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Sophie is just driving me up the wall! I get that its not easy for being a teenaged mum, but would she quit the whinging and snapping at Pippa all the time? Poor Pippa can't do anything right by her at the moment. The only person Sophie really listens to is Michael.

And what is Les up to, turning Adam and Blake against each other?

And Poor Don, he's obviously stressed and over worked and its taking its toll on him.

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I don't think anyone is suggesting that teen pregnancy is an ideal situation, just that David was not a criminal and did not deserve to die for this unplanned pregnancy. He consummated his love for So

In this case it would have been so much more practical if David had stayed alive. Look at this this way. He died and you celebrated his death for like 15 minutes. You might have felt good about his de

lol spoiler alert!

See how much more realistic it was back then, Karen's always mentioned.

When the last time Irene's mentioned Will. I take it he's still in prison. And we don't really know how the exact details of Ruby's court case. Once a character's left nowadays, they seem to be forgotten about almost immediately.

1992 is becoming more enjoyable for me. It seemed to go through a bit of a dull patch but is coming out the other end now. I like Greg but I never realised the first time that he can be a bit of a himbo at times.

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I personally prefer Michael and Debra's Pippa.

Having watched the Early Years episode's first time round I quite liked Tom and Vanessa's Pippa but watching now I find Michael and Debra's Pippa more believable as a married couple and parents, although this is probably largely due to Debra Lawrance and Dennis Coard being married in "real life".

For me it seems Michael and Debra's Pippa have been around much longer than 2 years, and their best storylines are still to come in 1993 and 1994. I for one can't wait to see these episodes again. ☺

Debra can sure make Pippa look scary. A lot more than Vanessa.

It's be two years since we had Michael and Debra's Pippa and I have to say I much prefer Tom and Vanessa's Pippa!.

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First mention of Roxy!Which some people might not consider a good thing.Les definitely seems to be showing his true colours now:It's pretty obvious he doesn't really care about family, he just likes the idea of having a son to take over the business and is trying to mould Blake into a carbon copy of himself.

Sophie's downward spiral seems to have well and truly started.It's easy to complain about her moaning and it has been monotonous at times but it's beginning to become clear that it was a symptom of a deep-rooted problem that patronising lectures and guilt trips from Pippa aren't going to solve.(Ailsa and Bobby sticking their oars in near-simultaneously didn't really help either.)It's reached the point where even Michael's gentle fatherly advice isn't making her feel much better.

So...it seems Adam's role in the beach house is to constantly mess up and have Bobby play slightly cruel tricks on him in revenge?Hopefully there'll be more to it than that.And Damian seriously needs to get over himself, Kelly likes Shane more than him, deal with it.

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First mention of Roxy!Which some people might not consider a good thing.

Well I always remember Roxy as being a rubbish version of Lucinda but having rewatched Lucinda's stint... I might reconsider that. Poor Lucinda, or poor Dee Smart more to the point, the writers really stuffed up her character didn't they? She went from being a well rounded character with lots of connections around the Bay to a one trick pony whose only remaining storyline was dragged out longer than anybody cared for.

I may reconsider on Roxy when she arrives. I also remembered Finlay as being a somewhat damp version of Karen but I actually like her a lot this time round.

Pippa and Michael's little arguement was very interesting, especially Michael's opinion that Pippa makes all the decisions and overrules him all the time - this will rear its head again and become one of the motivating factors behind

their break up in 1994

so I found it interesting that Michael took it back and even apologised for saying it when it clearly is and will remain to be the case for some time.

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What is with Les he seems to have a problem with his daughters Karen and Roxy but not with his son Blake? What is up to? I think Ailsa and Alf have a right to be worried about Blake.

Sophie is annoying me too I hate how she blames everybody else when things go wrong people are usually just trying to help her

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