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Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Wednesday for no appearance.Tori and Mason only got one each, although Mason was credited on Friday despite not appearing.

Well, I got it completely wrong yesterday: It seems Marilyn didn't have a clue about Irene's abuse. To which my response is "...How?" My other response is that someone's realised just how badly they messed up the storyline back in 2015 and wants to do it right.I've been saying ever since Irene lashed out at Tommy that that would have been a better reason for her issues to surface than the rather perfunctory one we got first time round, and now it seems they're trying to do the aftermath right.Because last time round Irene told a few increasingly random people, it got mixed up with a five minute alcohol relapse and then it got used as a plot device to introduce Mad Mick, one of the worst characters in the show's history who thankfully hasn't been mentioned this time round so we can carry on pretending he doesn't exist, and that McGuffin of a blanket. But the problem is we did have that storyline, and Mick running around town with no-one asking where Irene got another child from and it implicitly being common knowledge, so it's a bit late to have a follow-up.As far as I recall, Leah and Olivia both knew, Hannah and Billie knew but they're both dead (I told you it was random people), and I'd have almost sworn that Roo and Chris knew given how quickly they got involved but maybe not. I will say though that it wasn't 100% clear from today's episode whether Alf and Roo already knew or not (and ironically it's not 100% clear John knows now, given that he missed out on the confession video), and thinking hard, Marilyn was away on her world trip when this blew up before, so if there was going to be someone who was out of the loop, it'd be her.

So...ignoring the continuity and logic issues and taking this storyline on its own terms: Well, Lynne played a complete blinder of course.After 24 years of friendship, Marilyn was always going to forgive Irene quickly and her tear-stricken reaction to the confession added to the poignancy.Leah was the perfect supportive friend and it was good to see Irene getting a support network around her.The byplay between her and Bella was compelling: I think Bella began to suspect something when they shared that loaded look after Irene turned up at the police station.And after Bella's complaint last episode about Irene insisting she's fine, it brought it full circle for Irene to admit she wasn't.Hearing Irene's stark description of what could have happened has also brought Bella's issues to the surface: Irene seems to think that's a good thing but I'm not convinced.I'm afraid logic has to come in though.What exactly was that?Was it a streaming live message to certain people?Because if it was open to public viewing and/or a video that can be rewatched at any time, then we're back to Leah and Irene ending up on contempt charges for commenting on ongoing cases.A bit of clarity might have helped here.

Ben gets another kick in the teeth, and John's in full-on compassionate mode.Alf had a few wise words (see if they have an impact this time) and John handing Ben the sign was a subtle moment of solidarity. I thought Colby was a bit hard on Robbo: I get that he's protective of Bella but Robbo admitted he overreacted and explained he had a good reason for not wanting Bella to see in the box, I don't think there was any need for Colby to give him a scolding "Don't take your issues out on her." I guess security's been upped since Robbo and Jasmine were photographed: Before that it seemed like anyone could come and go from the flat as they pleased, and Bella even spent the night there with them after it came out about Tommy attacking her, but it seems that's impossible now.

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Agree totally Lynne played that video screening superbly, just matter of fact when she gone have gone overboard.  It did save Irene having to explain to people one or two at a time and she could say what she wanted to say without interruption. Your thinking that Marilyn being away last time does explain why she was out of the loop.  Btw where was Willow, has she seen it?  Olivia, of course, was in on it last time, it was her experience that brought it all back for Irene and as Marilyn was away Leah would have been the one Irene turned to. Doesn't really matter now, but wasn't it Olivia that alerted Leah?:unsure:  It didn't appear Roo & Alf knew, gathering by their reaction.  That was a lovely scene when Leah & Irene walked into the Diner and they all were so supportive.  I dare say Marilyn will fill John in or even show him the video. The message I believe was no matter your age you, the victim, are not to blame. I got the feeling there was a lot more to Bella's reaction about it all than just Tommy attacking her.  Counselling isn't for everyone, but reporting her uncle to the police was the next best thing for Irene, though Leah had to use that word - closure.  We saw Robbo watching it and him glancing at those boxes with the evidence of what happened to his family is that going to prompt him to open them up?  I wondered about the fact Irene has 'confessed' she is the one who attacked Tommy, considering  she  hasn't been named in the press and wouldn't be until it gets to trial. But,  didn't she just give the facts of what happened which is public knowledge anyway? Colby, we know, saw it.  My take on why she reacted so strongly was she couldn't take physical revenge on her uncle so Tommy got what she would, maybe, have wanted to do to him.  Grooming is not  a new thing, but back in the day it used to be relatives, family friends, teachers, sports coaches someone the parents knew and trusted.  Nowadays strangers can groom kids on-line and con them into keeping it quiet.

Robbo is finding it hard to see what is in that box so of course he'd want to stop a 16 year old looking at it and his apology was very genuine.  We've got a big tough guy guarding the bottom of the stairs and one on the pier plus locals who'd spot a stranger, of course he's not standing out at all is he   They are getting round Bella moving back by having Robbo and Jasmine move out, is that wise because as I previously said at the moment the locals would spot a stranger but  then again these guys are professionals and would keep a low profile and so it also followed  there no prints on those photos or envelope besides Robbo's, Colby's and Jasmine's.

