.

Scene cut from episode:
Miles is tormented when, on the beach, he thinks he hears Rabbit calling to him from out in the water and he searches grimly for her, but without luck, only to find out that it was actually a dream.