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It's not Ben being nasty to Maggie, it's his depression which he is yet to acknowledge.  He is like a lot of people who are normally seen as someone who can cope with anything any failing is seen as them not being able to cope and being weak. I  liked John's chat with Maggie, he did go through something like that when he was over fretting about Jett and running himself into the ground, he didn't want to admit there was anything wrong.  At least Ben is doing something positive making that board and Maggie didn't want to put him off doing it. 

I felt the same about Bella essentially being ignored by Colby while he flirted away with Mac after he'd given Mac  a brief outline on Bella's background.  He'd cancelled his date because of what Irene had told him about the trial then left her  sitting there like a spare wheel. From what was said or not said I don't think Mac is in the loop about Bella  either. Not surprising Bella chose to go to Ryder's party where she got some attention and was able, with some liquid help, to forget her worries.   Shame Irene's solicitor said it would do her case a lot better if  the court could hear Bella's evidence in person.  There are ways round it, like Irene suggested, video link or have a screen up in the court so Bella couldn't see Tommy or he her. 

Maybe Roo should have been more clear when she talked about the celebration, as much as he loves them a dinner with Grumps and Roo would hardly be likely to be on the top of list.  Roo made a remark that when he was with Raffy he neglected his male mates , unless I missed something I don't recall him taking about them.:unsure:   It was a given that Alf would put a complete ban on booze, Ryder and others may be 18 but as Roo pointed out there would be a lot, like the previously unseen/untalked about Blake, who weren't.  . But that rule has been laid down before and flouted!  There are other pupils at SBH after all and most turned up to the party.  No real surprise Bella helped herself and Ryder did try and stop her a couple of times, but apart from calling Colby to take her home not a lot he could have done.

I don't think I'm going to be spoiling things, but I'm pretty sure what we saw, Alf catching Bella in Ryder's bed, was nothing like we were meant to be thinking it was.  My thought is she got drunk and Ryder put her to bed, he never touched her he wouldn't,  Ryder is far from that type of guy, especially if the girl was drunk. He'll still get it in the neck though both from Alf and Colby for not stopping her drinking.

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Ryder is a caring friend but not a responsible one.Given that he did take it upon himself to look after Bella, he did a good job of it.Of course, he'd have done a better job if he hadn't given her access to alcohol in the first place, or if he'd called Colby instead of sneaking her up to his room, which seemed to be as much about keeping himself out of trouble as her and was a fail on both counts.(Incidentally, what happened after he sent Alf and Roo to break up the party?Did they really not speak to him again until the following morning?)Hopefully he's learned his lesson from it.And he's always going to come off best in an episode full of more reasons to loathe Colby.A murderer threatening someone who's still at school isn't a caring brother, and neither is him throwing Irene under the bus because his "family" are the only thing he cares about.Dean was a bit too aggressive too of course but at least he actually listened.Colby's "He's not a kid" was largely meaningless in the circumstances: Bella's at least 16, possibly 17 (I'm suddenly remembering Colby marked her birthday fairly early on last year although I'm not sure which one it was), Ryder's only a couple of years older, if something consensual happened between them and Colby used it as an excuse to beat him up, then we could add it to the list of things he should be in jail for.

Mackenzie was completely right to pull Dean up on thinking he can just show up for work as and when he feels like it.I hope she sticks to her guns rather than being convinced to back down because "it's Dean".

I can't say I'd noticed we hadn't seen the caravan park house for a while!

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Was expecting Alf to have really blown his stack "You galahs better get movin' before you feel the force of my size 9!" "I see you round here again, I'm sendin' in the Wallopers!". so and so forth. 🤣  He was moderately restrained, then again he's in 70s and one more flame could be his last!

Am I the only one who thinks Ryder runs kind of weird (granted he was loaded down with beer) but still!

Doesn't anyone ever KNOCK?! Also Colby was needing a slap.

Maggie and John seem to have to quiet unspoken dynamic of understanding, she was pretty sympathetic to him when the Astoni's bowled up and heard about the Arson.