Just what Ben needed - the Committee rejecting John and Alf's appeal not to rescind his licence.  John was very sympathetic and I'm glad Ben didn't take it out on him and Ben stopped being stubborn enough to let John, Alf and Justin  help him pack up.  I don't think I'm wrong but he can't set up business anywhere else anyway can he, the AFP shut him down.  Someone missing from that scene was Dean.

Once again kudos to Lynne, if she doesn't win an award for that there's something wrong.  Maybe as happens here it'll prompt other people to come forward and admit it's happened/happening to them.

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So, we get confirmation that Irene's video is available for public consumption.Which does seem to raise an awful lot of legal issues: Not only does it raise the chance that someone involved with her case would see it and be influenced by it, but she also identified Tommy, meaning the case against him is compromised as well.(The press don't seem to have named him, since everyone carried on referring to him as "the John Doe" until Irene gave his name.)But emotionally it does seem to have helped people, and Irene seems ready to face the world again.There is a suggestion that she's gone from putting on a brave face for Bella to putting on a brave face for the entire town, but Alf gave her a much-needed dose of normality.

It has to be said that, despite them having bonded and it having brought out a different side of Bella, her living with Irene hasn't exactly been a roaring success: First with that initial battle of wills and then with the mishandling of things with Tommy.That said, I'm not convinced being back with Colby is the best thing for her either, and things fell apart as soon as they started discussing anything important.I'm not sure she feels entirely secure there.

And it means Robbo and Jasmine are exiled to a motel.It was unfair for Robbo to snap at her when she was doing a pretty good job of dealing with the practicalities while he was too busy concentrating on the bigger picture.Still, the bubble has most definitely burst, with both of them saying things they regret out of frustration.

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27 minutes ago, tarth said:

Doesn't Colby's place only have 2 bedrooms, where did they all fit when they were all there?


It has 3: Bella had one built when she moved in, Robbo has his behind the kitchen wall and Colby's is beside the fridge. So room for them all. Although why (when all is sorted with Jas and Robbo) a married couple would want to live with a brother and sister (a teenager at that) I'll never know. 

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Colby didn't seem particularly worried about Irene coming clean like that, unless it's not a police matter more a legal one.  It would make it very tricky for any jury to be neutral.  She is still waiting to hear if she is going to trial for her assault on Tommy. .  She may appear to have come through it OK but I'm pretty sure it will take a little longer for things to get back to normal.  Good to hear there had been positive comments from men. Good on yer Alf bringing being so down to earth just what Irene needs, though I reckon there will be some 'customers' just coming  in for a look at Irene. My feeling is she's more comfortable with other people than she is with Bella.  Thankfully Bella was OK with moving back in with Colby, though it did mean a hasty exit for Robbo & Jasmine. 

It didn't look like our usual motel, be too near the bay wouldn't it?  Thought the AFP would have a few safe houses on their books, most moves like Robbo and Jasmine's are done on the quick. Of course no problem in them driving off to a secret location with a police escort.:rolleyes: I can see why Jasmine is feeling more isolated, in the bay they had friends near by, it was familiar and despite the situation she felt safe.  She's held it together pretty well until now, it can take a  small thing like no provisions to tip it over. The matter of her insisting on coming back with him came up, I admit I thought she should have stayed with Tori and let Robbo concentrate on waiting for Them to show their faces instead of having to worry about keeping her safe as well.  Unwise mayhap for her to blurt out he brought it all upon them by bringing the killers into their lives, but it must have been at the back of her mind all the time. Good move Robbo  lad stomping off  like that. Who knows now it's been said they can move on and work together. 

I thought the problem with Bella going back to school had been sorted, apparently not as she got very touchy when Colby brought it up and when he mentioned Tommy that really sent her running, it's still not over for her, well it wouldn't be.  She got really scared when he wasn't there whereas before she's been fine on her own.  She can't be forced to talk about it even though she does need to. 

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I suppose technically Robbo and Jasmine aren't in witness protection, although letting Robbo speed around town does seem a bit counterproductive.Colby used the same "don't let Them win" argument on him that he tried to use on Bella in the previous episode, but this time it worked.I'm glad that Robbo and Jasmine sorted things out quickly and even managed to have a bit of a chuckle over the feds' idea of feeding them.Jasmine spoke some decent ideas in the end about Robbo focusing on finding Them.

More Channel 5 edits as Bella's nightmare gets cut, resulting in a very obvious jump cut, and made even more obvious by the fact that again we saw a snippet of it in the promo at the end of last week.She does seem to be getting worse rather than better: Maybe having to hold it together for Irene and keep the cover-up going on gave her something to focus on, and now that's over (coupled with Irene's revelation) she's starting to dwell on it.Colby showed she was absolutely right not to involve him, and that he was lying the other week, by quickly contemplating murdering Tommy: He'll never change.Willow seems to be doing a good job of taking charge here.Despite Bella saying that everyone knew, it seems Dean was out of the loop but clued in now.

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