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11 hours ago, c120701 said:

I don’t think we’ve seen it since June, it’s been the longest time I remember it being off-screen.

We definitely saw it during Martha's last stint, was that the last time? Thinking about it, we have seen Ryder doing his homework outside a lot recently...

Anyway, where to start on today? Well, I think I'll go for the surprising highlight: Willow, Dean and Mackenzie.Willow and Dean reflecting on their journey from Mangrove River troublemakers to almost responsible members of the community was a nice moment and there was a lot of reflecting on how long they've known each other here.Meanwhile, Mackenzie was exasperated by Dean's behaviour but ultimately brought out a good side of him, although I wish she'd used the opportunity to get him to wear the uniform.One oddity:When Dean was grumbling about people not knowing how to lock a door, I assumed he meant Ryder and Bella, since that was the reason why he was late for his shift, but the final conversation suggested he meant Colby and Mackenzie, which was nothing to do with it.

Okay, it seems Irene's in agreement over Bella not testifying.My personal feeling is that they shouldn't be letting Colby dictate things, but everyone seemed to just accept without question that encouraging someone to keep quiet about a crime is good parenting.(So, is Bella not going to testify at Tommy's trial either?) With Leah apparently running Irene's defence in the absence of an on-screen lawyer (yep, we're definitely missing Morag or even her substitutes), we get another legal minefield that's bordering on contempt of court. I'm somewhat confused by the fact that we're suddenly getting references to a jury: Does that mean Irene's pleading not guilty? Because fair's fair, whatever Tommy had done beforehand, she did commit grievous bodily harm and you'd expect any decent lawyer to advise her to plead guilty and focus on mitigation.

Well, I'm bored watching Robbo and Jasmine have the same conversation over and over, so goodness knows how bad it must be for Jasmine having to live through it.Especially when Robbo gets to disappear off and have an awkward beer with Dean whenever he feels like it.The promo suggests Robbo is going to regret letting Jasmine walk out very quickly.

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Strange the things you suddenly notice you haven't seen for a while. 

Locked (or rather unlocked) doors - this is Summer Bay where hardly anyone locks a door!:rolleyes: Dean strolling in on Mac and Colby must have meant he'd left the front door unlocked all night, it was the next morning wasn't it?  Does anyone knock - very rarely.

I thought Bella said she didn't want to go home:unsure: Ryder did try several times to stop her drinking and short of marching her back to Colby he did the best of two evils, let her stay and kept an eye on her. I was relieved none of any the lads there made a drunken pass at her as who knows how she might have reacted. Ziggy and Dean didn't seem at all concerned there was a lot of teenagers getting blotto, they had other things on their minds. Of course the wheels had to come off at some point with Roo & Alf coming home early, and he had to hide Bella in the only place he could think of off the top off his head. Ryder initially lied about how the booze got there but owned up the next day and they have  been galahs but neither Blake or his mate dubbed Ryder in.  Ryder was the perfect gentleman if that doesn't sound too old fashioned. :wub:  After failing to wake Bella he got her comfy, covered her up and stayed with her all night.  Wasn't that room Kirsty and Jade's at one point?  Of course in true soap fashion Alf and Colby had to walk in when they did, Bella having taken her top off to put on Ryder's,  I loved how he turned his back so she had privacy. Notwithstanding the fact Colby had let himself be persuaded by Mac all was OK with Bella after getting her text saying she was staying at Ryder's, even if he was sus about the way she signed off, he only acted like any big brother would, especially after what she had been through.  Roo & Alf both know Ryder well enough to know he'd never do what they thought he had and Bella finally convinced Colby he hadn't done anything wrong.  As an aside did Ryder open Bella's phone by using her thumb print?  

Bella is still 16 making her a minor so I think so Colby as her guardian can say no to her testifying even though she wants to and could the court subpoena her as she's a minor? It would be a tough thing for an adult to go through let alone a traumatised teenager. Ryder may nb an adult but only just, Colby and Dean were getting up to much worse at that age. If it's GBH wouldn't it be in Crown Court  or the Australian equivalent? I've been screaming at the screen, to no avail, how about putting a screen up so Bella can't see Tommy and he can't see her, seems no-one has thought of that.   Irene's lawyer does seem very blinkered, Morag, if she was about would know what to do and come up with a solution.  Let's see how Leah's plan works out. 

I've said before Mac and Dean are so alike but he was cutting his nose off to spite his face quitting like that just because Mac treated him as she would any employee who turned up late without a proper excuse.  He didn't realise his probation was up, lucky Willow was keeping track. Nice little reminisce about how far they'd both come and horror of horrors were almost respectable. He had to admit he  did like having a proper job especially now he didn't have to have one. He and Mac are back on track - for now.  Getting Dean to wear a uniform is pushing it Red. :wink:

Robbo is getting obsessed with finding out about Carter but then his and Jasmine's lives  depend on him finding him. He still hasn't remembered what happened on the boat. Asking Dean wasn't any help it was before Dean or his RB gang days, Ash would have remembered him.  Alf only vaguely remembered him, Morag had more dealings with him, another reason she is missed, funny how Alf didn't mention that.  Did Jasmine open that box?  She finally snapped and I was surprised Robbo just let her walk out. 

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Actually, when she fell ill, Bella did want to go home but Ryder wanted to sober her up first.I believe it is entirely possible for a court to subpoena someone aged 16 or under against their guardian's wishes if they're considered a key witness: It was a plot point in EastEnders many years back.

Jasmine actually looked kind of liberated going on that run, at least until she started getting spooked by random cars.(It's catching!)When Robbo said "I did what you wanted", I thought for a moment that he'd deliberately got Jasmine upset and sent her running off as part of some AFP plan, but it quickly became obvious he was just told not to look for her on his own.Anyway, it brought things to a head and caused them to have a rethink.I thought at first that they were moving out of the motel, but it looks as though Robbo's just moved his incident room into the next room, with Jasmine allowed to attend work under supervision.The hospital's being awfully accommodating about that!

Maggie seems to be in as big a state of denial as Ben.She's seen signs that something's wrong, and so has everyone else, but because Ben can put an act on for a bit, she convinces herself that he's turned a corner and everything's fine.Leah and Justin continue to be rather frisky together.Raffy was pushing it complaining about not getting an invite to Ryder's party, then learns that sometimes it's best to wait for bad news, although we could probably do with a more precise summary than "not good".

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Just remembered Jasmine did open the box, she picked up Carter's photo.  As regards Jasmine going on her run, did she run all the way back to the bay? The motel  - not our usual one - must be closer than we thought it was. I was confused about the room where Robbo was setting up his whiteboard, thought there was only one room as well as a bathroom, oh I get it room next door.  Willow and Mason were great in looking after her and naturally Robbo's number would be blocked. Do hope those gym members who got asked to leave get  a free lesson.  Robbo is used to being on his own waiting for something to happen.  Just what is Scott going to be doing at the hospital,  pretend to be an orderly while trying to look inconspicuous? The hospital has been in that position before with armed cops standing around but we do know from experience even if there are cops visibly around it doesn't stop bad guys getting to the people they want.

I was a bit taken aback when Raffy whinged about not being invited to Ryder's party and thought "Well you've made it plain you're not even his friend anymore so why should he?"  But then I kind of got what she meant, it would have been nice to be asked just so she could turn it down, weird logic I know.  It would only have tormented her having to wait for the news of how "not good" she's done. I know Marilyn can be over optimistic at times but she was right  it isn't the be all and end all if Raffy hasn't done well, these are only the trials. 

Maggie was wearing her rose tinted specs over Ben, just because he was enthusiastic over building that board for Ziggy.  It was only a small gathering but still too much for him having to make small talk and listen to the latest news about Irene, we could see he wasn't comfortable.  Justin certainly didn't mean to make him feel worse by asking about the sale, maybe things aren't going well in buying new businesses. Their after dinner surprise was sweet though - that's Ben & Maggie btw..

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